Moonlights' Witness

By Hell's Angel

AN: This story started years ago. But my muse ran off. So maybe everyone can help me get her back. Read and review. Thanks.


The two had been seeing each other secretly for months. The time had come. Here where the moonlight lit a single path among the roses.

When they had reached a small grove of trees, the girl turned to look into her love's eyes. She smiled up at him. He reached out and pulled her into his arms. His eyes were full of love. "Celeste." His voice was like music on the slight breeze.

"Yes." Her innocent eyes were locked on his.

As he opened his mouth, a shout caused them to start and at that moment another man jumped into the clearing. This sudden intrusion caused the to lovers to jump apart.

The girl's love glared at the intruder and hissed. "What do you think you're doing here?"

The other man simply grinned. "My turn for vengeance." Then he lunged at the other. The attacked leaped to one side.

"So this is you revenge?" He taunted. "Are we men or common beasts?"

"Men, but this is only the beginning." With that the stranger doubled his attack. Her love was forced to fight. He grunted when a well-aimed punch landed in his shoulder.

"No! What are you doing?" Celeste cried.

"This doesn't concern you," the intruder hissed.

"Stop! Please." Celeste begged, close to panicking.

The two ignored her, but her cry brought men streaming from the castle.

As they ran for the grove the girl tried in vain, to separate her love and the man he fought. A vicious shove sent her sprawling into a tree. There was a resounding crack as her head came into contact with tree. Her head began to spin and she was almost grateful when the painless dark engulfed her.

Chapter1 Three Years Later

The moonlight spread a silver tint over the garden. A light breeze played gently over the flowers. It was here a young couple walked hand in hand, whispering sweet endearments to the other. Laughter like crystal bells floated on the wind.

"Oh Jared." Celeste sighed. "This evening has been so perfect. I wish it would never end."

"Then don't let it." He murmured.

"What?" She stopped walking to stare into his deep, dark eyes, which appeared black in the moonlight.

"Celeste. Marry me." Jared pulled a tiny, gold diamond ring out of his pocket. "I can't imagine my life with out you."

"Jared… I… oh yes." Celeste sobbed She smiled through her tears.

The young man smiled gently and slipped the ring onto her finger. "Our love is eternal, " Jared vowed. "It will last for forever and a day." He pulled her into a tender embrace.

"Lets go tell my parents." Her voice was like silk, and her breath warmed his skin.

Jared lifted her into the air and twirled her around. "What ever you wish my dove." Then when only the moon as a witness their lips met.

It was almost time. Three long years had passed. All these last years of waiting would soon pay off.

Erik gazed into the crystal he was holding, as he lounged on his thrown. Soon the wrongs would be righted and there would be justice.

A twisted smirk lit his face. Soon.

Celeste sighed in pure happiness. The past three months since Jared had asked for her hand had been happily busy. She pushed her rich, dark locks out of her stormy gray/green eyes, as she studied the guest list.

"Now let's see," she muttered to herself. "We must invite Lady Jessame. Even if she is of the Western Fey. That business three years ago wasn't her fault. Now my good friend Countess Monis must be one of my bride's maids."

"Lady Celeste?" One of her maids addressed her. "Someone is here to see you, my Lady.

Celeste looked up, at the young fey. "Send him in Sophia." As the young women left, Celeste sighed: Why was it she was always interrupted at the most inconvenient times?

"Love, are you here?"

The voice she loved cut through her thoughts, making her smile. No matter what she was doing he was always the most important. She stood as Jared entered the room.

The tall man crossed the room in strides to gather the petite lady in his arms. "Celeste. I've missed you so much."

"As much as I've missed you?" Her smile was shy, but eyes held a sparkle of mischief.

"Do you want me to show you how much?" His voice was a playful growl.

Celeste drew back and examined him at an arms length. The mischief that had been in her eyes now was on her lips. "Only if you can catch me." With that she bound out of the room. Jared followed on her heels.

When Jared had finally caught her, the two had run into a small grove just beyond the rose garden. He pulled here into his embrace and kissed her. Celeste just wanted to melt into the kiss but something wouldn't let her. Something nagged at the back of her mind.

Regretfully she pulled back out of the kiss. Celeste turned to look to the horizon as the sun dipped below, shrouding the land in growing darkness. Something stirred in her and she felt something she hadn't in a long time. Fear.

