Okay, so here we have a new attempt at a story. Yes, I know I left the last one just hanging but it was because I came to a decision time and couldn't handle it until I had time to reread the entire 60 page thing and edit it, as well as keeping up with school work. Anyway, I will soon be resuming that story as well as this one. I would like to make a special note that tessa99999 is assisting me in writing this story. She is writing one of the point-of-views and I am writing the other two. I would like to thank for her help and I suppose she will be putting in a note before I post this.

This is meant to be a decently short and slightly amusing piece of writing. There will be male/`male relationships. There may also be some graphic sex scenes. If this is NOT your piece of pie, then move on NOW. Do NOT complain to me about that!

This first chapter is rather repetitive, I realize that, but it is only done this way so that you can get used to the three different narrators and maybe even pick a favorite, so we can know who you want to hear more from. Okay, now that I have all that out of the way. I will get started with this lovely story. Enjoy.

*****How it all began*****

SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 I was standing at my locker exchanging books for my next dull class. It was 2 weeks from graduation and I couldn't WAIT to get out of this hellhole they call high school. As I was doing this I couldn't help but notice when Weston, my Weston, walked by. Wow he was sexy today. Then again he is sexy everyday.

Weston is "like a total babe." as the cheerleaders would say. I hate cheerleaders. They are always so damn annoying with their stupid giggles and hitched up cheerleading skirts. This one cheerleader, oh my god! She is so awful! How the hell she became a cheerleader? I will never know! Anyway, this isn't about my hatred for cheerleaders, or Jocks for that matter. I'll tell you that one a little later. This is about my Weston.

As I was saying before I interrupted myself, Weston is hot. He's 6'4" and his eyes are the deepest, bluest eyes I have ever seen. They are to die for. He has this shaggy blonde hair that has this sexy way of falling into his face when he's concentrating hard. I love it. And his body. My god his body. He has this really athletic and muscular body that would put a body builder to shame! I could stare at him all day.

Anyway, continuing again. I keep getting myself sidetracked. I really must stop that. It's a bad habit. AH! I'm doing it again! MUST FOCUS!

Weston, Weston Hendrix, is my best friend and has been for the past three years and I've liked him for almost as long as I've known him. Weston dates my sister, Marigold. Yeah her name is weird and all. What can I say? Our parents were always for naming their children odd names. I think I was the only one that got away with a NORMAL name. I guess by the time I came around they were tired of being creative.

I bet by now you are wondering what the hell I'm on about and when I'll get to the point. Well I'm working on it. Anyway, I also bet if you aren't one of those people wondering you are thinking "Wow. That's sweet. Nice girl met a guy and he's her best friend and she's liked him a long time, but her sister came and started dating him. Evil sister. Evil!" In most cases, you would be right, mind you; you are right about the evil sister part. As I was saying, you would be right, but you're not. I'm a man. Oh I can see the reactions now. The "Oh my god!" s and the "That's WRONG!" s. I'd be sorry if I cared, but I don't so I'm not going to pretend to.

My name is Ian. See? I told you my name was fairly plain and normal. I'm glad too. Anyway, as for how I met Weston, it was 3 years ago when I first moved here from Montana. Where is here you ask? Here is West Point, Virginia. The school is Morris High School, and man it sucks.

Anyway, I had just moved here from Montana, and I had gone by the office and gotten my new schedule. I went to Classroom 208 and went in. The teacher, Mrs. Bastion, looked over my schedule and introduced me to the class. No one really cared or paid attention. They were all staring off into space, grateful for the pause in the woman's boring lecture. She directed me to a seat in the back of the room. To my right was a computer station and on my left was an attractive male with blonde hair. After a while he noticed I was staring. Then he smiled and waved at me a little. My heart was fluttering like mad. I had only been in class for what seemed like 5 minutes, and then the bell rang.

