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Z was running. It was unclear to him at first why he was running; instinct said run, Z ran. He got the feeling something important was about to happen, and he had to be there. It became clearer as he ran he had to stop something bad from happening. He looked forward, and saw a mass of dark shadows moving in the same direction he was, only slower, and the shadows were all armed. They had high-powered rifles, and handguns, all semi- automatic. Z looked left at the shadows and then right at what he assumed was their target. He dove, not in control of himself, as the shadows opened fire. Z looked on as a bullet passed through his right shoulder and hit the targets right shoulder, and then felt 4 more shots hit him. Two hit his left arm, the other two in his shoulder blades. He had tackled the shapeless target as he dove, and now kneeled turned towards the shadows. He watched, almost not caring as three more bullets flew at him, one hitting right below his left nipple, another entering an inch below his collarbone, and the final one hitting right below his sternum, mere centimeters from splitting his rib cage like a rack of lamb. He unwillingly cringed at the impact, but then looked back at the window. He watched as one final bullet came flying at his face, in slow motion. It was aimed right at the point where it would shatter his skull completely if it hit, and he just closed his eyes tightly and awaited the impact. He felt a slight pressure on his forehead where the shot should have hit, but then it went away. He felt a slight pressure on his sternum, and he grabbed at it, and jerked himself upright, claws teeth and chest bared. He looked around for a moment, snarling in self defense, as his surroundings started to make a bit more sense. He looked around at his room, everything as he had left it the night before, and put his face into his right palm. He then became aware that he was holding something unusually soft in his left hand. He looked down and saw a hand, an arm, a bare female chest, and then a frightened face. It was Sheena, scared witless by Z's overemotional outburst, and trying to get her hand out of Z's much bigger one, currently death-gripped onto hers. He retracted his claws, and after shaking himself mentally, managed a somewhat genuine smile at Sheena.

Z: "Hey, sweetness. Sorry about the whole... erm... whatever it was, because it was only a dream. Did you enjoy yourself last night?"

Sheena: "Yes, last night was, among other things, utterly amazing. I am still reeling from how many times you made me scream... but I am sure you have heard all that before, how was it for you?"

Z: *lying through his teeth, but not showing it* "It was great. On a scale of one to ten, I give you a big resounding nine. You? One to ten."

Sheena: "15. I have never seen, heard of, or had anything like that in my whole life. My only question is did you finish? I don't remember, because I passed out."

Z: *lying again* "Yeah, I think you faded out during my finish... you kinda just went limp."

Sheena: *slips her hand into his boxers* "Unlike you..."

Z: "Oh, babe, I can't. I am not feeling very well right now. You need to get dressed, before my younger brother comes in wanting to know who you are and why you are naked, like what happened with Jacquelyn."

Sheena quickly went and gathered her clothes, stuffing her panties into Z's jeans pocket, which were lying next to the shower where the night before had started, jumping into her skirt, pulling her bra on, pulling her black t-shirt back on over that, and re-entering Z's room. She watched Z stumble around for a second, before pulling a pair of blue shorts backwards over his boxers. She walked over and kissed him, he responded, somewhat cutting her off, however, and he handed her a card. On the card were an address, and a keyword: Dragonrider.

Sheena: "Z... What"*he interrupts her*

Z: "It is the address for the Flavor of the Week club headquarters. Go there, say the keyword at the door, and they will give you free food, and brief you on your situation as it pertains to our future. See you at school tomorrow, Sheena."

She quickly made her way out of Z's now awakening house, and down the street to the nearest local bus route stop. She got off in a different residential area, and walked to the address on the card. She was confused as to why he sent her off to some random club she wasn't in, and why he knew where it was in the first place. Before she had time to think any further, she had arrived. She stood, a bit disoriented, outside the pinkest house she had ever seen. It was a towering 2 stories of absolute pink, and stood out like a parrot among a murder of crows. She gaped, flabbergasted at the sheer magnitude of pink. To put it mildly, the house was an eyesore. She came back to reality and knocked on the door. A non- descript pair of eyes peeked out of the eyehole. Sheena looked at the card, said the word, and watched as the door slowly opened. Inside was like a party, girls everywhere, eating good food, drinking imported sodas, and just having a great time. Jacquelyn, the girl who opened the door, greeted her, proceeding to show her around.

