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~~~~~One week down…~~~~~

SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 Okay, so last time I gave you all that background info and stuff. Not that much time has passed since I was last telling you my story. It was only about three days or so since then really. Not a lot has really happened yet, but Weston and I were going out today. No, we weren't going out on a date. Ha. I wish. Like that would ever happen. We were going out because we were so tired of putting up with the "Aged Ps" at the time. Weston tries to get away from his family as much as he can, but today, our moms were being kind of annoying. They are little women with A LOT of control for their size. Like when my mom found out that I was gay, she totally freaked out. She tried to force me to be straight, but I was so unhappy that she started to feel bad, I guess. Now she doesn't approve of my gayness, says it goes against religion or something, but she's not trying to force me to be something I'm not. Anyway, my mom isn't the important one here, so moving on.

Anyway, Weston and I went out to Wizzo World. Corny name, yeah I know. It's the little locally owned theme park. It's great. It's got roller coasters and all that good stuff, but the best part is that every Friday night they have a band there and they are usually local too. My band plays in it a lot. I'm the bassist of the band. There's also Chris the Drummer, Jo the guitarist, Kei plays guitar too, and then we have Zeek on vocals. Jo and Kei are back up vocals for Ze most of the time, but we all can sing decently. Anyway, Weston and I went to Wizzo's and did the usual. We rode on various rides, played loads of video games (most of which I owned his ass, but not in the nice kinky way I would have liked). After a while we got tired, so we decided to go to our second favorite hang out place, The Fat Friar.

The Fat Friar is this cool burger place. Everything is fried and I swear, I have no blood flowing in my veins, they're clogged up from all the grease in this place's great cooking. Can't be healthy all the time, ya know. Anyway, we sat down and then Shane came in. That was a surprise.

"Shane. Where hell have you been, man?" said Weston when he saw Shane.

"Hey you sexy fuckers. I just got back from some of the best make-up sex ever. Yeah, yeah, I may have left on Friday, but you know how many times we can get at it in 24 hours? Oh wait, no, Weston you don't, do you and you certainly don't want me to talk about it."

Weston just kind of cringed at that. I found it kind of amusing, but didn't make it known.

Shane sat down beside me and was about to start giving details on his night with Randy, when these ass holes came by. Did I mention how much I HATE jocks? They are so ignorant and stupid in the non-tolerable way. Anyway, we were expecting them to go after Shane, cause that's what the normally do, but instead they went after me. A big "What the fuck?" for ya. I didn't know anyone knew about my sexuality aside from Weston or Shane.

It turns out that thankfully they didn't. They were just being asses cause I'm "dark and scary." Stupid fucks. Anyway, Shane was about to say something until Weston stepped in for him.

"Have I not told you to leave us the hell alone? I know you don't approve of my friends, but leave them the fuck alone, or else I will hurt you!"

I was a little surprised by this. Weston is usually a pretty easy going guy and all, ya know. Apparently Shane was a little surprised, too. Or maybe he was just impressed. I'm not sure. I didn't ask. Anyway, after having said that, the jocks left. Apparently, they didn't feel the need to have their toughest soccer player accidentally misplace one of his kicks. Particularly if it were below the belt, if you know what I'm saying. The mental image of that is very hilarious really. I even thought so at the time. I couldn't help but laugh.

Weston looked at me funny and asked, "What so funny?"

I laughed some more. I think I may have even started turning slightly red in the face. After a few moments I got my breath again and replied.

"I'm sorry, but I just had the most hilarious mental picture ever. It was of you kicking one of those idiots in the balls and having them fall flat on their ass in fetal position. It's priceless!" At that I wiped a tear from my eyes because I was laughing so hard.

Weston laughed afterwards. Shane wasn't there. I kind of wondered where he was. Maybe he had gone to the bathroom or something. I didn't know.

It was a long time before Shane came back. I started to think he might be jacking off or something. I kind of wondered how he could when he had spent the last 24 hours fucking his brains out. My god. How does he do that, I mean DAMN! He did eventually come back though. And he didn't look like he had been having fun alone. He was breathing normally and nothing was really there to suggest it either. Unfortunately as soon as he got back he started talking about fucking that Randy ass again.

"Hey you sexy bitches. I'm headed over to Randy's again. He'll be getting back from his class soon and I plan on getting another piece of his ass before I have to go home. I'm planning to..."

Before he could say another word Weston and I both told him at the simultaneously, "WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW!"

Christ! I knew he was still horny! I could just feel it. I mean damn!

Afterwards we told him goodbye and he left rather quickly for Randy's. I told you he was horny. After a while we got bored there too. I mean there's only so much you can do at a burger place. That's when Weston asked me if we could go to my house.

