Sing me a song of concordance,
Sing me a song of adoration,
Sing me a song of meaningful condition,
I shall show you a thousand song-filled voices lost to the winds.

Destroy the world with your uneeded favours,
Watch as it crumbles as one soul cared too much,
It's a classic tale,
One told many times before.

Cling desparately to that which you find your solace,
Whether it be palcid or significant,
Hope that it will save you in this darken time,
Cherish the dreams you hold inside.

Have faith to live another day,
Do not fear what lies just out of light's reach,
Desire to become something more than what you are,
Rely on your strengths, and strengthen your weaknesses.

Cynicism and ignorance threatens with depression,
Seeking to break your soul,
Saying hope is just a fool's paradise,
Hopelessness is the truism,

Confide and trust is those you love,
Forgive and forget past mistakes,
Don't dwell on meaningless transgressions,
Never let the sun set down on your anger.

Be conservative in what you choose to value and place importance upon,
Make sure it is nothing hollow,
Nothing insubstantial,
Make sure it is something worth dieing for.