Sheena: "Hey... I'm Sheena, and Z sent me here, but I don't know why..."

Jacquelyn: "Don't worry kiddo. We were all the new girl once...*louder* weren't we, girls?! *resounding response of 'yeah!'* See? We'll take good care of you. I'm Jacquelyn, and you have incurred an honor that not all females around this island can claim. You, Sheena, are now part of the semi-illustrious group known as the FOWL. The Flavor Of the Week Ladies. Have a drink. *hands her an Italian orange cream soda* Sit here. *addressing the whole crew* Let's have a toast! To Sheena, the first FOWL of the new semester! *cheers, and drinking abound* Alright! *turns back to Sheena, who is blushing slightly* Now for my standard reporting duties... hey, what is wrong, cutie?"

Sheena: "Do you mean to say... that ALL of you other girls have slept with Z?"

J: "Yep. Actually, I have been with him 3 times... but there are others that have had him 4, but only one girl has had him caught for 4 consecutive weeks. The only FOML, flavor of the month lady... Chevelyn. Weird name, but from what she and Z say, she is a beast in the sack. Anyway, questions. One, did he tell you how big he was before you saw him? *Sheena shakes her head* Mmmhmm. Two, did he start you out in his shower? *Sheena nods* Then we can skip to query 10... okay. Ten, were you expecting it to be as big as it was? *again, Sheena shakes her head* Okay. Next is... 13, did he feel good, or was he too rough? Wait, never mind, he was good, right? *she nods* Okay. Blah blah blah, the most important question. Did you see, not just feel, but actually see him finish?"

Sheena: "No... he said he did, but I kinda passed out. I lost count of how many times I had come, and just sorta slumped over, with him still inside of me."

J: "Oh, man... what a mind job. I hate to break it to you kid, but I doubt you will be back for another week anytime soon. If you don't see him finish, he doesn't finish. Did he rate you, on a scale?"

Sheena: "Yeah, one to ten. He gave me a nine."

J: "Ooh. Not bad, but he rated me on a one to thirty, and I got a 28. Oh well... welcome to our collective talent pool, kiddo. You will have to work pretty hard to get back with Z again. That being said, how big do you think he is?"

Sheena: "I don't think it is very appropriate to ask me that sort of question!"

J: "Oh come on! Just take a guess!"

Sheena: "Well... umm... if I had to venture a guess... judging by the size of his hands as well as how it felt inside me... I would have to say about 15 inches, give or take a little bit."

J: "Yeah, that is about the general assumption around here, though from some newcomers we get anywhere from 12 all the way up to 20, depending on whether or not the girl was a virgin going in or not. Anyway, we can discuss this more with the others over a bite to eat. Shall we?" and they walked toward the dining area together.

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Z had just finished getting dressed, and was wanting to get rid of the memories of the pesky nightmare the best and fastest way he knew how. He went in his room, shut the door, opened his footlocker, and pulled out some of his best Sake, some he had been saving for an emergency such as this, at least 25 years old. He drank himself silly rather quickly and passed out for a few hours, until a familiar high-pitched ringing woke him. He looked at his computer screen, and saw Charlie, Zephyr, Alex and Elise standing outside the guest room's outside door, with a wolf morph Z couldn't place in his drunken state. He pushed the button to let them in, and, grabbing his bottle on the way out, stumbled down to join them. He got down to the room, feeling a little better than he had this morning, and sat down as the Treasurer/lecturer for the Sakura Matsuri club, Alex, gave his speech on the club as it stood, monetarily speaking. He said that the club was doing super financially, having a grand total of the equivalent of $85,000 US dollars in the bank, and that this year's Sakura Matsuri festival would be the biggest yet if they could scrounge up $15,000 more before March, but that wouldn't be a problem. He then tuned the floor over to Elise, who was to give a speech on the progress of the S.M. Research and Discovery department. The department had been working on explaining why Anthromorphs were the way they were, and also the latest findings on the Ki system. Just to confirm the situation, Elise is going to be talking, and the other 2 girls will be listening intently, but Z, Alex, and Charlie are going to be drinking heavily and not paying much attention. Z hands Alex a shot of Sake, but then Charlie pulls out a bottle of Vodka for himself. Z's comment was 'Hey! You BYOB you BYO bastard!' then Charlie responds by pointing out that it is quite old, and that 'What Rasputin don't know, won't hurt him.' They passed the drinks around, and got comfy for Elise's brain-freezing speech. Elise sat on the stool in front of the rest, opened her notebook, and began spouting off like all uber-smart people do.

