Second best,
Second rate,
Second stringer,
I will never be anything more.

Nothing worthy of redemption can be found in me,
Nothing worthy of keeping and holding on fast to,
So quit searching,
I can't feel anything anymore.

Can't you see me?
You can't feel me anymore,
All I want is a little reassurance that you'll be there,
But I am simply denied restitution.

I will always be on the outside looking in,
Never will I be apart of anything at all,
Sullen and jaded I bite back bitter tears,
For I know what has been lost and it will never be recovered.

Innocence is lost,
Integrity has been found meaningless,
Morality is known to be hollow,
Love to hate me.

Treat me like dirt,
I'll just treat myself even worse,
Ignore me,
You'll just pass right through me.