I couldn't tell you what enlightenment means
but there've been moments when I have been

So Filled

with awe I couldn't think or speak,

staring across a 6-lane highway at the
beautiful sunset that made the whole city look small

realizing after the moment that
it was telling me, time doesn't matter.

What a universe,

So Immense

that nothing can ever pollute it,

not death, war, disease or just plain smoke

This empty, beautiful universe
holding us all in our places like a crystal bowl
humming with the resonance of every voice inside it

even the echoes of voices long gone

and the knowledge courses through my veins like
liquid music,

and then I forget again for a while
but forgetting is okay,
because it makes it all much newer the next time

like a reincarnation

the sky, the air, the breeze mixing smells of
exhaust, leaves, hot ashphalt, cut grass

Nothing matters at all
Not time, not space, not life

and the pointlessness of everything
is just what makes it wonderful.