To all of you who thought I was dead, my apologies. I didn't mean to get
your hopes up like that unnecessarily. I have still written poetry, but
kept forgetting to post it here. And now, the three reasons my English
teacher thinks I'm crazy! (I can't really say he's wrong though.)

Nonsense in Iambic Pentameter

The mud is brown and warm with chunks of slime
And smeared with blood from enemies of mine
You scream and moan in vain, but it's no use
Shut up and die so I can bury you

The skeletons have seen the light of day
The past that cannot, will not go away
To close my eyes is never an escape
It won't leave till tomorrow comes today

If I could see beneath the face that haunts
The ghostly image tracing every step
Then could you disregard the flesh and blood
Irrelevant after the sun has set