We never go to his house. He and his dad don't get along to well. His dad thinks he should be perfect when he can't. Though to me he is and always will be perfect. He likes his mom more because she's understanding and stuff. Both out moms are like that, but as I said earlier they have A LOT of power for such little women.

So we went to my house. There wasn't much to do there, but it was better than nothing. We mostly just stayed in my room and play video games and stuff. As always, I owned his ass. He thinks that one day he will be able to beat me, but he won't. I am the gaming master. Bow before me, for I am a Geek! Wow. That really was kinda nerdy. Well that's what I am I suppose, at least sometimes.

Later Mom came home from work and saw that Weston was there. She really likes Weston. I'm not sure if she knows I like him. I hope not. She's knows he's straight though. She asked him what he wanted for supper. (She always asks the guest what they want to eat. Even if it isn't what she laid out to cook, she'll fix what they want.)

"You really don't have to, Mrs. Hemming. You don't have to..."

Before he could finish she had cut him off. "Joshua Weston Hendrix! You have been a part of this family just as much as Ian has for well over three years now. Do you really think I will take no for an answer?" As she said that, she placed her hand on her hip and stood there with all her weight on her left foot.

Weston gave up. He should've know arguing with that woman was a losing battle. "Yes, ma'am. Umm...do you have any shrimp? That would be good. Don't you think, Ian?"

I just nodded dumbly. I really didn't care what we ate. Whatever made his penguins fly.

Having gotten the answer she came for, Mom left to go cook supper and wait on Dad to get home. He had to leave this morning for an emergency meeting. Kinda shitty if you ask me. Oh well.

While we waited on dinner to be done, Weston and I just kind of did nothing. Then my sister came home, so Weston had to go spend time with her. Gah! I hate the woman sometimes! Stupid bitch! I love her so much! Marigold is awesome. Very weird, but awesome nonetheless. The night carried on, and we had supper. Weston ended up staying the night, not that I'm complaining. It meant he got to sleep in my room with me. On my bed, but unfortunately I wasn't in the bed with him. I can only pout. How depressing. Well, gotta let whoever else ramble now. Hasta Luego.


I was at Ian's house and we had a wonderful supper. His mom is the best! She always cooks me what I want to have at the time. Anyway, it was nice to see Marigold again. She is so beautiful. She has long blond curly hair, these beautiful green eyes, though they are the same color as Ian's, they aren't as eye-catching, and she has a really nice body. So, I went and talked with her for a while. She had gone shopping with her friends earlier and was telling me all about that. I didn't care about all the clothes and people she saw and all that fun stuff, but I listened. Then, she asked me about what I did and I told her I hung out with Shane and Ian.

She isn't a big fan of Ian. I mean, I know she loves him, but I also know she is jealous of him. She doesn't say it, but she is. He spends a whole lot of time with me and I like him a lot. I like her a lot too, and in a different way. She just gets jealous because she sometimes thinks I like him more than her. I don't know where she gets this from, since she never sees me with him except at school and at their house. She refuses to hang out with my friends. She likes Shane; she thinks he is the funniest thing in the world, because he is gay. She loves his gayness. She doesn't like her brother being gay, because she has tried to convince me that he has a thing for Shane and me at the same time. If he has a thing for me, he has never done anything with it, so I don't care if he does or not. She gets so mad at me when I don't believe her, but I always make it up to her. I force myself to hang out with her friends sometimes. They bore me endlessly, but I am still nice and I put up with it.

So, after we talked for a little while, we had a nice make-out session, though it never leads to sex with her. I think we both know that this isn't as serious a relationship as everyone thinks it is. We have been dating for a while now, but that doesn't mean we'll still be dating in a year. When I go off to college, my doors will be opened. I know, saying that makes me sound like a whore, but think about it. She is an immature teenager and then I have the more mature females at college. That is uber cool. Anyway, I think she is getting to the point where she wants out of the relationship, but I don't mention it. I suppose we'll have to talk about it soon though.

Anyway, then I left her because she wanted to call her best friend, Amber Sheldon. I found Ian sitting at his computer playing some kind of game online, I didn't ask. I just shut the door and threw myself down on the bed. He looked at me like he was going to say something, but didn't. I am glad he didn't. I didn't want to have to talk about it.