Elise: "Okay, people, I am here to give all the latest findings in our study of the Anthromorphic body as it pertains to its owner's everyday life. We have used the medical researchers' new machine, appropriately named the Ki detector, in accordance with the genetic studies that we have been conducting on all our subjects' DNA, including yours Z. We have scanned all of the subjects, unbeknownst to them, because the Ki detector is absolutely non-invasive, and the results on the scans have yielded even more concise results as to why Anthromorphs exist. You have all seen charts of the human glandular system, right? The glands release certain chemicals into the bloodstream, and all that rubbish, and that is all well and good, but now we have discovered a set of glands that is absolutely original to the Anthromorphic glandular system, and through a little bit of personal experimentation while using the Ki detector, or KD as we call it for short, we have discovered the use and meaning of these glands. These glands, which we have named the T-centers, serve three purposes. The first, we have known for a while. It secretes a significant amount of its trademark hormone, known appropriately as the T-compound, into the bloodstream at a certain triggered event in the Anthro's human life, usually something simple like reaching puberty or having a near-death experience."

Z: *obviously drunk* "Only the Widowmaker would refer to shumthing as harsh as a near-death essperience as shumthing shimple."

Elise: "Oh shut up, Z. Anyway, the second purpose was one of our discoveries last year, the type of t-compound and also which major organ the t-centers are located by is directly responsible for what kind of Anthromorphic form the subject is in. There is, however, a snag. Our favorite case study has proven to be the exception to this rule, and by this reference, I of course mean Z. His T-centers are in the middle part of his chest, neither linked to his heart nor directly to his lungs, and therefore have no organic base to operate from. The closest thing to an organ that they are connected to are his two major blood vessels, one of which carries deoxygenated blood directly to the heart, and then into the lungs, the other of which carries freshly oxygenated blood to the brain, in effect linking his T-centers to either three major organs; his heart, lungs, and brain, or to no organs directly at all. Somehow, like a gift or a curse, whenever we make a discovery that holds true for all the other studies, we find at least some small form of contradiction in the form of Z. Also, on a quaint little note, Z's T-centers are shaped like a miniature pair of lungs, so far to the point of trading T-compound like the lungs share carbon dioxide. The third cannot be explained quite as easily as it can be shown. We think that the T-centers have something indirect to do with controlling Ki levels, as based on the graphs of Z's power level over the past 4 semesters. We figured out that Z maxed out last semester at a total of 1.5 million, give or take about .3 million from time to time. However, this semester, Z has managed to train himself in the off-season to get to the point of being 2 million, again give or take .3 million on any given day. We compared this gain of around 33% in power level to the other studies, and to what we knew of Z's only real competition in the PL department, Charlie, and since we knew that Charlie trained nearly twice as hard as Z, but only improved maybe a total of 5 to 15 percent, we are wondering if the levels of T-compound in the bloodstream during training had something to do with it. Z, we need you to remember when you trained, what was the factor that made you train?"

Z: *with as much effort as he can muster to sound sober, translated from his actual babble* "Well... come to think of it... I only trained while I was angry. It was so I wouldn't hurt things and could release my anger safely."

Elise: "Okay, so what pissed you off over the summer?"

