KD's Notes: Hello everyone, this is my teaser fic Crimson River. Now I thank Olena for reading it and telling me where I goofed up, so thanks to her! As you may know, I am the weird author of Five Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Son which in amazingly strange and humorous.

I had this idea for a while, and even pitched it once for Enigma of the dead, but Lena and I chucked it out, but now the idea is back and ready to be written. Also, Olena's new fic "Unseen" and CLAMP's Wish inspired me more than anything.

This new fic however, is not funny in the least, but deals with an apocalyptic world in the year 2010. This particular place, in which the story takes place, is separated into two places.

The north region is know as Saisho, a prosperous place that was rebuilt after war, while the south is called Crimson River, a place where the dead and living walk among each other, but what would happen if the south tried to take over the north?

Warning: this is yaoi, contains violence, course language and people getting chopped up nicely, goes good in stew ^^;

So, welcome all and enjoy my newest fic…..

Crimson River

~~Chapter 1~~


The sky was dark, black like the wings of ravens that dared to be in the sky at this hour, in this weather. Lightning streaked the clouds, cutting through it like a silver blade through the flesh of a man, while rain poured from the mist above and pummeled the ground, shimmering from the intense light, like the shards of a broken mirror.

A large city could be lost in such weather, hidden under a sheen of placid water, the tears from the heavens, a sea of small diamonds. The world in this desolate night was full of buildings so tall, that they nearly touched the sky, with their jagged, wanting presence.

Humans were stupid, trying so desperately to appear superior to those that may have watched from above, or even in the farthest regions of the underworld, where man feared to tread. However, they always made their way there.

It was their lust and greed that made them stupid, like a ravenous vulture, trying desperately to tear apart the pieces of a carcass, but in turn, ignoring the needy prayers of his fellow kind; all that mattered was what it needed, nothing more, nothing less.

Vanity is the devil's favorite sin and man's greatest fault.

Scattered like rats, the people of the city did, trying to run from the rain in this most depressing atmosphere. This city was one of filth, full of unwanted people, while corpses littered the streets and not one passerby stopped to pay respects to these lost souls.

Those who chose to live or simply existed, walked the streets, some wishing to be home in time in order to put their child to bed and bless them with a gentle, parental kiss on the forehead. Others jerked forward towards rotted buildings, just enough to get their hourly injections of useless drugs, something to make them feel important for one second of their pathetic life.

This city and all its spoils were separated into two very different places. The northern region of this city was fair, where children could play in the park with trusted friends, until dark came. Even then they would not fear the black abyss that was the night, they knew that nothing could possibly hurt them, as long as they remained to the north.

However, to the south part of this divided place, was the center of the apocalyptic hell that had claimed so many lives and still did to this day. A place where people were murdered, pillaged and sold their bodies for easy cash. It was a place that even the unbeknownst demons found refuge and engaged in the hearty rituals of the stupid humans.

But there are some in this city of lost souls that care enough to put these people in their place.

"What a shit hole city we live in"

"Huh? What are you rambling about, Rei?"

"Nothing, I'm just looking out at the city, even when you can't see it, it looks like crap"

"I couldn't care less, I don't have to live here"

"Heh, you're right, let all the other stupid fucks live here"

The man by the name of Rei laughed, and returned to the old, rotted chair next to his companion. They had been called upon to aid the police in protecting the newly elected mayor of Saisho, since the man had more enemies in his entire life than allies. Even his own family hated him for his actions.

"I tell ya Kura, this is not how I wanted to spend my night, guarding some shit head politician because he can't make friends like a good little boy"

The other man laughed at the statement; it was true however, the man feared what would happen to him if he were left alone in the large mansion on the border of the North and West regions, so he called for protection.

More lightening in the distance cracked violently against the sky, tearing open clouds and allowing rain to bleed to the earth. The two men alone in the security room, jumped when the illuminating television screens went blank and all noise died into a low hum before completely vanishing.

