Remembrance's Point of View

Remember a couple hundred years ago when men bought women and families? And then they called them slaves and forced them to do hard labor for practically nothing (other than a roof over their heads and gruel)? Yeah, little did you know that it would happen again.

Well, okay, I'm not exactly being bought for hard labor. My services are being paid for by a man…alright that sounded worse. Let me try to explain; I was forced into a school activity. And what other school activity would have sufficed other than the Singles auction?

Curse my luck.

And how exactly did I manage to get myself forced into this, you ask? I, the most stubborn and antisocial girl within the walls of Oak Waters Academy? That one's simple, in fact, it only takes two words to answer: my twin.

Let's face it; he has me wrapped around his little finger, and he asked me to do this for him. Yes, you read that right, he asked me to be sold for him.

I think that sounds so wrong.

"And next is Remembrance Pierce, my sister and the uprising artist of this academy. Personally, I think she's priceless, but we'll start the bidding at a hundred dollars."

A hundred SMACKEROOS?! What does Remington see when he looks at me? Because it sure as heck must be an illusion, there is no way that I am worth that much money.

I sighed and waited for the embarrassment to commence. I'm betting a hundred bucks that there is no one out there that will bid on me.

"One hundred!" Shouted a clear, strong, male voice from somewhere across the auditorium.


I squinted into the bright lights, but all I could see were blotches of magenta and behind that, darkness.

Well, okay, one person bided on me, or whatever the heck it is that they're doing.

"One hundred fifty!"

"Two hundred!"

"Two fifty!"

"Now we're getting somewhere." Rem said into the microphone, smirking.

"Four hundred!"

My jaw dropped, and I'm sure that had there been any flies buzzing around, I would have choked on one and dropped dead. Four hundred bucks? What exactly did they think I was going to do?

"Eight hundred." The second bidder stated lazily, and then there was silence.

"Eight hundred going once….eight hundred going twice….sold for eight hundred dollars!" Remington shouted into the microphone,

I glared at my brother, and mouthed out the word Sold? He just shrugged sheepishly. He is so getting it when I get back tonight. Putting me up on a stand like that, to be bought by a man! Totally disregarding my female pride!

Which bring me back to the point that somebody paid a lot of money for me, and I don't even know what they are expecting from me for the next week.

"Would our winner come on down?" Remington called out in a mock game show voice, brushing a lock of his black hair out of his jade eyes.

The crowd grew silent as a figure made his way up to the stage, he climbed the stairs. His tight white shirt was halfway unbuttoned to show off a few inches of his muscular chest. He wore a pair of baggy blue jeans and dark green and blue Vans. His head was ducked down, so all I could see was a shaggy mop of fiery red hair. I groaned, and shot another glare at Remington.

There was only one person that I knew of that had hair like that.

He seemed to catch my sound of displeasure, and how could he not? It was as silent as a morgue in here, and looked up at me and smirked.

Jonah Mills.

Maybe I should take the time to explain a bit about my school. It's not a public school; it's a private boarding school for the rich and the spoiled. Otherwise known as: Oak Waters Academy for the Gifted and Talented. My brother and I live here because our parents are rich, snobby, and didn't want us around. But to all the wealth in the academy, there is only one that has more money than anybody else. And you guessed it; his name is Jonah Mills.

He's an arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic jerk. He gets everything he wants, when he wants it, and if he doesn't want a person in this school, he can kick them out of here with just a wave of his hand.

Now generally, that would scare someone off, but not me. It's a known fact that we hate each other, let me rephrase that, it's well known that me loathe each other. And yet, in the ten years that I've been at the academy, he has yet to try and kick me out.

And now, because of my stupid brother, he owns me for a week.

So…that was the first chapter…do you think I should continue?