She looked into his clear blue eyes, a lock of coal black hair framing them. "Yes." Her voice sounded breathless even to her. He was about to respond when…

"Honey." Jared's voice held strains of concern, as it brought her back to reality. She turned and looked into his eyes; in them she saw something she had never seen before in them. It looked like hate. Uncertainly she took a step back.

"Yes," she murmured. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" He stepped forward and pulled her into his embrace.

"Of course." 'Of course I am.' Celeste thought to herself. 'I don't even know anyone with black hair and blue eyes.'

"Come on Dove." Jared coaxed. "Let's return to the castle. It gets chilly when the sun goes down."

Celeste mutely nodded. The strange vision, the feeling of fear terrified her. What was going on? Who was HE?

Chapter 2

Everyone had gone to bed. Only Celeste lay awake pondering the incident in the grove. The grove had felt familiar, but as far has she could remember Celeste had spent no time there.

Sighing she got out of bed, and went to sit by the fire. The flames cast a peaceful reddish tint over the room, pushing back the moonbeams that fell through the open window, framed by the blood-red curtains. Staring into the dancing glow, Celeste kept going over the events of the afternoon.

Behind her the door creaked. Celeste jumped, but relaxed slightly when she saw who it was. Jared's well-built frame stood in the doorway.

Jared slowly moved into the room, the light playing across his dark features. "Celeste, what are you doing up? It's well past the midnight watch."

"I couldn't sleep. Something is going to happen." Celeste whispered. 'Where did that come from?' Celeste was deeply puzzled. Up until that moment she hadn't thought anything was going to happen, but now she felt something. A new feeling was in the air.

"Darling, no matter what happens I will be here for you. You know that."

Jared's voiced seemed to be filled with concern, but to Celeste it sounded false. Silently she sat down in one of the velvet chairs that surrounded the fireplace and looked into the dancing flames. Slowly her eyes began to close.

Jared looked over at his bride-to-be, and smiled. She had fallen asleep in her chair. Moving almost silently he lifted her up and lay her in the four-post bed. He gently kissed her forehead. She was so angelic when she was a sleep. As the tower-bells rang out two, Jared left the room.

As the lock clicked shut a figure cloaked in black, distinguished himself from the shadows. Slowly he approached the bed. "It has started," the being muttered. "She has started to remember, and when she does, she mustn't be here. He will do all in his power to stop it." Gently he wrapped the sleeping girl in blanket and lifted her into his arms. He moved to the open window, and vanished into the moonlit night.

Images danced in front of her. They started bright, full of love. Pictures of her and another man. One as different from Jared as could be. They were always together, on a picnic, at the beach, not to mention many court functions. His eyes showed no false emotion, only pure love as he looked at her. Love she returned. But slowly they turned darker, full of danger, with Jared forcing them apart, their meetings becoming rushed, and full of fear. At the final was a fight between the mysterious man and Jared.

"No," Celeste cried, sitting up burying her head in the blankets. It couldn't be true. She loved Jared; he loved her. But the images continued to flash before her eyes, ring an eerie truth.

Slowly she lifted her eyes, red due to crying, from the bed covers. She gasped. She was not in her room of the palace. This room was done in deep blues and greens, not the reds and purples she had used to redecorate two years ago. The stonewalls were veiled in marvelous tapestries. A fire crackled merrily in the hearth. Slowly she turned to gaze at more of her surroundings. She stifled a small cry when she saw who sat next to the bed. It was the man from the dreams. His hair appeared blacker than a raven's wing; his skin as pale as the fresh fallen snow. His head rested gently on his hand, as thought he had been watching her, but then fell prey to sleep.

Silently she watched the firelight dance across his chiseled, features. 'Who is he?' She wondered. The rational side of her mind tried to tell her to get up, to leave. This was the man who had at least engineered it, so she was here; no longer where she ought to be. Celeste shook her head and lay back down. 'This is a dream, and very vivid dream, but a dream nonetheless,' she thought to herself. Slowly her eyes began to close and soon she was again deep in sleep.

