I never thought I would be a statistic at seventeen. I mean, I was always the good girl of the family. So why, the first time I decided to have sex, did I get pregnant? That(s a question I ask myself everyday but don(t have the guts to ask someone else, knowing that they would shake their head at me and say something along the lines of (you were such a good girl. But even good girls make mistakes.( Not that Maggie is a bad mistake. No, not my baby girl. She(s as good as five year olds get, which isn(t very good, always getting into something. I love her and would do anything for her though. So, why you ask, am I complaining? Because I was a professed good girl and I thought something like that could never happen to ME.

He was that one person. You know, the young, teenage girl(s first love. The person she swears up and down to her friends that she(ll be with for the rest of her life. I saw him as perfection and would do anything for hi, it didn(t hurt that he was a senior, and I, a juinor. I met Ethan at a party I went to. I(ll never forget it, April 2nd. He struck up a conversation with me half way through the night. He was honest and amazing, never taking his eyes off me and telling me jokes and brushing the hair out of my face. It was love at first sight.

Three months later I gave him something I can never have back. Five weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I decided it would be best not to tell him, as he left for college two weeks later. I broke it off with him and he left. I was left behind with a broken heart, a few broken dreams, and a father who wouldn(t talk to me and promptly kicked me out when I graduated.

I pushed hard and finished high school. I knew it was impossible for me to go to culinary school, as I had always hoped, so I settled into a secretary job in a town as far away from my hometown as possible. I though I never wanted to see my dad again.

That seems so long ago as I sit in my car, staring at the house in front of me. My parents house, which I haven(t been to in four years. My mom came and visited me a lot but still, I didn(t want to be here...