Slowly, the bright sun buries her loveliness; the pale moon shows her charming face and the shimmering star shining in the sky. Darkness falls upon the city, upon us, upon me. I stand on the balcony and enjoy the cool night air. Lately, so much things happen at the same time: tests, family, friends, and myself. I'm tired. Really, I am. "Starry starry night, wish I can forget tonight." I know it's impossible, thought I wish I could. "How long does it take to forget a stranger? A day? A week? A month? A year? Or eternity?" I don't know. I've been asking myself the same question over and over again, but never got an answer. I closed my eyes, the window to my heart and hope the wind would blow away the problems; hope the wind would give me a peaceful night and hope the wind would bring my own world.

I'm standing in the middle of nowhere, alone, pitch black. I look around, seeing nothing but darkness. Blindly, I run, hoping there is something or someone would help me; however, there is nothing but darkness, no one but me. I stop; take a deep breath and relax. Suddenly, different images flash in front of my eyes, romantic and sweet yet also bitter and hurtful. They are like knives stabbing into my empty heart; however, I try to enjoy the sweetness and ignore the bitterness. I face weakness but no for long. Finally, I run, running away from them, hoping that I would find a safe place. No matter how fast I run, they are still behind me, chasing after me. There are two figures, standing in front of me. They are my parents. Yes, I can talk to them. They love me no matter what. But no, they will never understand; they will give me more problems; they will ground me. I stop and turn around. There is another figure. I walk closer and it's her, my best friend. I can talk to her and tell her my problem. She'll understand; she'll comfort me; she'll give me warmth and she'll not turn back on me. I started to walk toward her but again, I stop. No, I can't tell her because that would hurt her. Then, people who love her and care about her would blame me for being selfish, for hurting her, for telling her my problem. I don't want to get blamed by anyone; I don't want to hurt her; I don't want to be the cause of anymore problems. I curl up on the ground and buried my head in my hands, feeling helpless, scared, lonely, stupid and cold. I want to let out my feelings but I'm not a six year old anymore. I should act like a teenager, a strong girl and suck up all the problems. I stand on my feet again, knowing that there is no other way.

I open my eyes and pull myself back into the real world. Yes, I am happy, really happy. I have to be happy; have to adapt and move on. There is no time nor space for me to weep. Maybe, trying to put a mask on my own face might be hard but it's the best way for everyone. It doesn't matter what's in my heart because no one would bother to look at it and try to figure it out. "You can not judge a book by it's cover." However, people only care about the cover, the cover of a book, the expression on one's face.

A/N: Of course, i'm not going insane, and of course, everything above is fiction... I made it up in my s.s. class.. hehe... R&R PLEASE.. ENJOY...