I stepped up and looked around, observing my surroundings. I turned to look directly behind me, but a voice told me to face forwards. I looked back quickly to see a large man walking towards me. I raised my right hand and yelled as loud as I could.
He shook his head. "Back off! Stay away from me!"
He grinned evilly and motioned for me to step forward with his right index and middle fingers. I stepped forward and swung my fist towards his face. My fist glanced of his cheek and he grabbed it as I pulled it back towards me. He used my momentum to spin me around and he put his arm around my neck. I looked down at his feet feeling desperate. I didn't know what to do. A voice told me to use my elbow and to stomp on his feet. I rammed my elbow into his stomach. It had no effect. I cried out in desperation as I stomped madly on his feet. Nothing seemed to work. His arms wrapped tighter around my throat, choking me.
All of a sudden my elbow hit it's mark and I spun around, but he had already recovered. He grabbed my shoulders, determined not to let me go. I brought my hand up and hit him with my open hand. The blow caught him in the chin and his head flew back. I used the opportunity and ran. Later I had to face another attacker. I began yelling for him to stop again, but he shook his head.
"I'm not stopping now," he said mercilessly.
I stepped back but he grabbed my outstretched hand. I hit his face with the other but he was unaffected. He pulled me closer then swung me around hoping I would fall to the ground. My long braids swung in front of my face as I spun around. My left leg caught on his right leg and I lost my balance for a second and almost fell. I managed to stand on my right leg and bring my left leg around to balance me. Once my left leg was on the ground I lifted my right leg up and tried to knee him. My knee connected with his body, but it again had no effect. I tried to sink my nails into his eyes, but he leaned back out of my reach. I reverted to my fists, swinging at him over and over. When my fist connected with his nose he fell back. I gasped, turned and ran out of the circle.
"Good job," the voice said. I turned to smile at one of my instructors. he smiled back and pointed to my friend across the circle from me. I ran over and got my small oval shaped glasses. I slipped them on and walked past my masked and padded attacker. He removed the face shield, smiled and patted my back. I smiled and ran back to sit with my friends to watch another girl fight with skills that would one day save her life.

I was saving the fact that it was a self defence class till the end, was it a shock or did you know? So that's what I did today, mind you with all the adrenaline pumping through my veins I can't really remember every little detail, but it's all true, it just might not all be there, but it's pretty long for two 20 second(or less) fights eh? ;) Oh and yes the guys were completely padded up, that's why they didn't really react as much to certain hits.