Erik lifted his head from his hands, his crystal blue eyes slowly opened. So far everything was alright. She hadn't started screaming at least. True, she thought she was dreaming, but the simple fact that she was here was good. Oh how he had wanted to comfort her, but it was too soon. Celeste must remember on her own. With a sigh Erik got to his feet and silently left the room.

"Where is she?" Jared roared. "She could not have vanished!"

"We… We don't know where the Princess Celeste is," the page stuttered. "She was missing when her ladies went to wake her. But don't worry sir the King and Queen have already started the search."

'This cannot be happening. Celeste I need her. She…' Jared sighed deeply and sank into a nearby chair. He dismissed the page with a wave of his hand. Everything had been going perfectly, but now this. His bride-to-be was missing. "Oh Celeste, were are you?"

Chapter 3

She was wearing her new dress, the navy blue one with the off the shoulder neckline. It was the first feast of Mid-summer, the most joyous three-day celebration known in the Underground. The day had been filled with activities, starting early that morning with hunt, followed by the tournaments. And now that night had fallen it was time for the ball.

This ball was especially special as it marked the first that she could attend to the fullest. Her parents had agreed to let her go on her own. This year she would manage her own dance card, and do, as she wanted.

Regally she lifted head to gaze out across the dance floor. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the most handsome man she'd ever imagined, standing talking to one of the other royals. He was dressed in a regal royal blue; it caused he's raven locks to be a striking contrast. Almost as if he could feel her eyes on him, he turned. Across the room crystal blue and chocolate brown met. He smiled, and nodded majestically, before turning back to his conversation.

It was nearing Midnight when Celeste finally had a chance to sit down. She had been dancing non-stop since she had spotted the mysterious stranger. That was hours ago and the stranger seemed to have vanished.

"May I have this dance Milady?" A musical voice inquired.

Celeste turned and froze it was HIM. The stranger. Celeste swallowed and found her voice. "Of course good sir." Gently she placed her hand in his out stretched one, and he led her onto the dance floor, just as the music resumed.

It was heaven. There was no other way to describe the feelings she felt at being in this man's arms. Everything seemed to vanish; just him her and the feeling. All to soon the dance song ended, and the two parted.

"Thank you for the dance Milady." With that the stranger had once again vanished into the festivities. But before she could catch her breath she was swept back on to the dance floor.

The clock chimed four as she readied for bed. She was alone, save for the presence of her lady-in-waiting. "Sophia," she spoke suddenly.

"Yes Milady?"

"Do you know who that man was to night? The one in blue with raven hair."

"Man with raven… Oh you mean His Majesty King Erik of the Western Fey. Why, if I may, do you ask?"

"Oh no reason," she replied. "Just curiosity I suppose."

"Ah Milady you can not hide your feelings from me. You, my child, are in love."

In love… In love…In love…

Celeste once again was yanked back to the land of the living. The words echoing again and again in her head. The dream had seemed so real. The emotions so true. Then it once again registered that she was no longer in the palace, but a place completely foreign to her. This time she took time to look around her. The room was tastefully furnished, the greens and blues creating a calming effect.

"Ah I see you are finally awake." The voice of velvet and music cut through Celeste's thoughts. Startled she looked up only to find herself drowning in the crystal eyes from the dream.

Celeste quickly backed up until her back came into contact with the headboard. "Where am I? What's going on?" Celeste was nervous, very nervous; especially since all she wore was her nightgown. "Who are you?" she asked, her voice betraying her inner conflict.

The man from her dream gracefully raised his eyebrow. A half-smile stole across his features. "I am Erik. King of the Western Fey. You are here in my castle as my… 'guest', for the next several days. As for why you are here, that can wait." He turned to exit, then stopped. "Breakfast is in a hour. There are clothes in the wardrobe, and I will send a servant help you dress." With that he vanished, leaving a spray of glitter on the floor.

About five minuets after Erik left there was a knock at the door. It opened to revel a pixie. She was about three feet high with silver wings, red hair, and green eyes. She quickly darted in and over to the closet.

"Good morning milady. The master sent me to help you dress. I'll go and run your bath now." With that the small pixie darted out through a different door, and in less then a minuet was back and started herding Celeste towards the door.

"Who are you?" Celeste asked sharply.

"What… milady? Ah I go by the name Elvina. The master requested that I be your lady's maid. Now we have nary a moment to waste." And with that she finally drew Celeste into the bathroom.