Z rambled off a few annoyances that had irked him, some which he said shouldn't have, as well as the big annoyance when his mother walked in on him and Chevelyn when he forgot to lock the door on the room they were currently sitting in. As he was talking, Elise had slipped the Ki detector over her eyes, and scanned his bodily functions, measuring his adrenaline, testosterone, and T-compound levels, as well as his heart rate. As Z rambled on about how his sister had pissed him off by spilling his mom's coffee on his foot, his adrenaline and testosterone reached the level of normal anger. But then, unexpectedly, they began to drop drastically, and his T-compound levels began to spike, and his heart rate stayed continuous for about a minute, until he finally took a chill pill in the form of some serious Vodka, and his levels normalized. Elise did a quick once over on the data, and made a discovery.

Elise: "I have come to the important conclusion that when you are angry, Z, your T-compound levels rise and thusly your cellular structure becomes more saturated with T-compound. Staying this way for prolonged periods of time could have some seriously weird effects on your power level, like the 33% increase we saw over this summer. This data will get to the R&D department first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks for being such a sport Z."

Z was so drunk, he didn't even hear her. He was staring at Zephyr, looking at her big, beautiful eyes. He asked her a question, the first time of which she didn't understand, but she got it the second time.

Z: "Zephie, will you kiss me? It would make me so unbelievably happy if you would..."

Zephyr: *a little embarrassed* "Uh... sure... ok, Z, if you want me to." *she leans over and gives him a quick peck on the cheek*

Then as if by magic, all three of the guys, due to overuse of alcohol, passed out where they were sitting. Not one to miss this sort of thing, Trixi immediately bounded over and examined the three unconscious males. She almost said what she was thinking, which was 'what are we gonna do now?' but her mind immediately answered her question, and instead of speaking, an almost evil grin spread slowly across her face. Elise, noticing her carnivorous companion's grin, was the person who asked that fateful question.

Elise: "Okay, wolfette. what idea just threw itself into that sick little carnivore mind of yours?

Trixi: "I just had an idea for a really mean-spirited but harmless prank we could play on the boys." The other girls then looked at her as though she were made of ice and planning a trip to Ecuador. "I propose that we take them to Charlie's place, in his room, and make it seem like they slept together! *Looks of shock abound* Don't worry, we aren't going to do anything nasty, just make it seem like they did something nasty."

To make an overly long and boring story short, one bumpy drag to Charlie's place and a de-clothing later, the girls were pondering what to do next. They were in Charlie's room, with the three guys under the bedspread in nothing but shorts. They all had picked what other meanness they would impart on the boys, Alex got Lipstick, Charlie got pink Kool-Aid washed into his fur, and Z got Mascara and purple nail polish on both sets of claws. Trixi pulled three sets of oversized fur-lined handcuffs from her bag and quickly cuffed all the boys' left feet to the bar at the foot of the bed. The girls went and hid outside the door, listening intently once the boys woke up.

Z was the first one back awake, and found himself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. Z looked left, at Alex, then right at a now strangely pink Charlie, and automatically assumed the worst. He shook the other two awake, and asked them if they remembered anything about what had happened. The three of them sat there and pondered through the worst case scenarios, even going so far as to openly wonder who was on top, before the girls walked in, bursting with laughter. Trixi and Elise were doing most of the laughing, but Zephyr, who had never done anything quite so mean before, was just sort of giggling to keep up appearances. Trixi explained what had really happened.

Trixi: "Don't worry, you guys. Nothing bad happened, we were just messing with you. Here lemme take those friggin' handcuffs off you. Charlie, you should go wash that crud outta your fur. You two, go get dressed, your clothes are in the hallway. You should walk Elise and Zephyr home. Z, I'll tell Charlie to call you as soon as he can. Bye guys! *she hurries them out the door* Whew. okay, now once he gets back in here, I gotta keep my mind focused. No fooling around, just straight to the point."


Charlie then re-entered a few minutes later, wearing his clothes from the hallway. Trixi closed and locked the door behind him, not wanting anyone to disturb what she had been planning. The day had gone normally enough, but she had something different on her mind, something that she had wanted to do ever since she first saw him fight. Charlie was sitting at the edge of the bed, drying his head with a towel, which he then threw aside. Trixi gave him a longing stare and begun to make her way towards him, trying to make her intentions as plain as daylight.

