Chapter One

Welcome To Sun Beach

Every day that the sun rose over Sun Beach brought something different, whether it was the Clam Shack having a special lunch, or the tide being reckless and rough and therefore attracting all of the surfers whose feet were already scarred, or the hot lifeguard chick dumping the hot lifeguard hunk for the guy who worked behind the counter at Surf & Skate, or a new wave of hatred between East and West.

It was the way of life in Sun Beach. You were either on the East or the West.

East Sun Beach had the motels, the rental places, the golf courses, the tanning beds, the nightclubs, the casinos- everything that a beach town needed. The public places, where the renters came and partied until they had to go back home to their own boring lives, were all on the extreme eastern side. The Sun Beach officials didn't want their renters having to mix with the West.

All of the houses were on the other side, the side closer to the middle.

West Sun Beach was poor. Decrepit. They had the 7-11s, the Wawas, the public pools, the surf shops, the McDonalds, the gas stations. Their children walked the streets in windbreakers and cutoff jeans. The average West Sun Beach teenager had a total of two bathing suits. All of the residents of West Sun Beach were locals. They did not rent. They lived. They resented the people of East Sun Beach, because they had the money, the nice cars, the boutiques. Some East Sun Beach people came for the summer and left for the winter. Others stayed. No matter how long you lived there, the houses were big, and somehow remained unstained from the long months that usually took its toll on a house by the sea.

The thing that split the two sides of town was the railroad. The TransCoastal Railroad Line, the town council liked to call it while they refused that there had been a segregation of East from West. Sun Junction, the people who knew better liked to call it.

The gangs revolved their lives around the track. They were known to themselves as the West Sun Beach Gang, or the East Sun Beach Gang, depending on which side they were on.

Their kids would know them as the two gangs of the Sun.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to me. Sun Beach is not meant to sound like any town on any coast in any country. I apologize if there are similarities.