Take me to your place
Let me see your face

In a world so far from here
I have nothing to fear

For you well be by my side
I will not have to hide

You who are so dear
Well cause me not a tear

You whom I love
Be part of my cove

I don't care
If you tear

My heart into a two
My love I do

Say your name in my heart
We well not part

I love you my heart mate
So don't make me wait

Take me from this place
Let me see your face

We well fly
We well sigh

And all well be good
As it should

Leaf sat up in bed. What a funny dream she thought to herself. Why would
I ever say that to any one? Nothing is ever like that. You well always
get hurt. No matter if they mean well of if they mean ill. Even my
subconsouse knows not to ever trust anyone. So why do I keep dreaming of a
perfect love. Its like someone is sending me dreams of me loving him.
"Now that is ridiculous," she said aloud. And started to get ready for
another day at school.

"Maybe it is and maybe it isn't," whispered a shadowed figure outside her
window before he took off to hide from the day's sun.