Moonlights' Witness

By Hell's Angel

Chapter 2

Everyone had gone to bed. Only Celeste lay awake pondering the incident in the grove. The grove had felt familiar, but as far has she could remember Celeste had spent no time there.

Sighing she got out of bed, and went to sit by the fire. The flames cast a peaceful reddish tint over the room, pushing back the moonbeams that fell through the open window, framed by the blood-red curtains. Staring into the dancing glow, Celeste kept going over the events of the afternoon.

Behind her the door creaked. Celeste jumped, but relaxed slightly when she saw who it was. Jared's well-built frame stood in the doorway.

Jared slowly moved into the room, the light playing across his dark features. "Celeste, what are you doing up? It's well past the midnight watch."

"I couldn't sleep. Something is going to happen." Celeste whispered. 'Where did that come from?' Celeste was deeply puzzled. Up until that moment she hadn't thought anything was going to happen, but now she felt something. A new feeling was in the air.

"Darling, no matter what happens I will be here for you. You know that."

Jared's voiced seemed to be filled with concern, but to Celeste it sounded false. Silently she sat down in one of the velvet chairs that surrounded the fireplace and looked into the dancing flames. Slowly her eyes began to close.

Jared looked over at his bride-to-be, and smiled. She had fallen asleep in her chair. Moving almost silently he lifted her up and lay her in the four-post bed. He gently kissed her forehead. She was so angelic when she was a sleep. As the tower-bells rang out two, Jared left the room.

As the lock clicked shut a figure cloaked in black, distinguished himself from the shadows. Slowly he approached the bed. "It has started," the being muttered. "She has started to remember, and when she does, she mustn't be here. He will do all in his power to stop it." Gently he wrapped the sleeping girl in blanket and lifted her into his arms. He moved to the open window, and vanished into the moonlit night.

Images danced in front of her. They started bright, full of love. Pictures of her and another man. One as different from Jared as could be. They were always together, on a picnic, at the beach, not to mention many court functions. His eyes showed no false emotion, only pure love as he looked at her. Love she returned. But slowly they turned darker, full of danger, with Jared forcing them apart, their meetings becoming rushed, and full of fear. At the final was a fight between the mysterious man and Jared.

"No," Celeste cried, sitting up burying her head in the blankets. It couldn't be true. She loved Jared; he loved her. But the images continued to flash before her eyes, ring an eerie truth.

Slowly she lifted her eyes, red due to crying, from the bed covers. She gasped. She was not in her room of the palace. This room was done in deep blues and greens, not the reds and purples she had used to redecorate two years ago. The stonewalls were veiled in marvelous tapestries. A fire crackled merrily in the hearth. Slowly she turned to gaze at more of her surroundings. She stifled a small cry when she saw who sat next to the bed. It was the man from the dreams. His hair appeared blacker than a raven's wing; his skin as pale as the fresh fallen snow. His head rested gently on his hand, as thought he had been watching her, but then fell prey to sleep.

Silently she watched the firelight dance across his chiseled, features. 'Who is he?' She wondered. The rational side of her mind tried to tell her to get up, to leave. This was the man who had at least engineered it, so she was here; no longer where she ought to be. Celeste shook her head and lay back down. 'This is a dream, and very vivid dream, but a dream nonetheless,' she thought to herself. Slowly her eyes began to close and soon she was again deep in sleep.

Erik lifted his head from his hands, his crystal blue eyes slowly opened. So far everything was alright. She hadn't started screaming at least. True, she thought she was dreaming, but the simple fact that she was here was good. Oh how he had wanted to comfort her, but it was too soon. Celeste must remember on her own. With a sigh Erik got to his feet and silently left the room.

"Where is she?" Jared roared. "She could not have vanished!"

"We… We don't know where the Princess Celeste is," the page stuttered. "She was missing when her ladies went to wake her. But don't worry sir the King and Queen have already started the search."

'This cannot be happening. Celeste I need her. She…' Jared sighed deeply and sank into a nearby chair. He dismissed the page with a wave of his hand. Everything had been going perfectly, but now this. His bride-to-be was missing. "Oh Celeste, were are you?"

Chapter 3

She was wearing her new dress, the navy blue one with the off the shoulder neckline. It was the first feast of Mid-summer, the most joyous three-day celebration known in the Underground. The day had been filled with activities, starting early that morning with hunt, followed by the tournaments. And now that night had fallen it was time for the ball.

This ball was especially special as it marked the first that she could attend to the fullest. Her parents had agreed to let her go on her own. This year she would manage her own dance card, and do, as she wanted.

Regally she lifted head to gaze out across the dance floor. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw the most handsome man she'd ever imagined, standing talking to one of the other royals. He was dressed in a regal royal blue; it caused he's raven locks to be a striking contrast. Almost as if he could feel her eyes on him, he turned. Across the room crystal blue and chocolate brown met. He smiled, and nodded majestically, before turning back to his conversation.

