Chapter X

A still silence had descended on the room again, save the occasional moan from Lewis. I realized I was fingering the amulet, just turning it over and over again in my hand. It was covered in gold, the amulet. The design was faded, though a ridged edge was still intact around it. On one façade there was an inscription, a picture of a rose curled around a cross. There was blood running down the cross, from where the thorns cut into it. The detail was exquisite; so much to take in. there was a reverse as well. But unlike the previous side it was considerable more decayed. Two circles – a sun and a moon – were visible. They were on opposite sides of the amulet at a diagonal. Between them stood a man, with his back to the sun and face to the moon. Was this man a vampire? One of us, like Lewis and I?

Lewis! I had forgotten about him altogether. He was lying on the stone floor, spread out. The blood that was running down his face had dried up; the wound that Aaron had inflicted on him had healed.

I ran over to him as he tried to get to his feet. "wha-what 'appened?" he asked as I pulled him up. "Where's Aaron?"

How could I answer this?

"Dead" I said simply, moving out of his sight to reveal the pile of ashes that used to be Aaron.

Lewis' eyes widened as he took in – or tried to take in – what had happened. He then looked to me; he was staring at my chest. No, not at my chest; at the amulet!

I drew back catching the amulet in my hand, only to realize that it wasn't there to grab hold of. I looked at my own chest; just a Lewis was, to see the amulet submerging into my shirt, into me!

The pain intensified as the amulet slid in. blood spewed from the seam the amulet was opening. I dropped to all fours, the pain shot through me, spreading just as the amulets power had done earlier. But along with that pain came the power that I had experience just before Aaron had died. I motioned for Lewis to leave, afraid for his life. He either paid no attention or didn't understand, whatever it was I couldn't see him die too.

Blood spewed from my mouth, cascading onto the stone floor and mixing with the ruble and sand. I could feel the amulets power again, even more intense then ever before, the true power of it. I gritted my teeth through the torture, while splashes of relief came from the amulet. I could hardly breathe, hardly keep consciousness.

Then it was over, the pain subsided and the power overcame me. It blackened out my surroundings again. Aaron's death meant nothing to me now.

I was all-powerful now!

The rip in my chest repaired quicker than it used to, was this the amulets doing? Whatever it was it left me out of breath, and lower on blood than before the fight started.

Lewis helped me up, my cloths were stained with blood, and there was a burn mark where the amulet had gone through.

"What's been going on?" Lewis asked, he rubbed his forehead, and then pulled his figures away. My heart leapt again was he going to disintegrate too? "Blood?" a wave of relief over came me. I sat there silent and Lewis knelt down next to me. We both sat their silent until I could talk.

"As far as I know you were out cold when he died," I paused for a second. "The question is why did he die!"

Lewis walked over to Aaron's ashes and inspected them closely, "sunlight?"

"Not that I saw," I shrugged that hypothesis off. We sat silent for sometime more, just thinking over what had gone before.

"I've never seen 'nything like it before!" Lewis confessed.

I remembered back to when I first had the amulet in my hand, that first gush of power and energy. "I know what happened!" I exclaimed, Lewis half jumped in fright.


"The amulets power, the poem, what Aaron said on the boat!"

"Yes! 'It has the power to give immortality, but also the power to take one casualty.'"

"But it's just a poem, a silly little rhyme!"

"It's the only logical explanation! I know little of the amulet."

"LOGICAL! A vampire…my master…my friend died because of a poem!"

"I know it sounds weird," he said in a calming voice. "Which means there has to be another part to it."

"As in?"

"Why was it Aaron who died? Why not me?" silence overcame us again. I thought of everything that had happened on our journey. Nothing helped. Except…

"What did that stray vampire say?" I asked quickly. Lewis thought about it before coming up with an answer.

"That 'the amulet releases some evil spi—'"

"Spi? Spit … spin … spill … spirit … spi—"


"What's that got to do with it?" I asked.

"Aaron's past, it's a long story, ill tell you later, just trust me!"

"No tell me now!" I demanded.


"Why?" I asked

"Because right now were in big trouble, and it would be advised to get out of here … Quickly!" he pushed me toward the door in the wall, and back out into the corridor. The hall here was darker than before because of the difference between her and the lighted room.

We climbed out of the cellar entrance and into the street. I light rain was dripping from the heavens, dripping down our faces as we looked up to see little cloud cover. I uttered my demands for him to tell me the story of Aaron, but he refused.

Instead he pushed me into the early morning light. The moon was sinking on the horizon, bathed in pink and orange light. Faster we walked into the dark lanes.

Further and further. Darkness flashed over us and despair echoed around us.

And then there was silence and nothing more.


-Look for the next story in The Children's Saga, Children Of Vengeance