baka propaganda sick of all this baka propaganda

floating around our heads, drowning

us in their prickly monotone beliefs.

searching the lights of the dawn

marquee, looking for my lesbian senshi,

my salsa sexuality soldier. together

baby, we run. flying away on our magick

carpet, rainbow kisses and rainbow

fingers trigger the chipper dawn light.

we dodge their harsh mythologies,

their exclusive communities, intrusive

accusations-insert baka propaganda-

my rainbow senshi and I escape

their condescending glares, soaring

above their monotone lives into this

rainbow world of our own.

we lay side by side, beneath the dawn

marquee, exchanging rainbow kisses,

rainbow fingers, rainbow sexuality.

safe on our own, don't need no community,

safe together in our rainbow love.

we run, we fly, we love, ears blinded

under the babble of baka propaganda