Solemnly the air of winter marches forward
The skies of the night become so clear
Displaying the diamonds of the darkness
That have inspired us for countless generations

Unstoppable is the flow of time that ends life
Flesh and bone wither away with its passage
The cycle of distress and false hope continues
Neverending; it pulls us downwards like gravity

So many unanswered questions; far too many for words
The answers hide themselves from our eyes
As we desperately search for anything and everything
That might fill the gaping voids in our souls

Flashes of light course across the black sky
The sound of thunder pierces the air for miles
Drops of water soften and nourish the ground
As the earth drowns itself in its own tears

The melody has been playing for millenia
It flows unheard, emanating from the shards
Of countless broken hearts screaming their agony
Which echoes back from the depths of the darkness

A tearful goodbye; a tearing apart inside
The loss is great and nothing is gained
No more goal; the beginning of an end
I will now say farewell to my remaining hope

~E. Speer