So here it is, my next ranty poem. My computer froze while I was writing the last chapter of Warrrior Souls, so I wrote a rant about...Bill Gates!

I'm here to write a poem
Abouta person I really hates.
It's truly said, "In a word without
Fences, who needs Gates?"

You make these bad computers
Which we are forced to use.
Even though, with no reason at all
They freeze and give us the blues.

When I am just surfing the net,
The dreaded blue screen I see.
Now I have lost three pages of
The story I wrote for thee.

I think you should be shut down,
And put under lock and guard.
To you, too, I am going to
Mail a bunch of lard.

3 reviews and I'll write another rant,
If people don't like this, the lard goes in my pants.