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Just One Phone Call to End it All, Chapter One:

It was the biggest sleepover in Grade Nine history; well it was to the girls anyways.
Ameria was throwing her annual sleepover, girl fest every year.
"This is going to be AWESOME!" Julia exclaimed as she fixed her hair at her vanity in her bedroom minutes before she should leave for the party.
"I know." Ameria said quietly as normal.
She was a mysterious girl at times, well when guys were around anyways. She was quiet and watching, she was an intelligent girl; straight A student actually. Ameria had that kind of evil grin when she knew something that other people didn't. She had that mysterious, mystic, wise way of being. Elegance even. That is when people she didn't know were around, or guys when her friends were the only ones around she was just that super popular girl.
"This is great, how many phone numbers have we got to phone?" Julia asked her excitement hard to contain.
"About fifteen around there." Ameria replied.
"Great!" Julia exclaimed.
"Julia, calm down" Ameria said sarcastically.
Julia sighed and took a deep breath.
"Okay." She sighed deeper.
Ameria suppressed a giggle at this, her best friend was a few years younger than her and couldn't believe the fact that not only was she going to a grade NINE sleepover when she was grade seven but she was going to talk to grade nine guys too.
It was a tradition to phone who ever you were dared to; generally it was a guy in grade nine.
"Okay I got to go now, meet you at my house." Ameria smiled as she closed the door and left.
That night, they phoned a few guys. Then they made Ameria phone Adam in her homeroom.
~*~*~*~*~The Phone Call~*~*~*~*~

"Hello?" Adam asked.
"Hi is Adam there?" Ameria asked in her cool and calm voice again.
" This is Adam," he said dumbly.
"Oh Hi Adam" Ameria said with a smile on her face as the girls all held back their giggles.
Suddenly, all of Ameria's composure was lost as Adam seemingly hung up on her with in two minutes.

~*~*~*~*~End of call~*~*~*~*~

"What Happened?" Julia asked curiously.
"Yeah, what happened girl?" Maria echoed.
"He said to not phone him ever again and that he was phoning all the guys to warn them to not answer their phones tonight." Ameria replied.
That was the last phone call the girls made last night, they played truth or dare and pretty much forgot about it. It hit Ameria in the face the next day though.
The girls had all left, her mom and dad had gone out for dinner; something about their anniversary. So she was all alone that night.
Then she made a phone call that her and Adam would NEVER forget... (A/N: Well? Don't you love cliffhangers? I know that chapter two was up like three minutes after but do you have to rub it in? Plz R&R)