Trixi dragged him up higher on the bed and quickly straddled herself over his waist, a large toothy smile spreading across her face. Charlie was still somewhat stunned from the prank and was sorting out his thoughts as quickly has his mind could work... someone knocked on the door, for a moment Charlie's eyes glanced over to the door, but that was quickly remedied when Trixi plastered her face onto Charlie's forcing him to look into her glowing emerald green eyes. Charlie stared at her for what felt like eons, her eyes taking all of his other senses hostage and leaving him feeling as if his mind were on fire.

Trixi slowly pulled her mouth off of Charlie's, making his heart race and leaving him breathless. Trixi sat up and pulled off her light red t-shirt, revealing a form fit for a goddess. She slowly brought her hands behind her back and undid her bra and let it flutter onto the ground then, as if everything was in slow motion, she moved her hands over to the collar of Charlie's shirt and hooked a razor sharp claw underneath each side of the collar and allowed them to slit open his shirt which she promptly flung off of him. She drew her hand across his chest and slid it into his jeans, moving the soft parts of her hand over his piece and assisting it out of his pants.

A warm smile spread across of both of their faces as she proceeded to remove Charlie's jeans. Trixi made quick work of the shorts that she had been wearing, which ended up lying next to Charlie's dressing room door. Charlie felt as if he had gone to heaven and then some as she slipped all of him inside of her body, feeling her insides move as if they had a mind of their own. Trixi gave a short gasp as she finished putting it inside of her, feeling as if she had just taken in a wild bull. Charlie placed his paws around her waist and slowly began to move it deeper into her, making slight growling noises as he moved. Trixi lowered her torso onto his and locked lips with him, forcing her tongue inside of her mouth, pouring her saliva into his mouth, in response Charlie moved his own tongue inside of her mouth, feeling her teeth and the warmth of her body lying against his. Trixi started to inch herself into an upright position, taking Charlie with her. Charlie allowed his hands to inch up her sides, letting them crawl up her until they got to her supple breasts, and started to softly squeeze her nipples, twisting them gently until she started to shudder.

Trixi withdrew from Charlie's mouth and began to pant as he played with her breasts, making her feel as if she was about to explode from the pleasure. Charlie, seeing the expression on her face, lifted his head up just far enough to suckle her tit, his tongue stroking her nipple in a rhythmic beat, making her tail rise straight into the air and forcing her to arc her back to try to keep herself contained. Charlie felt her insides getting warmer, as if her soul was on fire, and decided to go just a little faster. Trixi flung her arms around Charlie's neck and craned her head up towards the ceiling and began to make a noise that sounded like a cross between howling and panting. Trixi felt as if she was being consumed by pleasure, and she didn't want it to stop.

Trixi laid her body on top of Charlie's, her breasts pressing against his torso, making sure that she didn't miss anything, and started to lick Charlie's chest, causing his heart to speed up and making him pant harder than he already was. She traced her tongue in circles around his nipples, watching them harden to a stone like consistency. Charlie started to moan as if a sun had ignited inside of him. He tilted his head back and howled for nearly a minuet. She teased him with her tongue until she couldn't take it; her entire form felt as if someone was pouring fire on it, she felt as if she had to have more.

Trixi began to shift her body into a different position, trying to make this day last as long as possible. She moved her legs around him so that she could place all fours on the bed, forcing Charlie to shift while still inside of her. Charlie now had both of his knees bent behind him and Trixi clinging tightly onto his chest. Charlie began to slide his piece faster and faster inside of her, causing Trixi to gasp for air between strokes. Charlie and Trixi were almost drooling with the pleasure that they were giving each other, both of them completely absorbed within the others mind. Trixi let one hand slip off of Charlie's neck and used it to grab his piece, she squeezed it tightly, just enough to make Charlie moan. Trixi looked deeply into Charlie's eyes, seeing in them what she was feeling right then, a pair of blazing souls eternally bound to each other.