In my next class, while I was getting my notebook and pencil out of my bag someone sat down beside me. When I looked up, it was the same dude. I was so shocked. He smiled again, but said nothing. As roll was called, I listened really closely for his name. I found out it was Weston Hendrix, my Weston. He had third period with me too. At the end of third period he asked me if I wanted to sit with him at lunch. With his friends too of course. Guys don't just go up and ask other guys to sit with them alone a lunch.

All his other friends really sucked. They were all Jocks who sucked and not in the good way at all. I'm sure I mentioned I hate Jocks a little earlier. So here is where I explain my hatred a little. It is my experience that those of the "Jock" type are cruel, heartless bastards who should be stoned to death for even breathing. Okay, I feel better now. Anyway, it turned out that Weston and I had the exact same schedule. Coincidence? I think not. Oh and did I mention that one of Weston's other friends didn't suck? We'll not in the sense that the Jocks did. Oh no. Weston's other friend, Shane Wilcox, is gay and he's very open about his gayness too. Very open indeed. No one really likes him, but Weston was nice to him and he didn't annoy me too much, so I like him too. Just not the same way I like Weston. Shane is also hilariously funny. He's like one of those "chibi" anime character things he goes on about. He says he's an "otaku" or something like that. I don't know exactly what he means. I just kind of nod and smile. He seems to like it so I don't say anything about it.

As I was saying, as time went by, I became Weston's best friend, along with Shane. The three of us were like a trio of sorts. I guess Weston realized just how much Jocks do suck. No wait. That was mean. I have to be nice. It's Weston's choice what assholes he hangs around. Christ he hangs around me WILLINGLY! After a while, Shane kind of figured out I was gay too, but obviously not as openly as he himself. This was a little bit of a shocker for Weston, but he didn't seem to mind too much. Apparently he was used to the idea after Shane. He was so used to it and we were such good friends, that he even beat the shit out of the old homophobes who decided to visit me from "sweet ol' Montana." And when I say shit I mean shit. One of the guys crapped in his pants because he was so afraid when Weston got done with his comrade. This just proved to make me love him more. How could I not? He's like my knight in shining armor. How many people know a dude who would literally beat the shit out of an asshole for you? Not many!

Well that's it for me meeting Weston and all. Back in the real world, it's two weeks from graduation and we are dying to get out of here. Me, Weston, and Shane that is. After we graduate, we're going to Japan, upon Shane's request of course. He speaks Japanese so we should be okay. Plus all the rice I can eat! I like rice. I love rice. Wow rice is good. Guh! I'm hungry now. What's for lunch? Oh yeah. So we are going to Japan and all. They are apparently a lot more okay with homosexuals than here in the states. So anyway that's how it is. I hope these next two weeks won't be too unbearable!


So now that you have had to suffer through Ian's rambling about God only knows what, I think I will enlighten you on life as I see it. I myself am Shane Wilcox, or at least I was the last time I checked. I love my last name cause it makes me think of cocks and not just cox. I know, I know, I am a sick, sick man, but really it does. I like cocks. Yeah, I don't know if Ian told you or not, but we both prefer cock to pussy.

Yeah, I am crude. Sorry, I'll try to cut back a bit for you weak minded out there who can't handle a bit of crudeness. Yeah, so I suppose I should start from the beginning, since that seems to be the best place to start with most anything.

It was just Weston and me once, then he grew up, as did I and we grew apart. Then, this new guy, Ian Hemings comes along. He was a nice looking fellow, to say the least for him. His curly hair was just below his chin and he had piercing green eyes. Not my type, per say, but hell, I'd do him anyway. He was a nice piece of ass, but at the time, I figured he was straight like all of the other males in this world. Wait, my mind has wandered, but really if you saw his ass, that is all you would think about too. It is so delicious looking. I would love to ram my… oh shit, there I go again. I don't actually like him, I never really did, well not in that way, he just tempts me with that nice ass and ass wiggling he does around me. Damn him!

