A.N. This first thing-a-majig is just a character list for people to look back on when they're well into the story and if they start getting confused. If you're new, just skip on over to chapter one.


Adoff - Father of the Wolf Tribe

Aeolus - Falgrice, Taman's soldier

Alger - Falgrice, Cadeyrn's chief advisor

Alis - Falgrice, Taman's kitchen maid, Leidolf's woman

Ardal - Kras, Lamech's captain

Bleddyn - Wolf

Bryony - First She-Wolf

Cadeyrn - King of Falgrice

Cadogan - King of the Gods

Chandra - Falgrice, Lady of Heelrone, Bryony's mother

Channon - Wolf

Dagon - Falgrice, Lord of Ruaresque

Drake - Bryony's horse

Driscoll - Falgrice, Royal Messenger sent to Den

Dymphna - Kras, Tormad's fifthillegitimate daughter

Edur - Kras, Tormad's second son

Erastus - Falgrice, head of Cadeyrn's army

Eyolf - Wolf, Lupe's childhood best friend

Felan - Wolf, Ulric's elder son

Fenris - Chief of the Wolves

Gair - Falgrice, Taman's mage

Galen - Falgrice, soldier

Hemeline - Falgrice, maid assigned to Dymphna

Ilta - Kras, Tormad's second illegitimate daughter

Ingolf - Wolf

Janek - Kras, soldier

Jorma - Kras, Tormad's eldest son

Kalevi - Kras, Tormad's youngest son

Kelden - Falgrice, Taman's half-brother

Lamech - Kras, noble who wanted Dymphna as a concubine

Leidolf - Wolf, Felan's son

Lempi - Falgrice, Taman's cook

Lupe - Wolf, Bryony's childhood rival

Lyall - Wolf, deserter of the tribe

Lydia - Falgrice, Zev's woman

Mingan - Wolf, blind with wolfhound companion

Mladen - Falgrice, soldier, Sergio's younger brother

Morvin - Falgrice, Cadeyrn's physician

Muireach - Falgrice, Taman's soldier

Nekane - Kras, third queen under Tormad's rule

Neacel - Falgrice, knight, Perkin's temporary replacement

Omri - Kras, Tormad's general

Orrin - Falgrice, Cadeyrn's father

Pehr - Falgrice, chief hostler at Baceresque

Perkin - Falgrice, one of Cadeyrn's captains, Bryony's captain

Priam - Falgrice, soldier

Ralph - Wolf, Lupe's father

Randon - Wolf, sympathetic to Outsiders

Raul - Wolf, Varg's son, Bryony's second cousin

Reule - Wolf God

Roel - Falgrice, blind stable boy at Baceresque

Sergio - Falgrice, soldier

Sierra - Falgrice, little girl who survived Gracesice fire

Sirhann - Wolf

Taman - Falgrice, Lord of Sunresque

Tauno - Falgrice, soldier

Tormad - King of Kras

Ulmarr - Wolf

Ulric - Wolf, Zev's father

Ulva - Wolf Goddess

Uwais - Wolf

Varg - Wolf, Ulric's nephew

Woolsey - Wolf, Randon's good friend

Zev - Wolf, Ulric's younger son, Bryony's father

Zoraida - Queen of the Gods