The grass was soft and mossy, shoes sinking in slightly. I tread uncertainly, as if the ground below me would give way and plummet me a few feet into the earth. It was unreal, the sky above seemingly drifted from purple to orange when I took notice of it.

My mind could not focus sharply in this dreamlike state, and my eyes felt blind although I could see my atmosphere perfectly. This thinking, this almost schizophrenic contemplation, began to trouble me greatly. I desperately wanted to leave, but more divine powers were halting any hope of this.

No life forms frolicked in my line of sight, or any sight I turned my head to. I began to feel alone, a deep, saddening loneness, as if I were dead and no soul would ever communicate with me for eternity.

No. Please God. Take me from this place.

Attempting to yell for an answer, my voice came as only mumbled noise. My mentality kept such noise from sounding in this place for reasons unclear. Trying once more, I reached an extreme failure of some kind, for I began to stumble in slow motion, as if I were in space. Slowly, yet surely, the green, mossy ground reached my face and submerged into it slightly. I remained in this state for a moment, and panic began to run through me, my mind told me I was not breathing.

After a short time, I realized I was fully capable of inhalation, and thoughts of pushing to my feet fought through my head. As I remained there, a physical presence made itself known to my right. It was the smell. It was a soft perfume smell. A slight amount of anxiety overtook me, being afraid of the unknown, becoming more intense as each second passed. I then struggled to turn my head, but found it difficult to lift my neck or any portion of my body.

Perspiration dampened my clothing due to the rise in body temperature. "Who's there?" I demanded, only to have the sound be entirely muffled by the moss-like grass. The unknown presence was defiantly human and quite small, but I could not see to verify this.

"Get up!" I commanded myself.

Alas, I heaved my upper body slightly with my arms, and managed to gaze at a girl eerily standing an arm reach away. Her cape, skirt, and tall pointy hood were all entirely white, not a stain anywhere from what I could see. Nevertheless, her facial features were what stood out to me, she had incredible blue eyes, blonde hair fashioned by fire, and a face of pure innocence. We stared into each other's eyes, but I was the one curious, fixated at the situation, for the girl's eyes were blank, almost uncaring.

"H-hello?" I attempted softly.

No response.

I became uncomfortable, almost embarrassed, but mainly unnerved. The nature of this girl was almost morbid, for all I knew she could transform into some sort of predator and slit my throat.

"Who are you?" I tried once more, voice barely auditable.

The girl then slowly lifted her arm and pointed to her right, seemingly commanding me to go into the great orange horizon. Bringing myself to my feet, I strode into the endless, nameless route. I had no other purpose then, I knew this was where I needed to go.

Stepping over and around flowers which painted the land with red pedals and a white center, I avoided destroying them in fear I may anger this land in some way. Then, feeling the tinge on my back, the urge to know if the girl would turn hostile at the turn of my head, my eyes met a solid black figure where the girl once stood. As quickly as it appeared it dispersed into the ground, leaving only its midnight garments. Disturbed by this, my pace quickened to a swift jog.

What happened to the girl? Did she die? Did the black creature kill her. Was she the black creature?

The direction I took led me to a sidewalk. Wide, black trees with a gloomy aura about them, occupied the sides of the never-ending sidewalk at random positions. In keeping with my pace, my senses hit a smoke aroma, but it was a clean smoke. Soothing in a way, I breathed freely, this smoky air. I felt myself drawn to this before I saw the circle of smoke a few paces in front of me. I approached the area cautiously, wary of a trap.

On approaching the area, a human figure, unmistakable, was in the center. "Wake up." I said not with my mouth, but rather cognitively. The person could hear me, but did not move immediately. "Get up," came my first spoken words capable of being heard. By this time, the smoke had cleared, revealing a man with dirty blonde hair coming almost to his shoulders. A black and white t-shirt with thin strips, a shiny, gray jacket, and jeans were his clothing. His eyes were dreaming along with his body.

Opening his eyes, he blinked several times, and stared into sky for what seemed like an eternity, he had been asleep for many years. "Hey Kurt," I said with joy and a hint of resolve. With that, his eyes focused on me.

"You've been gone for too long now."

Slowly, he brought himself to his feet, looked around; confused at his predicament. "Why am I in this place?" Kurt asked in daze. "You left us for reasons we're not sure of," I answered. "Now it's time for you to come with me. It's time to come home, Kurt."

Yes, we were going home. Kurt was going home again. Kurt would soon be where he belonged.