A/N: Ah... what happens when me and Brittany are left alone with an answering machine and ice-cream... and hyped up on mellow-yellow...home alone ^_^

Brittany: Yo Timmy! It's your daughter! And she wants to know where the HELL you are! Because, man it is like 11 at night! Here, lemmie go check the clock! Okay it is like, eleven after twelve and I wanna know where the heck you are! 'Cause man, Im sitting here like, man, they didnt call. And if they did call, they didnt bother to call twice. 'Cause man, we like havent heard from you at all. And ya'll are freakin us out... Were like, sittin her trying to calm our nerves by eating ice-cream...And our nerves are off da hook! ( Accidentlly flings popsickle to the ceiling... and it sticks! Insane laughter is heard )

Taylor: (( BURSTS LAUGHING!..heard in background ))

Brittany: AND MY NERVES JUST HIT THE CEILING! And we hope you will be home soon. But not too soon cause were havin' loads of fun..! ((says this next part really softly through giggles)) And we just sorta need to figure this out(giggle... )

Taylor: (( Is heard in the background laughing her head off and saying 'just shut up! XD' )

Brittany: Oh shut up yourself! Take you time though cause were havin' one of the best times we've ever had!