I got up used my cell phone to call home, since I hadn't been there all day. I told my mom that I was staying at Ian's tonight and she told me it was good because she and my dad had been fighting again. I hate it when they fight, but that is all they do lately. I have a feeling they are going to get a divorce, but really, I wouldn't mind. I would live with my mom, no doubt about it and I would never go and see my father. I know it sounds like I am an ungrateful bastard. I am. That prick of a father I have deserves no gratitude from me. He has made my life a living hell. He would be so mad if he knew that I had two gay guys for best friends. He knows nothing about me. He just knows that I play sports and make good grades in class. The only bad thing I could think of about my parents getting a divorce is that my father would probably stay here and my mom would move to Rosehill. It's a small little place and she loves it there. That is where she grew up. It is way up in the mountains, but you can still get places from there. She would have to drive farther to get to work, but I know she'd do it! And then, she would make me be farther away from my friends, though, after these 2 weeks, I am free to do what I would like, I suppose.

I walked back into Ian's room. We talked for a little while about games and then we played. He kicked my ass as usual, but that is because he has more experience because he has more time to play than I do. One day, I will beat him! Eventually, it became time to sleep.

I crawled into Ian's bed and looked at him sleeping on the floor? I kinda feel bad about leaving him to sleep there in his own room, because it is his bed! Anyway, I thought about letting him sleep in it with me, it's a king size bed. There is room, but that's just not allowed since we are both male and he is gay. I like spending the night at his house. It is so much nicer than my house. Yeah, so anyway, one of these days, he will be the one sleeping in the bed, not me. Or maybe someday, I will get over my fear of him and let him sleep in the bed with me. As long as we don't touch.

Anyway, so I slept and then we got up the next morning and his mom had fixed us breakfast. She is uber cool. We had to go to school, though. So we were getting ready. I just happen to have half of my wardrobe at Ian's house and the other half at my own. So, I was wearing a clean out, don't worry. So, Ian and Marigold rode to school with me. I love my car. Yeah, just like every other male around. No, I really do. The one good thing about my parents is that they are rich. Yeah, so now I am the rich preppy boy, right? Well, yeah, I am spoiled, but I am not the rich preppy boy and if I ever am, someone needs to hit me. Anyway, my parents bought me a Ferrari Enzo for my 18th birthday. They can be so cool sometimes. I mean, it isn't the most beautiful car in the world, but believe me I am fine with it. It is so expensive. I can't believe they spent that much on me. I think it is kinda to make up for what they do to me. They both know I go insane when they fight. I hate it. My dad even cares. That's the weird part.

Anyway, we went to school and Ian went on to class, while I went off with Marigold to talk to her very boring friends. They have to be the dullest crowd at our school. She hangs out with the "popular" people. At least it is not the jocks. She hangs out with the ones that play sports, but are not the jocks. Does that make any sense? I hope that it does, but I don't know how else to put it, so just use your imagination. Well, eventually I was restless and decided that I needed to see my friends, so I told her I was going on to class and I gave her a kiss and left. As I walked away, I could hear all her female friends swooning over me. They adore me. Whatever.

I found Ian and Shane talking at Shane's locker and so we talked for a little while, found out that Randy had a nice time with Randy, but that they had broken up again.

"We got in a big fight because I told him that I miss school for him, but he won't miss it for me. I can't believe he won't sacrifice for me! I just ask for him to skip class once and what does he say? He says he won't do it because he needs to go or else he may fail. Whatever. He is smarter than that."

"You sound like a whiney bitch." I said.

"Oh bite me. I just can't believe he is gonna be like that after all the shit we've been through."

"Have you ever thought about just ending it for good?"

"Good lord! Why would I do that? I like fucking him."

"Well, yeah, but shouldn't you connect on another level with him as well if you are going to stick with him forever?"

"Yeah, but sometimes we do and other times, we just don't. Anyway, I am going on to class. I have to talk to Jennifer about something."

"Jennifer who?"


"Oh. What do you want with that slut?"

"We are planning something for Connor's class."

"Okay, have fun."

"I will." He said with an evil smirk.

This left Ian and I standing together. We went to first period. Our schedules this year are very similar again.

Anyway, we made it through the week without anything too interesting happening and of course, Shane couldn't hold out, so he went back to Randy to get him some. I swear, if he fucked a girl instead of a boy, with a condom or not, she'd be pregnant by now. And how the hell do they get at it so many times in one night? I don't want to ask because then I get all the details, which of course, creates the mental picture, that I don't want. Maybe males have more sexual energy than a chick does because when I was with Jessica White, she was tired out by the end of the first round. Anyway, I have to go on to class now, but I just want to mention that I think Shane is a weirdo. The other day we were at the Fat Friar's and he had just gotten back from Randy's house, well then he leaves to go back again! It is amazing how horny he is!

Anyway, he isn't even really willing to tell us about this last time. He must've been fucked by Randy. Oh God! The horrible mental images. Ahk! I can't believe I just thought that. Oh Lord! I need to go to class now. It's Connor's class now. Shane, Ian, and I have this class. It's our last class and it is Friday! Only one more week until we graduate! Hallelujah!

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