This is the first time i've writen in a long time so it isnt too great and I've also forgotten half of what's already happened.


"Hey. I think its waking up. Lets just dump the bed and get out of here."

"Over here?"

"Who cares! Just dump the damned thing and go! Did you see what it did to Susan?"

"No...anyway, I think its cute."

"Awwwww, sweet. Do I hear the pitter patter of five, hybrid, mutated feet?"

There was the sound of something heavy and metal colliding with a metal floor from a height and screaching painfully across it. Before I had been half asleep, listening to the foreign noises with interest, but the noise snapped me awake and I leapt to my feet.

Two humans stood before me, each one side of a large bed, their faces currently trying to form perfect 'o's with their mouths. I saw fear spread through them and they turned and sprinted towards the door.

It slid shut in their faces...


About a trillion, trillion miles away, on a rather unpleasant, trashy

world, inhabited by, pretty much, the scum of the universe, in the back of a small, grotty pub, a group of scientists were giving a illegal presentation. It consisted of information snatched from space as it headed back to the federation capitol.

Nerevela, head of biological science division, pressed the button again and the slide changed. It showed a strand of hair, greatly magnified.

"Oh, and this has to be the beigtest, um, greatest scientific find of the century," Nerevela declaired proudly. She was shaking, mixing her words and looked ready to faint. "Th-this, this, this thing is like absolutley so cool. If I could just direct your attention to this, um, sir, er, sir, here. This strand of hair- well I'm sure we all saw the tape, right?"

She grinned aimlessly round at the row of dark faces that surrounded her presentation table. They looked greatly unimpressed.

"The leg muscles, OK?, erm, for a start. You see this areas of pink muscle here and here in the leg, hmm,? These seem to be some sort of elastic...substance, a sort of highly tensed...thing which alows the, um, specimen to...well..." She trailed off. Then, with two fingers representing a man, she imitated the specimen jumping very high. A row of darkened shades followed her hand up, and then down. Several eyebrows were cocked.

Under each of the suited people's desks there was a small, red button. Once pressed, the floor beneath the presentation table opened up and anybody unfortunate enough to be stood on this was thrown into the pit below where they were very slowly eaten by electric plants. Many of the scientists did not know this and this group included Nerevela. You could tell the ones that did know by the way they sweated profusedly and kept glancing at the floor. One of them stepped forward.

"What, erm, shes trying to say, sir, is that this specimen could, well, be worth an awfull lot of money. Properly trained they could, I mean, would be the greatest, most efficient bounty hunters in the universe."

And he stepped back into the huddle of lab-coated scientists.

The suits had found something they understood and they smiled to themselves, retreaving their hands from under the table top.


A trillion trillion miles away, on a starship, in a sealed room, with two very scared, very attractive, young, female humans, the greatest bounty hunter the universe would ever know was sat on the floor, trimming its toenails with its teeth.