~When You Look At Me~
All throughout the day
I cringe
At the sight of a mirror
I avoid reflective glass
Like a plague of sorts
Rerouting my way through school
Around as few windows as possible
Never stopping to "primp"
Like the preps
Never taking out a compact
For "touch-ups"
Never wanting to see my face
My body
Then you appear
you hold me close and whisper sweet lies
Lies that I've never been told before
You caress my face
You smile at my body
You make me love myself
All day long I hate me
I hate every part of me and feel ugly
But when you are here
When you look at me
I feel beautiful
The mirrors all lie for those brief moments
And I feel alive
I feel free
But eventually you have to go
You have to leave me
And my reflection becomes honest once more
Telling me the brutal truth
As I scurry to hide back under my clothes
And escape the harsh words of reality
Because I'm only beautiful
When you look at me...
~KCS~ '02