"Damn it." Raina grumbled as she pulled herself out of her warm, soft bed to go comfort her crying child. She pulled her nightshirt back down over her thighs, and stumbled out of her room, making her way through the dark hallway. She turned to enter her baby's room, but found that the door was closed...the hard way.

"Ow, damn it!" She hissed, and groped for the doorknob. She pushed the door open, and took a step into the room, finding herself desperately lunging forward to keep her balance. When she finally regained her poise, she looked back at what had tripped her. It was a small, plastic bouncy ball. She hissed at it, and turned to her child's crib, where she could see a small fist and foot flailing back and forth as he cried.

"Aw, honey," She said, her heart melting at the sight of him. She smiled softly at him, picking him up and holding the child in her arms. "It's okay, Shhh..."

He began to calm himself as Raina held him a familiar embrace. She rocked him gently, smiling and forgetting the pain she still felt for stubbing her toe against his closed door. She sat down in a rocking chair and rocked gently as she muttered comforting things to her child.

When he stopped crying, she was half asleep, rocking back and forth in a repetitive and comforting pattern.

"See, Nash, it's okay..." She said softly. She stood up with her child and gently set him back in his crib before standing next to it for a moment, just to look down on him before he fell asleep. His eyes reminded her of her husband's so much, she almost believed that he would actually be back. Her son's breathing was soft and even when she quietly left the room and made her was back to her bed.

As she laid down, she felt a sudden ache for her husband, and growled at herself for it. She hated being weak, and hated her longing for her husband to come back to her. She had survived this long without him...she didn't need him.

"He's been gone for nine months..." She reminded herself softly. She shut her eyes against the pillow, and felt her fists clench in anger. "The freaking bastard," She grumbled aloud. "He has no right to be leaving his wife, his pregnant wife, alone for her entire pregnancy, and past that even! He hasn't even seen his son!"

When she let herself grow quiet, she found that she had gotten too angry to sleep, and got out of the bed, glancing at a digital alarm clock on the nightstand next to the bed. It was six in the morning. She sighed as she grabbed a pile of clothes that had been sitting on top of her wooden dresser. Pulling off her nightclothes, she dressed herself in a darkly colored t-shirt and denim jeans.

"But," She told herself. "At least there's been no danger...yet."

She grabbed her worn nightclothes, and threw it over her shoulder as she checked on the now ten-year-old Feral before making her way towards a room with a washer, dryer, and two large baskets of dirtied clothes. She reached in one basket, one with only colors in it, and shook her head again. She pulled out a black t-shirt, and held it up in front of her face, before reaching back in and pulling out a pair of black jeans, and inspecting them as well.

"Normrak," She said, with an annoyed tone, as though her husband was standing in the same room. "We really need to talk about this whole you leaving your clothes here for me to wash."

She hadn't worn black jeans, nor a completely black t-shirt since he had left, and since he had left, she would find his clothes, sometimes blood stained, sometimes just with a bad mix of smells, in the dirty colored clothes basket. The t-shirt she had in her hands right now had a nasty-looking stain of blood right above where his heart would be, and his jeans looked like blood had dripped across his legs.

She wasn't worried about the blood stains, however. She had found stains like these on his shirts much of the time, and though the first few times had worried her immensely, she would always find more and more of his clothes in the basket. She supposed it was just his way of telling her that he was still alive. Though, she really did wish that he'd be more careful.

She pulled herself from her thoughts, and threw them into an empty clothes washer before dumping the rest of the basket into the water that the machine had provided.

She suddenly paused everything when she felt a familiar pressure on her mind, and shook her head. With the pressure remaining in her mind, she continued her task as though it had never entered. She had felt her husband touch her mind with his own many times, and though before, it would stop her from her tasks, and cause her to just close her eyes with the familiarity, now it didn't cause her to do much. It only surprised her when it entered, it's sudden invasion.

She pushed at the pressure roughly with her own mind, knowing well that shoving it would do nothing, but give her husband a sign that she knew he was there. She pushed at it again, rougher this time, with more anger as she shut the washing machine, and started to walk out of the room.

Normrak, She thought, concentrating on the pressure, knowing that he could hear her. Get out of here, you bastard.

