"Raina!" Feral yelled, his fists clenched. "Raina, I want popcorn now!"

"Feral." Raina hissed, glaring at the boy. She was in no mood to put up with him at the moment. Her child was crying, his tiny face red, Feral was yelling at her, and just moments before a glass of water had spilled all over her kitchen table, which she would clean up later.

"But Raina!" The boy yelled, and began to stomp off. Raina grabbed his arm, stopping him in mid-step, and he began fighting her. "No! Let me go!"

"Feral, I mean it. Stop this right now." She ordered firmly. Feral glared at her, standing stiffly next to her, as she looked down at her crying child in her arms. "I want you to go sit down at the kitchen table until I get done. Then we're going to talk, you hear me?"

"Whatever." Feral grumbled and jerked away from her before sitting at the table.

"God," Raina growled to herself. "He's not even in his teens yet."

She turned her attention to Nash, who was still red faced and crying. She rocked him gently and let out an annoyed sigh when she realized what was wrong.

She hated changing diapers.

A few hours later, she was laying on the couch, exhausted. Her child was laying in his room, asleep, and Feral was quietly watching TV in the same room. Her eyes were half closed; she was already so tired, and she hadn't even been up for half the day! Letting out a weary sigh, she wondered how many more days of this she could take. She gave a brief thought to Normrak, before pushing it away again, reminding herself that she didn't need him.

She almost laughed out loud, when another thought of him crossed through her mind. Maybe he'll come back. She shook her head, a small grin on her face. She knew he wasn't coming back. How ironic it would be if he just appeared back in front of her! He hadn't even seen his own son, and she wasn't sure he even cared to.

"Mm," She mumbled, a familiar pressure on her mind, as though she had summoned him through her thoughts. "Normrak, you can leave me alone now." She whispered aloud, not expecting her request to mean anything to him. She was right in her way of thinking, and he didn't leave. Instead she felt the pressure on her mind grow sharp, in a sudden way, as she let out a gasp of pain. She opened her eyes, and winced visibly.

"Raina…" She heard Feral's small voice whimper, almost as though he were deathly afraid of something. She glanced over at him, and saw the boy shaking as he curled at the end of the couch. She stood up, almost feeling like clenching over herself at the pain that hit her as she did so, and made her way to the boy.

"What's wrong, Feral?" She asked, looking at him, concerned as she watched him hold his head, tears falling from his eyes.

"It hurts." He said, almost crying. "It hurts, Raina! It hurts!"

"What hurts?" She asked, ignoring the pain inside herself as well as she could, before she heard her child in the next couple of rooms burst into tears as well. She stood up immediately, noting the pain and fear in Nash's cry. She burst into the room, picking her child up from the bed, and felt a wave of helplessness wash over her when she found out that she couldn't figure out what was wrong. She felt like crying herself, feeling helpless, and listening to both Feral and Nash cry in pain.

"What's wrong?" She asked again, and rushed to the living room to Feral, holding Nash closely. "What's wrong?" She persisted, feeling stressed tears form in her eyes.

"Raina! It hurts! It hurts!" Feral cried, holding his head, tears pouring out of his eyes continuously. "It hurts!"

"Oh, God…" She said, feeling a tear fall down her cheek. "What's happening? What's wrong?"

She felt the pain in her head too. Normally, this kind of pain wouldn't bother her, but somehow, it hurt worse than ever. She couldn't understand it, she couldn't even think about it, because it hurt too much. It was like nails, constantly being pounded into her skull, one after another. She tried to push it away, while trying to concentrate on the two children she had with her.

"Raina!" Feral screamed. "It hurts!"

She couldn't stand to listen to him. His voice was in so much pain…Nash's crying only got louder, and more torturous to listen to, as she knew she couldn't do anything to stop the pain.

"Raina!" She heard a new voice. It was deeper, older. She recognized it immediately as Cali, and looked behind her, seeing Cali and Taile standing behind her, before they kneeled down next to her too.

"Is it happening to you too?" Cali asked in obvious pain. Taile was wincing, next to Cali, and Cali looked at the crying children.

"What do you think?" She hissed, trying to calm Feral and Nash.

"It's happening to every one, Raina. Everyone. Humans, vampires, and slayers alike!" Cali said, wincing.

Raina felt like crying, holding onto her child tightly, and reaching for Feral. She had the two children in her arms, and bent over them, as though she could shield them from the torture that was being bestowed upon them.

