***This story from here on end will be told mostly in Meguru's PoV. I might switch PoVs once or twice, but otherwise Meguru's telling the story. ***

Summary: Hitoshirenu is more than just a school in Tokyo. Underneath it is Japan's SFECT HQ, Japan's organization for making sure humans are safe from supernatural, fantasy, and extraterrestrial creatures. There's a group against it, however, and they believe they're only key to defeat SFECT is to unleash a demon in Greece, and the only one who can unseal him is a normal tomboy attending Hitoshirenu Junior High, named Meguru Kouzoku.

Of course, this whole mess equals: Meguru getting a job at the SFECT whether she wants it or not, Meguru expirencing the pain of trying to balance a 'not-so-after-school' job and studying for tests, having a demon that does nothing but bug her in her room, and a curious little brother who will stop at nothing to find out why Meguru is acting so weird.

Did I mention that Meguru is a reincarnated princess from ancient times that sealed the demon and has really cool powers that Meguru inheireted? She'd pay money to get rid of them. . .really who wouldn't? Everything isn't really what it seems. . .

Meguru Meguru

VI. Jurei

by Kumori Ryuuzaki

". . .why are you asking me for anyways?. . ."

"Duck!" To this day, I can't remember who said that. But if one thing was for sure, I'm actually quite glad that I did what I was told. ANd in this case, I ducked.

Err. . .except for the fact I actually fell and landed on my face, but that is certainly not my point.

Since my face had becom acquainted with the hard concrete ground, I couldn't see what was happening at all, which I can assure you very much that that was not re-assuring at all. All I heard was a very high screech and Mibae's scream.

. . .

That had 'bad sign' written all over it. . .

I managed to pick up myself from the ground a bit. My face was a bit sore, but nothing I should panic more about than about Mibae. Speaking of which, Nicodemus was at the side, his bangs a bit singed, and some of Mibae's long hair was burned and looking bery livid. ANd the really hideous thing that looked like it never saw the sun and ate? It was breathing smoke.

Nothing much. I might just scream and panic some more.

Nicodemus patted his signed bangs a bit. "That was not that bad. . ."

"NOT THAT BAD!" Mibae screeched. "IT BURNED MY HAIR! MY HAIR!" Her face started to gain a pink tinge. "DAMN YOU. . .YOU. . .you. . .er. . .goblin. . .eh. . .thing. . .you. . ." She paused. "Er. . .I dunno what he is. . ."

The really weird creature thing stuck it's tongue out in a lizard-like fashion, but Mibae marched up to it, and before the creature could do anything, she did something really evil for a person who was sticking it's tongue out. Mibae did an upper-cut thing. On the creature-thing. While it was sticking it's tongue out.

And judging from the fact it flew up about two or three feet up in the air before it fell flat on his face, I guess it's safe to assume that Mibae could hit very hard.

"At least it didn't burn your face," Nicodemus pointed out.

"I think you're a bit late on that," I said, moving into a sitting position. "Ow. . ."

"If that. . .that. . .Golem-wanna-be burned my face, there would much evil to pay," Mibae snarled, putting her foot on it's head and pushing down a bit. "That little-!"

"You know," I said suddenly, remembering something. "I always thought you guys did this in secret and all, 'cause ya' know, more than half the people in the world don't beleive in this kinda crap and all. . .but. . ."

"But? But what?"

"With a crowd of people around us like this, I think this'll get out pretty quick."

"Eh?" Mibae blinked and looked around. Yes, in case you haven't noticed, I lived in the big city Tokyo, so naturally there would be alot of people around. And lots of people seeing something off usually form very big crowds. "Oh. . .oh shit. . ." She sweat-dropped, a pulled out a cylinder thing with a lightbulb at one end and started fiddling witht he buttons and dials. "Oh nothing to look at people." At last, she pressed a button and large flash of white light blinded us all. The crowd blinked, and went on with daily life. I think anyways.

Nicodemus blinked a few times, then said, "What happened?"

"SOmething about the brain and psychology I think," Mibae said with a shrug as she pocketed the cylinder thing. "Memory erasers kind of thing."

"Ooh ooh! Like that one American movie Men in Black?" I asked excitedly. Why? I dunno.

"That movie?" Mibae paused with a thoughtful look, before she shrugged. "I duno. I guess the concept is the same. But it only effects people I want it to effect. I think it has something to do with psychology though. I dunno, I failed that course miserably. It has lots of switches and dials. If it didn't make my job easier, I would've trashed it years ago." She bent down to the creature thing and picked up something that was haning from around his neck and pulled it off forcefully, and the thing disappeared.

Weird. . .

"Don't people notice?" I asked. "I mean, it just disappeared into thin air in broad daylight!"

"People don't see it if they don't know it's there," Mibae explained, pocketing the thing that was just around it's neck. "Another weird psychology thing I guess. It was probably some kind of goblin thing that needs to be in contact with amethyst to live or something. Like a makier."

"Right. . ." Life's weird I guess.

"Now, where were we? Oh yes, if I remember correctly, we were heading over to your apartment complex," Mibae said. She looked at her hair and sighed, and then put it up in a bun so most of the burned hair was hidden. "Come on, let's go."

My dad's embarrasing.

No, I mean it. Really.