"Damn storm knocked out the system, this will take twenty minutes to restore" Rei complained, pushing numerous buttons on the control panel in the small room, anything to make the system reboot "Someone had better check on Nakazawa-san, he's probably sniveling in the corner or some shit"

"Just leave him, the back up generators will kick in soon"

"Whatever you say"

It was completely black in the empty hallway of the large mansion, where not the tiniest insect crawled around the floor, not even a rat to kick away. The clouds had parted just enough, allowing moonlight to spill in through the innumerable windows.

Grotesque statues were lined up against the windows, giving off an eerie, ethereal glow. The wall clock was the only sound in the echoing foyer, each small tone reverberating into its own shallow melody.

Soon, a new sound came to the empty hall, a relentless, soft thudding of footsteps against the hard tile floor. The sounds stopped as a shadowy figure came to a halt. The figure's breathing came in short, shallow breaths, and it searched around frantically for something, or someone.

"Where could you be?" It whispered aloud, scanning the long corridor with blood red eyes that burned brighter than the fires of hell. It clicked its teeth together, unsure of where its next target was, or if he still remained in the building.

The night creature paused when unfamiliar footsteps approached quickly from the way he had come. Quickly, with inhuman stealth, the figure hid within the shadows and statues surrounding him and waited for the people to pass by.

"I tell you I saw it come this way!" one man yelled, fear etched into his sweat covered face, his deep eyes shining with terror "I heard stories about him, horrible stories!"

A harsh slap was dealt to the young man's face, sending him staggering back into the sculptures and the hidden figure. The man cradled his battered face, refusing to look into his leader's eyes.

The abuser looked at the young man, no, the boy on the floor and shot a poison glare at him, before ushering the other two men to follow him, leaving the youngest of them alone with the unknown figure looming behind him.

The boy's breath caught in his throat when a hand clamped over his mouth, but he resisted the urge to scream as lips whispered deathly low into his ear.

"Tell me, where is Nakazawa?" the figure asked, wrapping his free arm around the boy and grasping the firearm in his hand. The frightened man did not hesitate in doing what the figure requested with just his body language "now, tell me and I will release you"

Fingernails began to dig into the young boy's face, drawing a line of blood for his hesitation "I-I can't tell you, I was told to protect Nakazawa-sama, I can't let you know!"

"Fool, don't you know what he has done!? Can you not read, it's in the newspapers" the young boy whimpered when the nails dug further into him, threatening to tear the youth's face off.

"I-I know nothing! I live a sheltered life!"

The figure growled low in his throat and pushed the smaller man forward, sprawling his prone body on the floor. He could feel the heat of embarrassment crawling across his face, and the fear of death creeping inside his soul.

He had always been so weak, and just barely passed the basic training. The taunts he had received from being so small weighed heavily on him, but he refused to let them get to him in front of the others, and instead finding an isolated area in the camp to huddle down and cry.

He turned over, to find the menacing ruby eyes staring deep down into his soul, judging him, sizing him up for his sick, twisted deeds. The young boy could clearly see him now, standing in the moonlight. His eyes peered out from heavy bangs, while his face was concealed by a large, black cloak, which covered his body completely.

His hair was an enigma, unusual and complex, reflective of its master. The colour on the right was black like a crow's feather, long, smooth and untamed, while the left side was that of pure silver, shining brightly in the profound light that streamed through the window.

"A demon…." The boy trailed off, staring at the man in front of him, finding himself completely hypnotized by the striking crimson eyes.

"A sheltered life eh? Well then I shall educate you on the subject" the demon man said, grabbing the boy off the ground with ease "but first, tell me your name boy"

"Masanori, sir, that is my name" he said, shaking slightly against the taller man. The demon like creature placed the small man on the floor again, but kept his grip tightly around the boy's shirt.

"Very well, that man that you claim to protect is nothing more than a whore mongering, pedophile, do you know what the means boy?" the said youth nodded. He swallowed the large lump that had formed in his throat at the venomous words the strange man spat out in true disgust for Nakazawa.

"Good, you're not completely ignorant, but can you now protect a man whom leads small children to his car, fucks them until death is their only plea and wish in the world!?"

Masanori shook his head, allowing tears to fall down his face and against the man's pale hands. Smirking, the demon human released his grip on the boy completely and stared down at him yet again.