"Cali…what's happening?" She said, her voice shaking in effort to keep the tears back. She looked over at the men, and saw a tear fall down Taile's scrunched face.

"I don't know…" Cali said immediately, and winced, curling over himself. Raina saw Taile do so also, before she felt the pain hit her, tenfold. She couldn't handle it. She bent over herself as well, and over the children, as she felt Nash grow limp, and heard his crying stop suddenly. She looked at her son.

"Nash!" She felt like screaming, but was in no condition to. She couldn't think anymore, she couldn't feel anything. She put Nash's unconscious body on the couch, before feeling Feral fall limp under her as well. She laid Feral down as well, more on instinct than thinking. It wasn't long before she let out a scream, and started to cry.

"Normrak!" She yelled. "Where are you?"

She felt the pain grow more intense, and could see red and black dots dance in front of her eyes. She cried, unable to concentrate on anything but the torture going on inside her head. She sobbed, unconsciously screaming out for her husband. She couldn't hear Cali or Taile next to her, but they were holding onto each other tightly, tears running down both their faces.

"Taile," Cali whimpered. "It hurts…"

"I know, Cell." Taile said, still slightly able to hold on to his sanity despite the amazing pressure of the pain. "And, Cell…"

Cali simply cried.

"Cell, look at me."

Cali looked up at the sobbing man, tears streaking his face as well.

"I love you. Don't forget it, okay?"

Cali cried more, holding onto his boyfriend, his fists clenched so hard that his hands were bleeding.

"Normrak!" Raina sobbed, curled tightly into a ball. She couldn't breathe anymore, she couldn't think, she couldn't do anything but hold her head and cry as the pain only worsened as time went on. "Normrak, help me!"

She knew he wasn't going to come to her, but could feel his arms encircle her, and his body fold over hers, nonetheless. She could just feel his heat, and she could just feel his body over her own. She continued to cry, and yell for him, holding her head tightly, and between her knees.

"Normrak…I need you. Normrak!" She said, not caring who heard her. She couldn't care anymore. She couldn't think at all. The pain was too strong. "Normrak," She whimpered once more, before losing her sight and consciousness.

"Normrak…" She muttered, her eyes slowly opening. She swallowed, shaking from the pain she had experienced earlier, her head still tingling from it. Looking around, she found herself in a bed, underneath the covers, and her head comfortably on a pillow. She immediately threw the covers back, and dragged herself out of the bed, her head throbbing and every noise that was made sounding as though it was blown at her through a foghorn.

She slowly (and as quietly as possible) made her way to the living room, where she saw Cali and Taile curled over each other, tears streaks on their faces, and looked at the couch. Nobody was there. She quickly glanced over the room, not seeing either Feral or Nash. She felt a panicked thought work its way up to her mind, before she pushed it back down. She had been in her bed…perhaps the same thing fell true for Feral and her son.

She quickly made her way down the hall, and glanced into Feral's room, letting out a sigh of relief when she saw the boy laying in the bed, cuddling up to a teddy bear and underneath the covers. She walked through the hallway again, stopping at the room across the hall, before entering that as well, expecting to see her son, laying in the bed. She felt a panic rise to her chest when she didn't see him.

"Okay, Raina…" She muttered to herself. "Calm down…he's probably just in another room."

It wasn't long before she had searched the house, and was still unable to find her son. She began feeling a panic in her chest and her mind as she searched again, much more frantically, and accidentally kicking Cali and Taile on her way. Cali gave a groan, and opened his eyes just in time to see Raina rush past him and into a hallway, her breath rugged in panic.

He gently shook Taile, and waited patiently for his boyfriend to awaken. When Taile finally opened his eyes, he groaned, rubbing his head and looking around.

"What was that?" Taile wondered aloud, and Cali shrugged, touching his head as well, as though wondering if it was real.

"I don't know, but something's wrong with Raina." He muttered, and slowly began to sit up. Taile followed the suit, pulling away from him. "She's really worried about something, the way she was walking past us."

"Yeah, well, she'll get over it." Taile grumbled.

"Nash!" Raina yelled, her voice in a sudden, sharp panic, and Cali jumped. "Nash, where are you?"

"I think Nash is gone." Taile noted, and Cali giggled.

"I think so too. C'mon. Let's go help her." Cali pulled himself up, and reached for Taile, offering to help him up. Taile took the man's hand and was easily pulled to his feet.