"MEGGIE-CHAN!" Yes, that was what he said when he first saw me when I was on the last step on the staircase because the elevator had to be 'out of order'. I couldn't help but cringe. (Stupid elevator, stupid dad, stupid taxi driver. . .)

"Meggie-chan?" Nicodemus asked, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

I scowled at him. "Shut up and don't ask."

Naturally, my dad had to give me a really big hug, didn't you know that?

Not that is lasted long enough for me to complain. My mom came over and wacked my dad with a frying pan.

"As much as I'm actually glad you made it home Meguru," my mom said in her scary flat voice. "I think you're a bit late again."

". . .er. . ." I couldn't think of a last minute excuse, okay?

"I'm sorry, it's my fault," Mibae butted in, talking with a sickeningly innocent voice. My god, who would be stupid enough to fall for that? "I held her back. I'm sorry, I didn't know she was supposed to be back by now."

Mom's scary facade falter, and she smiled sweetly. "Oh, it's alright. It's not your fault."

Err. . .I take back the stupid part. . .

"And who are you?" my dad said in a suspicious voice, hovering over Nicodemus. "What's your name? How old are you? What's your nationality? Your background? How do you like your steak?"

"Er. . ." You know what's funny? Nicodemus' actually several inches taller than Dad. . .eh. . .nevermind. . .

"Daaaaa~d!" I whined. "Mom! Make Dad stop that!"

Mom pulled on my dad's ear and dragged him away. "Knock it off, now. I don't want you to traumatise any of Meguru's friends now, ya' hear?"

"Well, we must be going," Mibae said with a big smile. "Our. . eh. . .working hours aren't over yet. Well, Meguru," Mibae said with a wink, "we'll see you tomorrow. Have fun."

I know she's up to something. She has to. I mean, they always are.

"It's such a shame. I'd love to have you two over for dinner," my mom said with a sigh. She loves cooking, yo?

"I'd love to stay, but my crummy job doesn't give me much free time," Mibae said apologetically. "Gomen ne. Maybe next time?"

My mom clapped her hands together happily. "Anytime you want! I don't mind. ^o^"

"I don't have much free time until this weekend. How about Saturday? ^o^"

"Excellant! Saturday it is then. ^o^"

They scare me.


And Nicodemus hasn't said a word. I wonder what's up with him. He hasn't spoken alot within the past day.

Which was weird cause the first night he stayed over he wouldn't stop talking.

THen I sneezed.

What, I didn't tell you that some divine person really hates me and started a rainstorm halfway to my apartment complex?

Weathermen are such liars. It was supposed to be sunny today! What are they doing, picking out random weather conditions from a hat or something?

Damn idiots. . .

"Meguru?" my mom asked worriedly. "You don't have a cold, do you?"

"No. . ." I don't have a cold! No! Err. . .not that I know anyways. . .

"NOOO! MEGGIE-CHAN HAS A COLD!" I. Want. To. Kill. My. Dad.

Okay okay, so not literally, but ya'know? If I'd had a yen for everytime he'd embarrased me, I'd be able to buy Japan.

My mom wacked him. "Shut up. You're ruining my perfectly good mood already."

"But. . .Meggie-chan has a cold. . ."


"Don't worry! She's not gonna die!"

"But. . .but. . .but what if-"

"I just sneezed Dad!"

"If you don't shut up right now you'll make if worse for you AND Meguru!"

"Beautiful family, Meguru," Mibae said, watching my mom and dad argue (or more like my mom scaring my dad to death if you know what I mean). "I wish I was that close to my parents. They can never stay alone in the same room without trying to kill each other."

"They're that bad?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Yes. Actually, you kinda wondered how they even got together to. . .ya'know. . ."

"Yes, I do know. . ." Not that I want to know. You know, I was perfectly happy being naive and ignorant and not knowing that babies weren't found under cabbages. But that was back when I was four. . .

I mean, the saying 'Ignorance is a bliss' IS true. I think I was more happy being an ignorant four year old. . .

"Do you think you're parents would be insulted if me and Nic sneak off right now?" Mibae asked suddenly. "I really should be going now."

"Actually, I think my mom would be upset that she may have possibly offended you somehow and blame it on my dad," I answered. Hey, it WAS true. . .

"Oh," Nicodemus blinked. "It makes alot of sense now."

"Oooh! Really? How?" Mibae asked eagerly.

"You jerk! That better not mean what I think it means!" I snarled, glaring at him. My brother has a nice wooden bat he never uses that always lie in the middle of the hallway. . .

"And? What do you think I meant?" Nicodemus asked coolly, looking completely amused.

"Stop stalling and get your ass out of here," Mibae commanded suddenly, grabbing Nicodemus by the arm and dragging him away. "I do still have work to do, you know."

"Bye Mibae-san!" I called.

"Just call me Izumi," Mibae stopped and called back. "And tell your parents I said bye!"

"Okay! And bye, *Niccy-chan*."

"Same for you, Meggie-chan! ^_^" That was, of course, Nicodemus being all happy-go-lucky, smiling, and waving.

"Grow up," Mi-er. . .Izumi muttered, giving him a quick glare. "You're not two six year olds with stupid childish crushes. I think."

"IZUMI!" Yup, that was me.

"That was unneeded, Izumi-san. ¬_¬"

"I know. ^o^ Just shut up and behave. I'm not getting paid enough to go through all this crap, ya'hear?"

To Be Continued. . .

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