Half and hour later Celeste immerged from the washroom and sat in front of the vanity. Elvina came up behind her and proceeded to dry her hair. As the pixie began to style it, Celeste drifted off into her own thoughts.

'Why am I here? What are these dreams? How can I get home?' Celeste sighed.

"Milady you must sit still if I'm to finish your hair." Elvina's soft accented voice brought Celeste out of her daze. Years of scolding immediately had her sitting up, so that Elvina could finish her work.

"There Milady. Now his highness is expecting you for breakfast in the Azure room."

"The Azure room?" Celeste was quite confused. "Where would that be?"

"Milady that's where you… Oh yes silly me right this way Milady." With that Elvina fluttered out of the room.

'That was odd.' Celeste thought, as she followed the pixie out of the room. 'It was almost as if she expected me to know. But how can that be? I've never been here…'

"Oh my!" Celeste stopped, her exclamation causing Elvina to turn around. Suddenly almost everything fell into place. All that had happened three years ago must be what was the cause of this incident.

"Come Milady. You mustn't be late." Elvina's concern reminded Celeste of what had just been going on.

"Of course. Let's go."

At last they entered a small, circular room, done completely in different shades of blue. Everything from the furniture to the glass had a blue tint to it. At the head of the table stood Erik. He slowly walked forward and offered her his arm. Celeste reached out gently and rested her hand in the crook of his elbow. Silently he led her to the head of the table and pulled out a chair. Celeste sat and Erik joined her at the table moments later. When they both were seated food magically appeared be fore them and they ate in companionable silence.

Erik watched Celeste as she ate. She hadn't flinched or turned away from him. It was almost as if everything had never happened. She looked up from her plate, to see him staring at him and blushed. Erik smiled at her innocence.

Soon the meal was finished and the two rose to leave. As they neared the door Celeste suddenly pitched forward violently in a faint. Only Erik's speed kept her from falling to the floor. Quickly he picked her up and transported her to his chamber. Gently he laid her on his bed and rang for Elvina. Elvina was there within minuets and immediately saw what needed to be done.

"Erik, cover her up. We don't need her to get sick." She then left to get some of the supplies she might need. Erik sighed and lifted Celeste's pale hand to his lips. 'No we're to close. It will come true; it must. Celeste I need you.'

Chapter 4

For three days he sat by her side not moving only gently holding her hand, as she remained deathly still. Erik watched her for any sign that might help diagnose what was wrong, or restore hope. Suddenly her eyes twitched and slowly drew open, recognition within. "Erik. What is going on?" she murmured. "What did he do to you?"

Erik swiftly knelt by the bed; taking her hand in his. "Nothing my Love. Nothing." He paused. "Darling what is the last thing you remember?"

"We were walking…" Celeste said slowly. "In the grove beyond the rose garden. You were going to ask me something, when that man appeared. I got shoved into a tree."

He looked at her a bit alarmed. "Is there anything else you remember? Anything that came after that?"

Celeste frowned in concentration; then dejectedly shook her head. "Nothing at all, until now. How long has it been Erik? Why did my parents send me here? They must have known I would not be in a coma for that long."

"Celeste, they didn't send you here."

"What? Erik then what am I doing here? They must be worried sick! How many days have I been here?"

Erik mentally grimaced. He definitely did not want to tell her that she couldn't remember three years of her life. "Darling there is a small problem."

"Well what is it?" He was keeping something from her; she knew it.

"Darling what you just described did happen, but it happened three years ago. You couldn't remember the fight for that time period, and now that you have that part back it appears that these last three years are gone."

"Three years? How can that be?" Celeste was shocked; no wonder Erik had looked so nervous.

"I don't know my Love. I don't know."

"Tell me what has happened then," Celeste ordered.

Erik hesitated. "Are you sure?" When she nodded he took a breath. "After the incident the entire court was in an uproar. No one knew who was at fault. You were the only one who could tell us that, but after you awoke from the coma you had fallen into you could not remember anything concrete beyond the day before the first Midsummer's feast. Myself and Jared…"

"Jared," Celeste cut in. "Who was he?"