Uh… yeah. So the new guy, back to him. He comes and starts hanging out with Weston. Oh lord I said he comes. He didn't come for us, though I am sure that would be very exciting to watch. Oh you know what I would really love to see, though. I would love to see Weston and Ian get together. That would be hot. I can say that aside from their asses, I am not attracted to either, but come on, would you not think that was hot? I really need to get back with my old boy, Randy. He relieves my problems like that and damn is it dandy to do Randy. Hehe. I just had to get that outta my system, though there are many other things I would love to get out of my system, though I suppose that is a different system all together.

Grr! There I go again. Okay, tell the story here buddy, right? That's what you are thinking. I am sorry I swear I will get to the point, someday!

Okay, one more try at this. Ian started to hang out with Weston and he seemed to take a liking to me. I didn't mind this whereas I got to start hanging out with Weston more. I really do enjoy Weston's company a lot more than I let on. He may be straight, but really he treats me no differently from his straight friends. He knows I will never try to touch him unless I want my ass beat. No, not in the good way either. I know Weston has got it in him to beat the hell outta me. Yeah, so over the three years that Ian has been here, we have gotten closer, though I must say I think I am the third wheel a lot of the time.

I don't mind, but I think that Weston and Ian have a lot more in common than I do with them. Whatever, when we go to Japan, you had better believe I will get Mana! If it's the last thing I do, I swear I will get a piece of that hot, gothic, drag queen of queens ass. It makes me tingly just listening to his and Gackt's old music when they were together in Malice Mizer. I tell you. They had something a little more than friendship. They had to.

I have other plans for our trip to Japan too. I think that Ian and Weston will like these plans of mine and if they don't, oh well, screw them. Damn, I need to go and make up with Randy so I can have some of that beautiful makeup sex with him. I am gone. Yeah, I know it isn't the end of the day. Who cares? Look, there are Weston and Ian, I had better tell them I am leaving, whereas I probably won't be back for lunch, if it goes as well as I am hoping.

"What is that smile for, Shane?" Weston walked over to me asking. "It looks positively evil."

"That's because all I ever think of either involves some evil plan or else sex with one of you fine men that I get to associate with." I said with a wink.

"You horny ass homo. Can you not resist hitting on your own best friends? People now-a-days." Ian threw in.

"Oh you know you like it. You just wish you could get a piece of this, but all of this is going to get some from Randy."

"You are such a crude rejected fool. Going back to Randy, I thought you were over him?" Weston said.

"Well, I was until I got to thinking about the nice ass I have seen around this school and then I remembered the best ass I have ever seen is his, so why not go and pound it now?"

"Leave the dim wit alone. If he wants to go and get himself hurt again, than that's his problem." Ian commented.

"Oh hell, he just wants to get laid. Let the man get what he wants. You know he's never listened before, why's he gonna start now?"

"Yeah, listen to Weston, he cares more for me and my needs than you do. Unless you'd care to fill in for Randy?"

"Oh god, no, please, no! I don't need any mental pictures." Weston said, pretending to run away.

"Oh shut up. You know you like it."

"No, the only naked people I want to see in my head are women, namely Marigold. Sorry to mention your sister like that man, but it's the truth."

"Yeah, so I am off to fuck Randy now."

"Don't use such crude language in my innocent ear's presence." Weston said with a giggle, yes a giggle!

"Oh shut the fuck up, man!"

"Oh just go and fuck Randy now, but remember you are the one missing class for this "good fuck", not me, not Ian."

"Yeah, I don't care. I just wanna fuck his brains out."

"Okay, can we stop talking about sex now. I am getting mental images I try to keep away, but with two gay best friends, what can I expect?" Weston said with a smirk.

I left cause I was feeling randy for some Randy.


And now for the master of this school. Okay, no I truly don't think of myself that way because if I did, do you think I'd have any friends? I thought not.

I suppose what is in store for you now is my view of my friendships and life in general. As I am sure the other two gay delinquents have mentioned, we are going to be graduating in two weeks! I am very ready to get out of here. Granted, there are some good memories of Morris High, but there are the bad ones as well.

