(a/n: Hello! I got inspired to write a piece, but, this is like scattered thoughts spilled onto paper- so, suggestions are very welcome (flames are fine with me too).)

(sig: I was a witch's cat in my past life- now, I am a vampire)

(I was, of course, joking about the vampire part. Just so you know.)

(no offense to anyone intended)


It's hard to loose anything- but when you loose everything- then that could break you- to pieces that you wouldn't be able to recognize.

Nothing would be able to bring you back- to the way you were before- the original self- but, that doesn't mean you are less beautiful. This might sound cliched but different doesn't necessarily mean ugly- metamorphosis is change- but do butterflies envy caterpillars? It is perfection- that search for the original- that search for innocence, truthfulness, purity, that drives us crazy.

We are like Humpty Dumpties you know, and we are constantly falling- getting up, fixing ourselves and falling again. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again- well, that's them, not Humpty.

When we search for something- maybe we think that that particular object, person, etc. would be part of US. The original us- the one without the cracks and chips missing- the one whose hand fits perfectly in that glove. But, we only seem to find traces, prints, links, but not the actual pieces- but that doesn't really matter- because we find a part of ourselves each time we find a print, a mark of how we were- how we are meant to be. It's so important- to follow these marks- to see who we are- to complete the most important puzzle of all- THE NEW ME.

We travel roads- differently paved, each different in curves and turns, but essentially, it goes to but one destination- to OURSELVES.

It's important to follow these things, these pieces, these marks, to follow the road. To remember- how will we piece the puzzle if we don't know how we were? Life doesn't have a box to refer to- each is unique- picture not included.

Everyday, that's a new road, and each experience (sorry to say, good or bad) is a mark, a print that will lead you to a realize a part of yourself that is missing. Remember Humpty Dumpty- no one can piece him together again- and no one succeeded. He didn't so he remained broken, he didn't fix himself. Likewise, no one can piece YOUR puzzle for you- YOU travel that road- and, like I said before, each is different. Each turn and bend.

Now, we have to remember- do you still remember who you were to become who you will be?