She knew he was smirking, wherever her was. She was sure that he found this whole thing incredibly amusing, where she failed to see the amusement of it. In fact, she found this disgusting. She hated it, and she knew that he knew it. That's why he continued.

He could see what she saw, hear what she heard, and know what she thought, and she knew he could. She hated the invasion of privacy, and often just laid down on her bed with her eyes closed until he left, but this time, she only went about her work, ignoring him, hoping he would leave soon before she was reminded about how much she missed him.

She found her way into the kitchen, and looked around. It was spotless. There was not a mess in sight, and she left it, checking other rooms of the house for work in order to keep her mind off of her husband. She didn't need him.

Think as you like, love. She heard him in her mind. She growled at him audibly, making sure that he could hear it before she glanced in the mirror at herself, ignoring him once more. She brushed out her hair, and brushed her teeth before glaring in the mirror, knowing that Normrak would see it.

Leave me alone. She hissed at him with her thoughts. She wanted him out of her mind. If he wanted to see her, he should come back...not invade her thoughts. She told him this every time he invaded her, and every time, he wouldn't obey her at all. He never came back. She doubted he ever will.

She let out a sigh, and left the bathroom before she went back into her bedroom, a room that she was sure that Normrak was familiar with by now. She laid on her back, on her bed, and shut her eyes. Waiting for her husband's mind to finally leave her own, she began humming softly to herself, underneath her breath. While she did so, she only felt the constant pressure take on a more pleasant massaging form, and she felt her lips curve into a pleased smile.

She found that her breathing was calm and even, and that her mind seemed to drift, almost as though she were half asleep. She didn't mind though...it was relaxing, and she hadn't been able to relax often with both Feral and her son, Nash, in the house. And it felt so familiar...so good...

There was a quick glimpse of a hotel room that flashed across her mind. She smiled to herself, as she tried to remember details of it. She knew, however, that she wouldn't be able to remember enough details to appear in that exact room, the room that held her husband. With her luck, she'd appear in the room next door, and her husband would leave after sensing her.

"Normrak..." She muttered quietly, her entire body relaxed due to the gentle massage of his mind on her own. "Come back..."

Giving one last sigh, she gave into his mind, and fell asleep.

"Raina, Raina! Get up! He's crying again." She was awakened by Feral's annoyed voice. She blinked, getting her focus back before pulling herself into a sitting position. Feral tugged on her shirt, rolling his eyes. "He won't shut up."

"Alright, alright, Feral...I'm coming." She said, and dragged herself into her child's room. She looked down at her red-faced son, and picked him up, rocking him gently in her arms. "What's wrong, Nash?" She asked softly. She smiled at the baby, and walked quietly to the kitchen, as she tried to calm her son. She shifted all her baby's weight onto on of her arms, and used the other one to grab a small bottle, half filled with a thick, red liquid. The child started flinging his arms around, and Raina immediately set down the bottle.

Nash was quite strong for such a young infant, even being vampire. She had expected that...after all, he was Normrak's son. She disliked the fact, though, that if he started struggled, she would have to use two arms to completely still him. When she thought of how strong he was now, she shuddered at the thought of how strong he would be when he grew up, and how strong he would be as a toddler. She hoped that her husband would be back before Nash got too strong for her to handle...but, she never counted on Normrak ever coming back...

"Calm down!" She demanded, holding her child still. "It's okay. Are you hungry?"

He settled down at his mother's voice, and she grabbed the bottle again, sticking it into his mouth before he could struggle again. He sucked on it, looking up at her, and her heart melted. His eyes were bright green, just as Normrak's was, but Nash's eyes held an air of innocence and need. She smiled softly, letting out a content sigh before walking her son back to the living room, where she sat on the leather couch to finish feeding him.

"Raina, Raina!" She heard Feral's yell as he ran down the hallway. "Cali's here! Cali's here!"

"That's great, Feral." She sighed, and watched as Feral peeked out of the hallway before running back.

She heard Cali's grunt, and grinned as she heard him mumble: "Damn, kid. Ya're getting kind of heavy for this."

"Watch your language, Cali!" Raina yelled at him good naturedly. She heard his laugh, and watched as he walked out of the hallway, Feral clinging to his back. The black haired vampire hoisted Feral back up, and the boy giggled.