I suppose you would say that in general my career as a student at Morris High was a very successful attempt. I mean, I ended up with two of the best friends a guy could ever ask for, be they gay or not, they are still the best friends I could ask for. They can be however they want to be as long as they don't hit on me and mean it. I ended up with the hottest girl in the school, with the hottest body. That's not the only reason I am with her, but she is hot. She does have a pretty nice personality, too, but the only problem is PMS. I just don't understand what the hell she is on about. Just don't ask is my motto. I let her always be right and I am extra nice to her then. I am one of the smart guys here and I am also one of the best athletes, so I'd say that my career as student wasn't a failure.

Thankfully, the fact that I am athletic did not ruin my personality and make me more like the rest of my teammates. They are just straight up dicks. They don't like the idea of one of my friends being gay and the other one being one of the biggest looking losers around, but really, I don't see anything wrong with either one of them. It is just that stereotypical shit society has thrown upon us. Oh look at me, getting all in-depth and what not.

So, here is my account of our meetings, since I have no idea if those other two numbskulls could figure out how to tell about it or not and if they told it right or not.

Shane and I used to be the best of best friends when we were younger. We grew up together. Things got a bit weird between us around middle school cause I started noticing differences in the comments he and I would make about girls. I didn't think he had a true interest in females. At the time, this thought disturbed me, so we grew apart and I started hanging out with my "friends", the assholes of the school, the Jocks. Yeah, I was one of them once, but outgrew this stage; thank the Lord for that one. Anyway, so they talked bad about Shane all the time. I didn't participate, but I sure as hell didn't stop them. I was an ass back then. So then, into high school, I decided that Shane wasn't so bad anymore and I started to talk to him again, but not as much as I used to. I told the other Jocks to leave him alone. They did. They thought I was insane, but they did what I asked them, cause they know I could beat the hell out of them if it is necessary. I am the biggest of them all, though I don't play football like them. I run cross-country, am on the swim team, and of course, am on the soccer team. That would probably be my strong point right there, soccer. But of course in my spare time I lift weights so I don't have that skinny shape that most runners do.

Okay, now to tell you about the day that I met Ian. I went to school, as usual. I can't say that I was excited because I knew that Mrs. Bastion was going to be lecturing us on the Sever Years War in Europe. I am sure that this subject could've been extremely interesting, but this woman has a way of making anything boring. She could be describing in detail having sex with the hottest person on this earth and it wouldn't be interesting at all. I think it is because she talks in a monotone and never gets excited about anything!

Well, I was in there for about ten minutes, forcing myself to concentrate so I could hopefully pass the next test with a good grade, since I do try to do well. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door and I tell you, this is just about the most exciting thing that has ever happened in this class in quite a while, so I - and the few other students who were not asleep - looked to see who was knocking. The door was opened to reveal a man. He looked to be about 6'1", just a bit shorter than me, anyway. He had chin length, wavy black hair. He was wearing a whole lot of black, kinda looked like one of those punk rock guys, you know, the ones who really like black, almost Goth. And as bad as this might sound, I remember that the first things I noticed were his eyes. He had very vivid green eyes, they just screamed at you to look at them. They were only that energetic green for a short time, until he hid them from view under his sheet of black hair.

Dear Mrs. Bastion told us his name, Ian Hemming, and that he was from Montana. The thought then occurred to me that Virginia was a long way away from Montana, what was he doing here? I was thinking about this when I felt someone's eyes on me.

I looked up from my desk, to see who it was. I looked around the room and my eyes stopped on the desk to the right of mine. It was the new guy, the one with the brilliantly green eyes, yeah him. He was staring at me, so I smiled and waved a bit at him because really, he was giving me that "I want to eat you" look and it was a bit creepy. I was a bit uncomfortable being the receiver of that look from a male. I was used to getting it from women, but a man, that is completely different. Then, in the next class, I saw him again, so I went and sat near him. That was in Connor's class.

