Red Mile

"Yo Mick, Piss off!" yelled Jason Mackay. Jason pushed Mick away from his locker.

"What's wrong chicken wuss?" asked Mick. "Too chicken for my job?"

"Piss off Mick!" butted in Julian Fraser. Julian was one of Jason's friends.

"Meet me at the edge of the forest tonight, or be vegetables in the morning, got it?" taunted Mick. Jason and Julian sighed when Mick walked away. Jason had brown hair, and he had an earring in his left ear. Julian, was kind of on the geek side, with glasses. But a lot of girls like him, so that makes him popular in Red Mile Secondary. Red Mile was trapped between dense forests. The forests were dense, they seemed absolutely endless then meets the eye. Jason and Julian walked down the hall, then stopped at the sight of the beautiful new girl. Kaia Halls, was the hot, new, girl. Jason had tried to ask her out, but she had never accepted.

"Hey Kaia!" said Jason, straightening his shirt.

"Jason, get this into your skull!" growled Kaia. "I'm not interested!" Jason's smiled turned into a frown.

"Kaia, come on!" protested Jason.

"You know Jason, I don't have any friends!" she turned to him. "If you were like me, I would think about it! But your not, and nobody is! So go a freaking way!" Jason sighed, and went after Julian.

"Dude, you will not get her!" he reassured Jason. "Hey dude, what's sticking out of your pocket?" Jason reached into his pocket.

There was a piece of paper. It read:

If you want to meet me, come to the forest at 6:00. I'll be waiting for you there.

Kaia Halls.

PS. Don't take this as if I like you!

Jason smiled widely.

"Yes!" he said aloud. "This is my chance! We'll be meeting Mick there anyway!"

"I'm coming too!" said Julian. "I want to find out how this goes!" They walked down the hall to their next class.


Jason and Julian were outside the forest, shivering, waiting for Kaia and Mick to come.

"Dude, it's really chilly!" said Jason.

Kaia perched behind a bush, listening to Jason and Julian.

"I really like Kaia ya know?" said Jason. "I really want to have her as my girlfriend. No-one really likes her, but I seem to be the only one that can see her radiant beauty, and her electric green eyes."

Kaia's ears perked up. Someone liked her? Why was she so mean to Jason all the time? Why hadn't she got the message that he liked her? Her ears perked up again, because she heard a bike coming.

"Losers, here's the plan," Mick began. "You go in and take a picture of a werewolf, and we sell it to the paper. We get 50/50. ok?"

Kaia's ears perked up at the word of "werewolf." She listened in some more.

"You sure dude?" asked Jason uneasily. "What if we get bitten?"

"You really believe the stories?" asked Mick.

"No!" said Jason and Julian at the same time.

"Here then, take this camera," said Mick. "I'll be here waiting."

"We'll be back in one hour, wait here." Said Jason.

Mick handed them a recyclable camera. They pocketed it, and walked into the forest.

Kaia sank low behind the bush, watching them as they walked past her bush. She got down on all fours, and slowly crawled after them.

"Were could this thing be?" asked Jason. A growl erupted from behind them. There was the werewolf.

"Oh shit," Jason said. "Snap the photo and lets get out of here!" Julian moved for his camera. The wolf killed him before he hit the ground.

"JULIAN!" Jason screamed. He moved to look at his fallen friend. The wolf slashed at him, and it leaved a huge gash. Jason, clutching his arm, reached for the camera. He snapped some shots, and the wolf went away blindly. Jason looked at his arm, and fainted.

Kaia slowly walked up to Jason. He is like me now, she thought. I had a huge gash, and I was weak. She grabbed Jason and carried him with great strength, out of the wood.