"I love ya too, Raina!" He said and bent backward to let Feral down off of his back. He grinned playfully as he bent down to Nash's level. "How's it?"

"He is not an 'it'." Raina said firmly.

"Aw, I didn't mean no harm, Raina. Lighten up!" Cali smiled, and waved his finger in front of the baby. Nash's chubby baby hands reached up, and wrapped around his finger. "Aw, he's small! I wanna baby; they're so cute!"

"The chances of you having a baby, Cali, are slim to none." Raina said, grinning back at him. He threw a hand over his forehead, falling to his back.

"Oh, the rejection!" He cried. Raina shook her head. Of the entire year that she knew him, she never quite got used to his sudden drama displays.

"Get up, Cali. Do you want Feral to go around doing this?" She asked. "You're going to set a bad example for him."

"I'm not setting a bad example!" Cali said, as though he was very much offended. He put a hand on his chest, and let his face fall into a shocked expression. "I'm hurt you would even suggest such a thing!"

She heard Feral giggle.

"Cali, you're funny." Feral said.

"Don'tcha forget it!" Cali said, and playfully tackled the boy. Feral screeched, and attempted to wrestle the boyish vampire as Raina sighed, rolling her eyes with a smile before turning back to her son. Suddenly Cali stopped, and looked over at Raina, with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Ya know, Raina...Taile and I-"

"Don't go any further." Raina interrupted. "Nothing good every comes out of a sentence that you start with 'Taile and I...'. Don't even go there."

"Aw, c'mon, Raina. Ya know ya wanna hear about it!"

"No, Cali." She said. "I don't. And I'm not sure Taile would appreciate you filling my poor child's head with...thoughts like that."

"Thoughts like whaaat?" Cali said, with a knowing and playful grin, as he tickled Feral.

"Thoughts like...you know...your thoughts!" She said, and shook her head. Cali looked at her pointedly.

"My thoughts?" He said in mock innocence. "Whatever could ya mean by that?"

"You know what I mean, Cali. Don't go there."

"Go where?" He gave her a boyish smirk. "Ooooh! I see. Only your husband can legally go there, huh?"

"Cali!" Raina exclaimed, her cheeks giving into a slight blush. "There are children here!"

"What's he mean?" Feral asked, and looked at her innocently. She glared at the black haired vampire before turning back to Feral.

"Nothing. I'll tell you when you're older, Feral." She said.

"Oh, she's just talking about the birds and the bees, Feral!" Cali said lightly. Feral looked at the vampire, confused.


"Cali, don't you dare go there! He's not ready yet!"

"C'mon, Raina. I knew when I was nine!"

"I don't care when you knew. Feral's not you, is he?"

Cali giggled, and looked at Feral. "Ask Raina about sex, Feral." He said, and looked over at her. Raina glared at him, and looked back at Feral. Feral looked at her, confusion on his ten year old face.

"What's sex, Raina?" He asked innocently. Raina winced.

"Uh...Well, Feral..." She said hesitantly.

"I'll tell 'im!" Cali volunteered.

"No!" Raina said immediately. "He'll be scarred for life!"

"Aw, c'mon Raina! I'll give 'im good descriptions!"

"I'm sure you will." She grumbled. "No, he's still a child."

"Raina!" Feral screeched. "What's sex?"

"Yeah, Raina." Cali grinned. "Why don't you answer 'im?"

"Feral, sex is another name for gender." Raina said, glaring at Cali. "Gender means boy or girl."

"Oh..." Feral said, still confused.

Cali grinned at her, and winked. "Ya got off easy this time, Raina!" He said.

Feral still looked rather confused about the situation, but he simply shrugged it off, and jumped on Cali's back, resuming what had been started. Raina glared at Cali before returning her attention to her son in her arms. She glanced at the bottle, noting that it would be gone in a few seconds, as she stood up and began her way to the kitchen, trying not to get knocked over by the two males wrestling on the floor.

"Watch it, you two!" She shrieked, jumping over them as they rolled across the floor, underneath her feet. She looked at her son, to make sure he was okay, and after she was satisfied that he was, she continued to the kitchen, plucking the bottle from his mouth. She shoved the dirty bottle into the sink, to be washed later, and smiled down at her son, who gurgled back at her.