Connor is everyone's favorite teacher. He relates so well with us. He is only 23, though, so it is pretty understandable that he is like us. He is our English teacher. He is so funny. Anyway, his real name is Connor Derry Malone. He told us his full name because we were talking about the meanings of names. His name means, wolf-lover, great lover, and then servant of St. John. Yeah, it's weird, but it was really funny finding out what everyone else's name meant. That's what we were doing that day, figuring out the meanings of our names. Ian's meant God is gracious; don't tell him I looked it up, though. Mine was terribly stupid. It means West town. I suppose that is appropriate though since I live in West Point or something like that. My real first name is Joshua and it means God is salvation. We both had God-like meanings to our names. What a coincidence. Anyway, now that I have bored you with a lot of that nonsense… but I was just giving you some details to show how well I remembered the day. Honestly!

He was also in my third period class. I sat near him again and we talked a little bit. Then, I asked him to sit with me at lunch. We sat with the Jocks. I figured he'd be okay there, though from seeing him, one wouldn't associate the boy with the Jocks. Then, after we had eaten that nasty mess they call food, I went and introduced him to Shane. I think they hit it off a little better than Ian did with the Jocks. The rest of the day passed and I found that I had all of my classes with Ian.

That year was great. Ian is so funny. I got to be good friends with Shane again. Ian, Shane, and I formed a group and we have so much fun! The day that Ian told me he was gay is another memory that will never fade from my mind.

He asked Shane and I to come over to his house and he had us in his room. He sat us down in the chairs he has in there and he pulled out two pictures that he was hiding from our view. Shane and I were skeptical. I had no clue what he was doing, but since I knew he was artistic, I figured that it had something to do with that.

"Okay I want your opinions on these pictures. What do you think about this picture, Shane," he said.


He turned over a picture of a naked lady that was covering herself with her legs and arms. There were rose petals lying around her, and her blonde hair was spread out around her. Shane didn't respond in a positive way.

"Well, what am I supposed to think? Man, you know I don't do chicks!"

"Just give me an opinion, what do you think of her?"

"She is pretty, though I would suggest some more clothing, unless she is really a man under all those limbs she has covering herself…"

"Okay, thanks. Now, Weston, what do you think?"

"Well, I think she is very sexy."

"Okay. Good. Now for the next one.

He flipped over the other one. It was a picture of a nude guy lying on a silk sheet, but only his backside was showing, and his face was sideways. What gave the picture a nice little touch was the British flag lightly draped over his thighs, not really covering the man's ass, but still there for effect. From what I saw, I think it must've been arousing because Shane sat up really straight and was almost drooling on himself.

"What do you think of this one, Shane?"

"My God, can you set me up with him? His ass is as nice as Randy's. And look at that face, he is so sexy. I'd do him. Who is that, Ian? I want to meet him, please?" he said, pouting.

"And what do you think, Weston?" Ian said ignoring Shane.

"Are you trying to make me sick here? I'll stick with the woman all the way! He needs to move that flag up just a bit higher on his bum."

"Okay, so I hold the same opinions as one of you. Do you know who?" he asked.

"Well, it's Weston, of course," Shane said.

"Wait, it's not me, is it. You did this whole thing for a reason."

"I had a feeling you would get it. Yes, I like the one with the man in it better." Ian said.

"Welcome to the world of many colors, man," Shane said, patting him on the back.

"Well, just don't hit on me and I suppose we're okay with that."

"Don't tell anybody, guys. I kinda want to keep it between us."

We both agreed.

Yeah, so that was a very memorable time. It kind of threw me off for a while, but really, it doesn't bother me anymore. As I said before he just keeps his gayness away from me and I am okay with him being that way. He is still the same guy that became my best friend in such a short time.

I know one of the two other males that I call the gay delinquents had to have mentioned our trip to Japan. I can't wait to go. I hear there are some hot chicks over there. I just can't wait! Maybe I'll make Ian go on a date with me and two other chicks since he is the least gay of the two and well, maybe we can have some fun with our own respective chicks, but really, we'll just have to see. Only 3 more weeks before we leave. I'll be counting down the days.