The girl with the blonde hair
the blood red ribbons
the shining blue eyes
so clean..soft
I lick my lips..
can't help but stare
she's so beautiful
this girl
whom is so much younger than I
and someday
one day
she would bloom to be a wonderful
beautiful woman
but..I think I..
like her as is.
I want her now.
she's alone
what's the harm?
her rose cheeks and
flat breasts.
she was like a melody
she needed harmony
I'll give her that..
And..though I may destroy her
Off to never-never land she goes
because even if she grows old
her soul..will never follow.
And so..she is my puppet.
Young and sweet
I have ripened her;
though corrupted her
I can't help but laugh at this concept.
I am terrible
I cruel
I am greedy
And this girl?
She is gone.