"The man I was fighting Love. Anyway the two of us were banished from court until the issue was resolved. Unfortunately Jared had been giving you a lot of attention, if you remember, at the ball that night. When you could not tell us who was at fault. Your parents decided that because I am older than you, it must have been my fault. I have not formally been to court since."

The tale continued for several hours. Erik watched as Celeste listened, entranced by the tale and his voice. She had always loved to hear his voice. It rose and fell like swells in the ocean.

"So I now knew that Jared had caste a spell on you and that you were in danger. I did the only thing I could think of. I took you when you were asleep and brought you here." Erik sat silently as he finished the tale. He had told her all of the important details of what had happened over the past three years. All that is except that she thought she loved Jared and their impending wedding.

Celeste watched Erik as he fell silent. There was something that didn't make sense about this. He wasn't telling her something, but it didn't bother her; he would tell her when the time was right.

He sat staring into the flames; a goblet of red wine untouched in his grasp. The fire caste eerie shadows around the dark room and shone in his hair. He watched the flames leap and dance, always forming a new pattern.

Suddenly he stood up, throwing his goblet into the fire. "I was so close. She was here." He held up his hand, and clenched it tight. "She was to be mine," he raged. He's face contorted into a hideous scowl. "That spell was my master piece." The scowl slowly melted into an insane grin. "At least I thought a head. It is time to move forward. They will not escape."

Jared's insane laughter echoed through the disserted hallways.

She giggled as she saw the head of Erik's mount at her side. Erik had decided that it would be good for them to get some fresh air. So here the two of them were, out for a picnic, just the way they used to be, except with out them sneaking about.

Now Celeste was full of energy. She urged her horse into a faster pace, and Erik let his mount match her pace. Still giggling Celeste urged her mount even faster, and with that Erik let his horse have his head. Soon the two of them were racing across the meadow that had been decided upon for the picnic. Finally they slowed to a stop beside a small brook. The perfect place to eat.

After caring for their horses, the two lovers sat down to enjoy the meal before them. Celeste leaned gently back into Erik's embrace as he fed her fruit, and watched the two horses graze. One would think that the chestnut mare would be hers, when in fact Celeste preferred the black stallion. She smiled in amusement and contentment.

Erik looked down upon the women he loved with all his heart. She was perfect. They were perfect. This moment was perfect. Slowly his eyes closed. The two lovers lay, asleep together in unimagined peace and perfect innocence.

A small crow watched the two lovers sleep, for several long minuets, before taking to the air. It seemed to be on a hurried path to the east. Before long it came to a castle, and flew threw an open window.

As its feet touched the floor the bird's form shimmered and was replaced with that of a man. As soon as the change took place, he was off running towards the north wing.

"Master," he cried as he came to a stop at Jared's feet. The taller fey glared down upon him.

"What is it Mason?" His tone was clipped and cold.

Still panting the fey, Mason, gasped out "The Lady Celeste. I've found her."

Jared's mood suddenly changed, although his tone stayed the same. "Where you fool?" he ordered.

"By the Silver Brook. But Milord, the king of the Western Fey was with her. They had picnic, and then they slept with each other's arms."

Jared turned from the groveling minion. 'Damn. What am I to… a yes.' He turned back to the fey at his feet. "Mason take this information to their Majesties of the Eastern Fey. Of course don't tell them about the picnic or that you have talked to me."

"Of course my Master." With that the fey prepared to turn back into a bird.

"Mason." He half turned back to his Lord. "Failure is death." Mason nodded, then took the shape of a crow, flew to the Castle of the Eastern Fey. He knew the penalty if he didn't.

The sun was warm on her face and she felt safe within Erik's embrace. Celeste smiled, still half asleep.

Erik looked down on her sleeping face. The moment was to perfect to break, but it was necessary. He had to tell her before she found out from some one else. Erik gently shook her shoulder. "Celeste, Hon. Time to get up."

"Wha... Oh." Celeste moaned and stretched fully awakening. Slowly she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She quickly gave Erik a small peck of a kiss. Sighing she leaned back into his embrace. "What is it Love?" She asked.

Erik sighed. "Darling I haven't quite told you everything that has happened over these past couple of years."

"I thought not," Celeste replied. "Go one love," she urged.

"I told you almost everything that had happened except for…"

"Except for what?"