"Hey ya." She heard Cali say, and jumped. He was standing right behind her. She glared at him.

"Don't you have someone to kill or something?" She asked, and he simply grinned at her, shaking his head.

"Nope. Nobody wanted to hire me today!" He said. "'Course after your whole fiasco," He giggled. "that's a funny word, but nobody's hired me!"

"Then go get a job!" She said, knowing well the ridiculousness of the statement. Cali's eyes danced in amusement.

"A job!" He exclaimed. "Ya know, I would, if..." He looked around as though he had a large secret he was about to tell her. "If I wasn't a," He looked around again. "most wanted hitman!"

"Well, doesn't Taile get this day off? Why don't you go bother him for a while?" She sighed. Cali looked at Nash.

"Can I 'old 'im?" He asked. Raina felt like sighing again, before she carefully put her child into Cali's arms, watching him closely.

"Don't drop him." She said. "And remember, you have to support his head and his back. No, not like that. Like this,"

"Raina!" Cali said, grinning at her. "I know how to hold a baby!"

"I'm sure you do," Raina hissed. "But this is my baby."

Cali grinned at her playfully, and twirled around so his back faced her. She froze for a moment, the worst going through her mind all at one. He was going to drop him, he was going to accidentally lose his grip and Nash was going to learn to fly just a tad bit earlier than he learned to use his powers, he was going to hurt her son.

"Cali!" She hissed, and tensed.

"Aw, Raina!" Cali said. "Don'tcha trust me?" He said, drawing out the word 'trust'.

"Not with that tone of voice, I don't." She said, and glared at his back. She walked around him so she could see her child, who was still peacefully laying in Cali's arms, not a scratch on his body. She let out the breath that she had been unconsciously holding with relief.

"Be careful with him..." She warned him.

"Aw, c'mon Raina." Cali said, and looked up at her. "Ya don't think I would be careful with your baby?"

Raina glared at him, and carefully watched her child.

"'Sides," He said, shrugging. "Ya don't think that he can't handle a fall?"

"He's a baby!" She said.

"Yeah," He agreed. "But, he's also Normrak's baby."

Raina shook her head at him. "That doesn't matter, and I don't like where this conversation is going. Let me have him back."

"Ah, Raina," Cali sighed, carefully setting Nash into her arms. "Ya are gonna spoil that kid rotten."

"You know it." She said, and rocked the child back and forth in her arms. Cali grinned at her, and suddenly lurched forward, a surprised look on his face as he fell flat on his face.

"Cali!" She heard Feral yell, just as she jumped out of Cali's way. Cali groaned, and turned to his stomach, Feral climbing over him until the boy was comfortably sitting on the man's chest.

"What'd ya want, Feral?" Cali said, his voice light and playful. Feral jumped on him, and Cali let out a groan. "Ah, don't do th-" Feral interrupted the vampire by jumping again. "Yeah, that. Don't do it." Cali warned, his tone still a light and playful one. Raina just shook her head at the incredible amount of patience that Cali seemed to have with children. If that were her, she would have pushed the boy off already.

"Cali!" Feral said, and looked at him. "Taile's here an' he said he wanted to see you."

"Oh, did he, now?" Cali said, his eyes sparkling.

"What?" Raina said, looking over at the two males. "Who's here?"

"Taile!" Feral told her in a matter-of-fact tone. He jumped off Cali, and pointed to the man. "An' he wants to see him."

"I'm sure he does." Raina grumbled. Sometime after Normrak had fainted and Raina had proved that he was alive, Taile had seemed to either become a lot more comfortable with his relationship with Cali, or his sexuality, or both.

"Yep," Cali said, grinning a grin that nearly took up his entire face. As it seemed, Cali was quite pleased with the change in his boyfriend. "I'm gonna go now. G'bye Raina!"

"Bye, Cali." Raina said, mostly out of habit, as she turned to Feral, who was currently amusing himself by tugging on her t-shirt. Feral opened his mouth widely, before he closed it again.

"What, Feral?" She asked, with a sigh.

"Can I have popcorn?" He asked, grinning widely.


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