Both of them were panting and soaked in the ecstasy of sweet love, still wanting more out of one another but not wanting to force it out of the other to get it. The room was starting to look hazy to both of them, ceiling spinning, the smell of fluids soaking through their fur; it was the things like this that would keep them together for an eternity. The door to Charlie's dressing room creaked open, reveling one very pale Ayeka staring at both of them in shock. Ayeka quickly pulled out a Polaroid camera and began taking pictures as fast as she could, leaving both Trixi and Charlie momentarily stunned. Ayeka quickly regained her composure and took this as her cue. She immediately bolted through Charlie's bedroom door waving the seven pictures that she had taken like victory trophies. Within 5 seconds both Charlie and Trixi (still completely in the nude) were right on Ayeka's feet and trying to relieve her of the photos she had taken. They were running through the halls, and Ayeka managed to slip one picture behind a roll-top desk, but soon after she was caught, and everything went black. She awoke later to the smell of burning pictures, and the distinct feeling she was upside-down. Charlie and Trixi, still nude, had hung her from the ceiling, and Charlie was warning her not to say how this had happened, or he would do unspeakable things to her. Trixi, suddenly realizing they were both still nude, suggested they retreat to somewhere a little more private, like the club room at Z's, maybe. They ran quickly, threw their collective clothes back on, and were out the door in less than 30 seconds.

Z was comfortable on his bed, just sitting there, reflecting on his day so far, when the buzzer rang his head out of the clouds again. He looked at his security monitors at two very frazzled looking wolves. He buzzed them in, and thought nothing more of it.

Charlie and Trixi, as long as they had been apart, were both still mere moments from climax. They got undressed again, as rapidly as space allowed, Charlie threw open the couch-bed, and they dived right in. Z had spent good money on sound proofing his room, and that room, specifically for this sort of thing. Charlie ran his hand gently down Trixi's back, reaching down and pulling her left leg up as he slowly slid back into her. Their bodies intertwined in new, and even some almost unnatural ways, and Trixi was feeling the fire from the inside again. She tried valiantly to hold it back, but then came hard very suddenly, nearly screaming and howling at the same time, but staying true to her cause, she fought back against the wave of weariness that tried to force her eyes shut, and renewed her rhythmic pelvic grindings with increased vigor and energy. She rolled Charlie over, forcing herself back on top, and placing one hand on Charlie's chest, moved the other back to his piece, gripping it and forcing it to do as she desired. Charlie's left hand found its way to her right breast, his thumb going over and around the nipple in a circular pattern. His right hand however, moved itself into a position so that his fingers were running over the grooves of her crotch, while his thumb gently worked itself up and down against her nearly steeled over clitoris. Trixi gasped as his thumb made its first pass, then leaned down and started to nibble playfully on his nipple, causing him to almost wince with the mixture of pleasure and pain it gave him. Charlie had never felt like he did at that moment, and he didn't want this first encounter to be over quite yet; but he felt a familiar muscle tensing, and knew his end was near. He reached up behind Trixi, who felt herself also nearing what she expected to be her climax, and pulled her tight against his chest, her rock-hard nipples now rubbing against his. She felt her insides tighten, and she squeezed with her thigh muscles hard, and dug her claws into the back of her lover, who unintentionally did the same, as their heartbeats synchronized, they gave each other a fond momentary look, before they both threw back their heads, releasing all the anguish, passion, and utter ecstasy that they were feeling together. The release was so powerful, everyone within a 2 square block radius felt elated for about 30 seconds, and not one person cared why.

Charlie's mind was blank, save for one image. That image would forever remain burned into his memory. Trixi's face, at that moment, when they both truly knew what love, true unmistakable love, was all about: sharing the most passionate moment of your life with another, and loving every second of it. Trixi went nearly limp from her overexertion, and fell to Charlie's right side, and almost instantly falling asleep on his shoulder. Charlie did the best he could trying to cover the two of them up one- handed, and then drifted off himself.

A little red light from across the room was blinking steadily, although unseen, through the night, and blinked on, ever vigilant, when they woke up a couple of hours later, and repeated the whole process. _ _

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