"Cali!" Raina said, her voice rushed. "Where's Nash? Have you seen him? He just disappeared! I can't find him anywhere! Oh, God…what if something really bad happened to him? He was kidnapped! What is an assassin took him? What if the Head took him?"

"Raina!" Cali said, and gripped her shoulder. "The Head is dead. Take that possibility out. Ya aren't gonna find 'im if ya keep yelling like that. Ya gotta calm down!"

"Calm down!" Raina yelled. "Calm down! I can't calm down! My son is gone! Gone! He's not here! I can't find him anywhere!"

"What about Feral, Raina?"

"What are you talking about? Feral's fine. He's asleep in his room, but Nash! He's gone. Damn it, Cali. My son is gone!"

"Raina, ya gotta calm down or you're never gonna find him." Cali said reasonably. "I want ya to take a few deep breaths, and calm yourself down."

"I can't fucking calm down! My son is gone!" She yelled. "My son, Cali! My own fucking flesh and blood!"

"Raina!" Taile yelled over her, interrupting her. "If you don't calm down you're never going to even have a chance to find your son!"

"Damn it!" She said, and felt a tear run down her cheek in frustration. "How can I calm down? I can't calm down! He's gone! He's not here! And my husband isn't here either! He left a long time ago. He doesn't even fucking care!"

"Please calm down." Cali said, and Taile shrugged before disappearing.

"My son, Cali, my son…" She said, her voice softer. "I need my son!"

She shut her eyes, and tried to find her son by mind. Her son had her own blood in him, and with that gave her the ability to tap into his young mind and find out where he was. She concentrated, but was still unable to find him. She felt her palms grow sweaty as she concentrated harder, not willing to give up.

"Nash…" She muttered, and sat on the chair behind her. "Where are you?"

"It's okay, Raina…" She heard Cali's comforting voice. She felt his hand gently on her shoulder. "Ya know that ya are gonna find him!"

She gripped at her head, trying to force herself to concentrate more. She had to find him! She had to!

Unsuccessful once again, Raina felt a stab at her heart. She couldn't lose her son! She had already lost her husband…she couldn't bear to lose her son too…

She squeezed her eyes shut, and tried harder. She wasn't going to lose her son. She wouldn't be able to bear it. She strengthened her mind, and used all her power to find him. She refused to quit until she had her son back in her arms.

Finally, she felt a deep pain inside her head, and blacked out.

"Raina! Raina!" She heard a small boy's voice call out to her. She shook her head, still feeling the aftermath of using so much power. She couldn't think…she couldn't remember what had happened before.

She opened her eyes, and saw a small dirty-blonde haired boy, looking of the age of about ten tugging at her sleeve, worry on his face. She saw that behind the boy was a man, with black hair and a lighthearted, but worried expression on his face as well.

"Hey, Raina." The man said. "Are ya okay? Ya just fainted out of nowhere."

She pulled herself to a sitting position, and rubbed her forehead, glancing at the boy and the man, confusion on her face.

"Raina?" The man said, looking directly at her.

She glanced around the room, ignoring the man, and felt another wave of confusion hit her. Where was she? The room was mostly black, with exception of the white walls, and there was a leather couch, chair, and loveseat in this room. The leather's color was also black. There was a large television sitting on the opposite side of the room as the couch, and she was laying on the loveseat. A few small coffee tables were spread through the room decoratively, making the room look cozy.

She felt a small burst of panic make it's way to her chest. Where was she? And who were the two males standing beside her? The boy might be one of Rance's babysitting jobs, but…where was she? And who was the man?

"What the…" She trailed off, her eyes widening. What the hell was happening?

"Raina? Are you okay?"

"Who the hell are you?" She said, her voice quick and panicked. The man's eyes widened as well, and he cursed underneath his breath. The boy looked at her, confused, and tugged on her sleeve.

"What's wrong?" He said, his voice small. "Raina, are you okay?"

"And where am I?" She said, the worst falling through her mind. She had been kidnapped! She had been fucking kidnapped! She felt tears in her eyes, and got up quickly, running to the door. She opened it, and gasped.

There was an ocean, or lake, in front of her. It was almost like a beach, sitting right in front of her, but it was abnormally clean…and there were no people. She stepped outside and looked around. Water surrounded the entire house. It was almost like the house was on an island…

She ran to the back of the house. It was surrounded by water too…

"Damn it!" She cursed. "Damn it, damn it, damn it…"

"Raina!" She heard the man call behind her. She turned, and began backing away.