"Tell me now, where is he?"

"Down the hall, to your right and then a left, you'll find him in an office I'm sure"

"Good" the man reached behind him back and drew out a long silver blade, nearly matching the hair on the left side of his head. He lowered the cutting edge down to the youth's throat, but did not slay the boy, there was no real reason "Thank you for your cooperation, now get out of here and tell no one of this meeting"

With these words said, the man disappeared in the shadows of the hall, and away from Masanori's confused gaze.

"Masanori! Masanori! Are you okay!?" another man ran to the youth's side and shook him roughly to drag his attention from the empty hallway where the strange man had disappeared to "Masanori, he didn't hurt you did he? Did Aku hurt you?!"


In a loan office, a man sat at a desk, while two men stood by the door for anyone that could enter. Nakazawa wiped his heavy brow of sweat with old, callused hands and his heart beat erratically. He had heard the screams not far from the office in which he dwelled and the shots from guns echoed throughout the whole mansion.

"Sir, we assure you that there is nothing to be worried about, no one is getting in here as long as we're here"

Nakazawa nodded, trusting the two men with his life. The minutes ticked by, seconds seemed to go by fluently and the two guards became restless. One man sighed heavily and leaned against the large office doors and gazed out the window behind his boss.

The man heard the sound, but it was too late to act. Every part of him ached now, until he could feel nothing and fell lifelessly to the ground, leaving a puddle of blood beneath him.

"What the fuck!?"

The large doors were thrown open, revealing a black clad man, holding a long silver sword in his hand, now dripping with the crimson essence of the slaughtered man.

"Good evening, gentlemen"

"You son of a bitch! You killed Sasuke!" the other officer yelled, coming at the demon man, enraged for his departed friend. He held out his gun, pointing it directly into the crimson-eyed man's face.

The demon man, Aku, backed up swiftly, pulling his coat arm up to reveal a strange device. Clenching his hand, the apparatus clicked loudly and release two shining blades, one cutting off the arm that held the revolver, while, the other cleanly decapitated the man's head from his shoulder.

Blood sprayed out from the open orifice, and painted the walls and furniture red. Sighing, Aku moved from the doorway and approached the body of the headless man. He kicked it away and advanced towards where Nakazawa had hidden himself.

Aku raised his sword, before bringing it down onto the oak desk, shattering it to pieces. Nakazawa cried out and tried to make his escape, but using another hidden weapon on his arm, Aku shot two metal stakes into the other man's shoulders, pinning him to the wall.

"I didn't do anything! Please don't kill me!" the heavy man wailed, jerking forward to release himself. Aku growled, shoving his fist into the man's, and smirking when he felt the bones and cartilage crush against his appendage.

"Please don't kill me? You've got a lot of nerve asking me of this, did you ever spare the lives of those children you killed?! Did you stop when all you could hear was their strangled cries?!"

Nakazawa shuddered, his body going into shock from the metallic spikes completely embedded into his body. Aku let out another growl as he pulled away the cloak that hid his features. Perfect white teeth had been bared, while his eyes shined with pure malice.

"You don't deserve death, I have something better planned for you!" he screamed, slamming the back of the sword against the man's throat, crushing his larynx, until the only thing out of the man, was a tiny squeak.

Nakazawa sputtered, trying desperately to swallow the burning feeling in his throat, like acid as the blood bubbled into his mouth, spilling out the corners of his mouth.

"No more of this, if you live, then you shall be forever speechless, and blind" no other words were spoken when Aku back away and slashed across the man's eyes, slicing through the conjunctiva and cornea until the eyes themselves were as red as the blood marring the walls.

No one in the room saw the mysterious Aku leave, no one even heard the body leave, the only sound in the room was the steady, dripping of blood from the man still hanging on the wall.

The rain had ceased in letting up, but the simple water did not bother the loan figure on the street, waiting patiently for someone. A car drove up, its owner ushering the youth on the street to enter its warm confines.

"So, did you do it?"


"And the mark?"

"Still hanging on the wall"


"Any more hits tonight, Murakami?"

"Not tonight Aku, but their will be more soon"


~~End Chapter 1~~

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