It was nearing Midnight when Celeste finally had a chance to sit down. She had been dancing non-stop since she had spotted the mysterious stranger. That was hours ago and the stranger seemed to have vanished.

"May I have this dance Milady?" A musical voice inquired.

Celeste turned and froze it was HIM. The stranger. Celeste swallowed and found her voice. "Of course good sir." Gently she placed her hand in his out stretched one, and he led her onto the dance floor, just as the music resumed.

It was heaven. There was no other way to describe the feelings she felt at being in this man's arms. Everything seemed to vanish; just him her and the feeling. All to soon the dance song ended, and the two parted.

"Thank you for the dance Milady." With that the stranger had once again vanished into the festivities. But before she could catch her breath she was swept back on to the dance floor.

The clock chimed four as she readied for bed. She was alone, save for the presence of her lady-in-waiting. "Sophia," she spoke suddenly.

"Yes Milady?"

"Do you know who that man was to night? The one in blue with raven hair."

"Man with raven… Oh you mean His Majesty King Erik of the Western Fey. Why, if I may, do you ask?"

"Oh no reason," she replied. "Just curiosity I suppose."

"Ah Milady you can not hide your feelings from me. You, my child, are in love."

In love… In love…In love…

Celeste once again was yanked back to the land of the living. The words echoing again and again in her head. The dream had seemed so real. The emotions so true. Then it once again registered that she was no longer in the palace, but a place completely foreign to her. This time she took time to look around her. The room was tastefully furnished, the greens and blues creating a calming effect.

"Ah I see you are finally awake." The voice of velvet and music cut through Celeste's thoughts. Startled she looked up only to find herself drowning in the crystal eyes from the dream.

Celeste quickly backed up until her back came into contact with the headboard. "Where am I? What's going on?" Celeste was nervous, very nervous; especially since all she wore was her nightgown. "Who are you?" she asked, her voice betraying her inner conflict.

The man from her dream gracefully raised his eyebrow. A half-smile stole across his features. "I am Erik. King of the Western Fey. You are here in my castle as my… 'guest', for the next several days. As for why you are here, that can wait." He turned to exit, then stopped. "Breakfast is in a hour. There are clothes in the wardrobe, and I will send a servant help you dress." With that he vanished, leaving a spray of glitter on the floor.

About five minuets after Erik left there was a knock at the door. It opened to revel a pixie. She was about three feet high with silver wings, red hair, and green eyes. She quickly darted in and over to the closet.

"Good morning milady. The master sent me to help you dress. I'll go and run your bath now." With that the small pixie darted out through a different door, and in less then a minuet was back and started herding Celeste towards the door.

"Who are you?" Celeste asked sharply.

"What… milady? Ah I go by the name Elvina. The master requested that I be your lady's maid. Now we have nary a moment to waste." And with that she finally drew Celeste into the bathroom.

Half and hour later Celeste immerged from the washroom and sat in front of the vanity. Elvina came up behind her and proceeded to dry her hair. As the pixie began to style it, Celeste drifted off into her own thoughts.

'Why am I here? What are these dreams? How can I get home?' Celeste sighed.

"Milady you must sit still if I'm to finish your hair." Elvina's soft accented voice brought Celeste out of her daze. Years of scolding immediately had her sitting up, so that Elvina could finish her work.

"There Milady. Now his highness is expecting you for breakfast in the Azure room."

"The Azure room?" Celeste was quite confused. "Where would that be?"

"Milady that's where you… Oh yes silly me right this way Milady." With that Elvina fluttered out of the room.

'That was odd.' Celeste thought, as she followed the pixie out of the room. 'It was almost as if she expected me to know. But how can that be? I've never been here…'

"Oh my!" Celeste stopped, her exclamation causing Elvina to turn around. Suddenly almost everything fell into place. All that had happened three years ago must be what was the cause of this incident.

"Come Milady. You mustn't be late." Elvina's concern reminded Celeste of what had just been going on.

"Of course. Let's go."

At last they entered a small, circular room, done completely in different shades of blue. Everything from the furniture to the glass had a blue tint to it. At the head of the table stood Erik. He slowly walked forward and offered her his arm. Celeste reached out gently and rested her hand in the crook of his elbow. Silently he led her to the head of the table and pulled out a chair. Celeste sat and Erik joined her at the table moments later. When they both were seated food magically appeared be fore them and they ate in companionable silence.

Erik watched Celeste as she ate. She hadn't flinched or turned away from him. It was almost as if everything had never happened. She looked up from her plate, to see him staring at him and blushed. Erik smiled at her innocence.

Soon the meal was finished and the two rose to leave. As they neared the door Celeste suddenly pitched forward violently in a faint. Only Erik's speed kept her from falling to the floor. Quickly he picked her up and transported her to his chamber. Gently he laid her on his bed and rang for Elvina. Elvina was there within minuets and immediately saw what needed to be done.

"Erik, cover her up. We don't need her to get sick." She then left to get some of the supplies she might need. Erik sighed and lifted Celeste's pale hand to his lips. 'No we're to close. It will come true; it must. Celeste I need you.'

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