"Except you fell in love with Jared and have been engaged to him for three months," Erik quickly told before he lost his nerve.

"What? How?" Celeste shocked. She had known he was keeping something from her, but nothing could have prepared her for that announcement. "Oh love." Celeste turned and buried her head within the planes of his chest. "It must have been just awful for you." With that she started sobbing.

"Shh… Darling it's ok. You haven't done anything. Shh… Baby." Gently Erik rocked back and forth, trying to sooth her. Celeste stopped crying, but she remained pressed against his chest. Slowly her eyes started to drop.

The King and Queen had decided it would be better to retrieve the Princess in a small party, rather than with half the army. After all they could move more stealthily with out all the noise of mail, and with the element of surprise on their side it should be an easy task of retrieving their daughter.

Celeste and Erik were at Silver Brook when they arrived. It appeared that they had just mounted; Erik on a chestnut and Celeste on a black. The two of them looked like they were about to leave. Slowly the king raised is hand, and brought it down sharply.

After Erik was had helped Celeste mount, he quickly swung up into his own saddle. Something was bothering him, telling him to get far away from Silver Brook as soon as possible. He looked over at Celeste. "Ready to go Love?"

She nodded, and was about to speak when many people appeared around them, with trained crossbows. They were dressed in blue and gold, the colors of the Crown of the Eastern Fey. Celeste instinctively moved her mount closer to Erik's. Suddenly the circle parted and two figures strode forward.

"Get away from my daughter." King Gadar of the Eastern Fey demanded. 'What was this, his daughter almost seemed to urge her horse closer to that bastard, Erik.'

"What is going on?" Celeste was scared; this was first time she'd been on this side of the crossbows.

"Celeste move away from him," her father demanded.

Celeste shook her head, again moving closer to Erik.

"Celeste." King Gadar's voice held a distinct choice: move or he will be shot.

Instead of answering her father, Celeste suddenly threw herself across the small gap that separated her from Erik, to land in front of him, as his arms wrapped protectively around her waist.

"Well Your Majesty, it seems that Celeste has made her choice." Erik's voice had a mocking quality, one that was always there around people he didn't fully like.

Gadar bristled at Erik's tone. "Celeste what to you think you're doing?"

Celeste lifted her chin. "Saving the man I love."

"What! What is this nonsense? You, what spell have you caste on her?" Gadar was enraged. "Celeste remember Jared, your betrothed."

At the mention of Jared's name, Celeste's eyes became hard. "That bastard." She looked down at her hand where she still wore his ring. "Can go to hell and stay there.," she finished pulling off the ring, and throwing it into the river.

She looked at her parents' shocked expressions. "If you want to blame anyone for casting a spell on me, blame that jerk Jared." With that she summoned her strength and willed herself, Erik, and the mounts back to the castle.

They appeared in the stable yard, just inside the inner gates. Exhausted she slumped back against Erik. Usually it didn't take much to teleport, but with the confusion of the past couple of days everything seemed to take more out of her. Slowly her eyes closed and she fell into a deep slumber.

The King and Queen just stared at the place their daughter had been just moments before. Shocked Queen Ran lifted her eyes, and stared at the stream, where her only child had just thrown her ring. "What has gotten into her?"

Gadar sighed. "I don't know. I can't think of any spell that would cause her to act like this. And what of this rubbish about Jared casting a spell on her? Why would he do that?"

"The only reason is that…" Queen Ran paused. "Is the fact that the Western Fey and the Gremlins have always been enemies, especially after that incident. Dear Mother, he's poisoning our baby's mind!" With that she collapsed in her husband's arms.

Gadar tightened his hold on his wife. "Don't worry we'll get her back. Truly back." With that the members of the party faded out, leaving the meadow beside the brook, just as disserted as it had been.

Erik gently dismounted, cradling Celeste to his chest. She was light, lighter than he had thought she was. Distracted he called for a stable boy to care for their mounts, his thoughts only of Celeste. When the boy took the reins Erik willed himself to his bedchamber. Gently he tucked her beneath the silken sheets, and smoothed her dark hair back.

Reluctantly he turned to go; he had much to see to. Looking back at his beloved, Erik rang for Elvina. Celeste should not awake alone. With moments the pixie was fluttering by his side. "Stay with her," Erik ordered. "I do not want her to wake up alone." With that he left the room, shutting the door firmly behind him.

