As I lay here with you by my side
I think you myself this day can't go wrong
just then you turn and look me in the eye
and say
Kyle what we have is just a lie
I never liked you
and I never will
it was a bet see
and now were thru
so goodbye

now I lay here and stare into the sky and wonder y this world hates me so.
Then just like that it starts to rain
but I don't mind anymore
for she took my heart away.

Then lighting strikes but still I don't budge, but there is now pains were
my heart was.

I've thought of something
you and me we were meant to be
just like thunder and lighting.
Without lighting thunder does not exist,
and now with out you neither do I.

There are only two things I can do to ease the pain
start all over and pretend that I don't know you but still the pain will
Or stop the pain and let my sprit fly free.