What the sun said, What the moon did.
The memories linger on my skin,
Like scars still unable to heal,
Each time I thought it was time to tear off the bandage,
The blood will start flowing again,
So many things,
Impossible to forget,
Your face is like a canvas of my past,
The paints splattered here and there,
Leaving the both of us broken and crying.

Those nights where you vowed never to hurt me,
And I promised that I would always love you,
Vows slashed our palms and made us bleed with honesty,
Where I would hold you close to my heart,
We became one human being,
As our hearts beat in unison,
Knowing that death wouldn't be able to separate us,
Forever, belonging to the other.

Know we past each other at the hallways,
Not a shadow of recognition,
There is a cold sheet of ice on your features,
Those long lashes I used to kiss,
That rosebud lips I used to taste,
All cold and blue, frost bitten and hungry.

I woke up this morning and stared at the sun,
It burned my eyes and roasted my lenses,
But the rays told my heart something,
The love was murdered one night,
By a white cold beam, sent by the moon,
And my love for you died,
My heart was empty when I woke up.