Elvina gave a glance at the sleeping girl. "He loves you beyond reason," she whispered. "Yet it is perfectly reasonable." With that she settled by Celeste's bed with a bit of needlework.

Erik set out for the west tower, his feet making a rhythmic tapping on the cold floor. It was now imperative, more so than before, that he find out exactly what Jared was trying to achieve. Now that the Eastern Fey knew Celeste was with him, they were sure to start planning some form of retaliation, in hopes of regaining their princess. Never mind the fact that Celeste wanted to be with him.

He paused as he reached the tower door, then pushed it in, and entered the dark stairwell. The only sound was that of his feet as Erik climbed the stone steps of the tower. The tapping of his boots made a comfortable rhythm, giving his racing thoughts a steadier pace.

'Why?' He cursed. 'Why can't we just be together? Celeste, beloved please is ok. Jared damn you. What the bloody are you planning? What ever it is it must be…' Erik's thoughts came to a sudden halt as the stairs ended and he was left facing an intricately carve door of polished, dark wood.

He was there. The place where he would find either some answers or is given tenfold question. Lightly he placed his hand upon the door, feeling the powerful magic coursing beneath his hand. Taking a deep breath, he though 'this is for me, and for you Celeste. For Us.' With that Erik pushed open the door and stepped into the darkness.

Gadar was pacing the royal suit as Ran watched from her seat upon the bed. Both sighed. Their only child, their daughter was at the mercy of their worst enemy, the King of the Western Fey. Until recently there had been peace between the two lands, but once again there was a cry for war. The two kingdoms had fought bitterly against each other, ever since civil war had torn them apart 1,000 years earlier.

They had fought over the possibility of visiting the mortal realm, an idea that had been dismissed even before Christianity had taken root within the human's realm. So now the Western Fey could pursue both the Magic and Mortal realm, while the Eastern Fey remained committed to the realm of magic.

"What has that bastard done to our child?" Gadar snarled. He turned firing a bolt of magic across the room, demolishing a vase of flowers. "We had finally created peace, again, after that incident three years ago, and now this. We will get Celeste back, and I am going to rip that bastard's heart out and feed it to him!"

Quietly his wife rose to her feet and silently moved to stand behind her enraged husband. Gently placing her hands upon his shoulders, Ran lifted herself to stand on her toes. "Love calm down," she whispered in his ear. "There will be plenty of time to work on vengeance later. You can not plan for one as cunning as Erik if you are not rested." Taking his hand she lead him to their bed, and with a wave of her hand all the candles where extinguished.

A silver light trickled down through a small window, from the silver moon. The gentle rays glanced over his blond locks, turning them into glistening sliver and gold. The only sound was that of Erik's breathing.

Suddenly the room light up with a cool light, identical to that of the moon. Erik's eyes opened focusing on the stone alter before him. The silence was broken by a voice that was neither male nor female; harsh but soft. "So ruler you have come seeking answers to questions long unanswered. Questions that have waited three years."

Squaring his shoulders Erik lifted his head. "Yes."

"We can tell you only this," the voice replied.

"Torn in two

Thought to be beyond repaired.

Shall reunite and set to right

All that has been due.

Through deception, deceit, and lies

The root will be revealed.

The forbidden is second only to vengeance

But in yet another circle

Can forbidden taste as sweet?"

Silently Erik repeated the verse to himself. Confusion evident in his eyes, he asked "But what can it mean? It makes not sense."

"We can not tell you that, ruler. This is your task, this is your blessing; this is your curse." With that the presence that been in the room with the voice vanished, leaving the young man once more within the cloak of darkness.

Erik sighed and silently exited the room. The guardians were almost always like that, except in case of dire emergency. It was on their bidding that many years ago that the fight over passage into the mortal realm began. The guardians were the oldest, powerful beings Erik had ever met.

His feet moved much quicker then when he had journey up the stairs. Celeste should awaken soon, and Erik wanted to be with her when she did. The stress of the past several days, combined with that fact that to Erik that she hadn't been taking very good care of herself before, was certainly taking it's toll.

His footsteps slowed as he approached Celeste's door.