"Don't hurt me. I didn't do anything ! I want to go home…I only want to go home!" She said, a few tears falling from her eyes. She continued to back away as the man took calm, slow steps towards her.

"Raina, it's okay…I'm not here to hurt ya. I promise. Now, c'mere." He said. She turned and ran, hearing him mumble behind her. "Damn it…"

She screamed as he suddenly appeared in front of her. She fell backwards, and promptly started to cry.

"Don't hurt me!" She cried. "I just wanna go home!"

"C'mon, Raina! I ain't gonna hurt ya. Just get up already." The man said, holding out his hand as to help her up.

"No! Let me out of this place! I want to go home!" She yelled, and backed away from him. The man sighed, and rolled his eyes, placing his hand on his hips.

"Raina, c'mon!" He said, his voice annoyed. "Ya don't remember, do ya?"

"Remember what? I want out! Leave me alone!" She hissed, and stood up once she was a good three feet away from him. "Let me go!"

"C'mon inside." The man said, his voice light this time.

"No!" She yelled at him, and turned to run as he stepped towards her.

"C'mon!" He said. "Ya are actin' worse than some of my victims!"

"Victims?" She squeaked, fear on her face. "I don't want to die! Leave me alone!"

She began running in the opposite direction as he was, and he sighed, turning to meet her. When she saw him, she stopped, and turned around, running again, except this time, she stayed on the opposite side of the house. She sat down against the wall, and cried.

"I have to get out of here…" She said, tears running down her cheeks. "I have to get out of here…somehow, someway. But…how?"

She curled up, hugging her knees to her chest as she sobbed. She looked at the water, unable to see anything else for as far out as she could see. She knew she wouldn't be able to swim that far…

"No, no, no, no, no…" She muttered, crying into her knees. "I can't believe it's actually happening to me….I can't be kidnapped! Things like that never happen to me…ever!"

"Raina, calm down…" She heard the man's voice, and looked up. He was kneeling in front of her, and he touched her shoulder. She scooted away from him.

"No!" She yelled. "Leave me alone! I did nothing to you! Nothing! I want to go back home with my family!"

"Raina!" The man yelled back, and she stood up, ready to run again. "If you don't calm down…"

"What? If I don't calm down, what? You've already kidnapped me! Isn't that enough?" She felt more tears fall down her cheeks.

"Kidnapped you?" The man repeated, incredulous. "No, Raina. I didn't kidnap you."

'Stop saying my name!" She sobbed. "I don't even know you. And you did kidnap me! Why else would I be here? I want to go back home!"

He sighed, and looked up, as if for help before he stepped towards her. She took off running again, and screamed when he appeared in front of her.

"No!" She yelled, and tried to turn around. She was too late. The man had grabbed her arm and was holding her there. "No!" She screamed again.

"Look at me, Raina!" He said firmly. She let herself cry and she looked at him, not wanting to anger him. She didn't want to die…not yet…not now…not like this…

"My name," He said carefully. "is Cali. Well, actually," He began to sound much more lighthearted. "It's Caliember, but that's a little long! And ya know what? We've gotta go inside to talk. Lookit that! The clouds are getting dark. It's gonna rain soon!"

"No." She whimpered. "I don't want to."

"Aw, c'mon, Raina!" He said, and let go of her arm. "I'm not gonna hurt you. And I'm just gonna talk to ya." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I dunno what happened, but ya don't remember anything…"

"I don't even know what you're talking about." She hissed. "I want to go home! I hate you."

"Uh," Cali said, scratching his neck. "I dunno what to say to that, Raina, but c'mon. We gotta go inside 'fore it starts raining."


"Raina…" Cali grumbled, sounding suddenly much more serious. She felt a couple raindrops on her head and hands, and shook her head.


"Yeah," He said. "I think we're gonna go inside. C'mon. I'm not gonna hurt you, and it's gonna rain."

"I want to go home…" She sobbed. He sighed, and grabbed her arm, pulling her with him as she gave a weak struggle.

"It'll be nice and warm inside." The man said, shooting her a semi-comforting smile. Two of his teeth were too long…She could faintly hear him mumble under his breath as he dragged her into the two-story house. "Normrak's gonna kill me…" He muttered.


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