My Locker Ate My Homework.

it was fateful day
In my third period class
As the teacher collected
Homework of nights past.

I sat so calmly
Without searching my backpack
There was no point in looking there
I knew where my homework was at.

The teacher looked at me with a spiteful glare,
And said, "Where is your homework? Where is it? Where?"
I calmy explained- with no intent to mock her-
My homework had been eaten
By my vicious locker.

She tilted back her head and cackled with glee,
"Oh, that was a good one... tee hee hee hee..."
I didn't see what was so amusing
I didn't think it was funny at all
Maybe the lady was just deranged
And didn't know what happened out there in the halls.

"When the lockers think no one is looking,
The gobble up all thats inside,
I foolishly trusted it with my homework,
And now all my work I can't find."

My teacher, she sighed with dissapointment,
"The kid's crazy," she muttered, "I swear."
Then she pointed me down to the office
So the principal could deal with me
Because in our classes we can't have
Unintelligence and insanity.

I retold the events that had happened
And that principal laughed at me too
She decided that because of my instability
She'd call the men in white coats to pick me up from school.

I sat all alone in the office
In the big poofy green and pink chair
When in through the door came that one teacher
The dude with the Purple Einstein hair.

He sat in the orange and mauve chair right beside me,
And asked me, "what's wrong with you?"
I conveyed to him the tales of my dilemma
He nodded in agreement, too.

"I understand what you mean about lockers,
They're cunning, they're cruel, and they're vile,
But these people here, they're kind of stupid.
Understanding might take them a while."