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Chapter 20

Two Sided Mirror Part II

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph; I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high and steal your pain

Cause I'm broken when I'm open
And I don't feel like I am strong enough
Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome
And I don't feel light when you're gone away

"Sister, where is mommy? Is she okay?"

"…O-Of course she is, sweetie! She'll be back very soon, I'm sure of it!"

What could you possibly say to a child now, when the only mother it had ever known left the world and the child's life so quickly without a valid reason as to why the Lord would take her so soon?

"When is she coming back, sister? I miss her…is she still sick?"

"Don't worry, I know for a fact that she's no longer sick…and she won't ever be again"

The little boy, so young, so innocent, walked steadily with his sister, his tiny hand clutched in hers tightly as though trying to hold to the one piece of safety he had left in the world. His sister, his loving sister was always there for him, keeping him out of the agony of real life, out of the horrible situations of their London home.

It was the flu that had filled their mother's lungs, slowly suffocating her with fluid, until her eyes became a dull, lifeless blue, and her body became cold in her bed, with her arms still wrapped around the small body of her little boy as her life drained from her body.


"Yes Valamir?"

"When I'm bigger, I wanna be able to take care of mommy! And, and I wanna be just like daddy and marry my love! Do you think I can? Huh?"

"Valamir, I know for sure that you will meet a person that you will love greatly, a person whose very presence will make your heart stop yet beat erratically from a single touch from their hand, or a single glance from their loving eyes"

"Really?! Yay! I'm gonna grow up and find that person! I'm sure mommy will want to meet that person too! Right!?"

"…I am sure she will"

The mournful words from an elder sister rang out in a petty promise then, as the young woman walked tensely by the cemetery with her brother, in a place where their mother lay dead, and the whisper of a fabricated father caught the air.

However, everything was perfect for a brief moment, in the mind of a child.

Kaisuke's POV

"Damn it you two, pick up your feet!"

Tonight was not the night to fuck around with me! Not in the least! Now that I knew that that bitch was no doubt some shady character, I was not going to hesitate to smack her around a little for being both an evil succubus and for turning Valamir into a mindless freak that couldn't even remember who I was!

"Kaisuke, wha…. why are we running?" Gemini asked, out of breath as he trotted up beside me. My attention, however, was focused on the traffic lights that separated us from the street heading towards the church. Something weird was definitely up, since the lights would continuously change colour. The drivers and pedestrians having no clue what to do, until some crazy person slammed on the accelerator and ran into people trying to run across the street.

There was a shrill scream from a woman crossing the street, her voice high and stinging in sheer horror as a car came towards her and her male companion. We watched with our mouths agape as he shielded her from the oncoming vehicle that would most likely tear and crush his body.

However, nothing happened and everyone was okay, as though the Lord reached down upon this horrible plain and wrapped his hands around these people to protect them. But, God never heard my cries before now, so what changed? Who would have done something like that!? And…and damn, they better help me with this whole Isadora thing!

"You guys cause a lot of trouble if I'm not around to pull you out of it" a feminine voice chided, with a tone so arrogant that I swore it was Aku…as a woman, no matter how odd that sounds.

A low chuckle turned the attention of both myself and the two prophets towards a lone tree embedded into the cement sidewalk. There stood a familiar face that we had not seen in the longest time.

"Well, are you three just going to gawk at me, or are we going to deal with this new demon?" she asked, the milky blue eyes of the witch assessing the three of us. If anyone besides the two prophets knew about the shit that was going on here, then it was most certainly the ethereal witch, Mythillia.

"Of course, but what are you doing here? I thought you weren't coming out until you found the source of Sarus' so-called 'behavior problem'?" I asked as I jogged over to her, and instantly a long blade of silver stopped me and an exasperated sigh came after.

"Too many questions will get you in trouble, Kai" Aku's arrogant voice rang out from the end of the sword pressed against my chest, the cold steel flat against me since the assassin turned educator didn't want to hurt me…Well at least not today.

"Aku!? Why are you here?" Gemini demanded lightly from behind me, the fortuneteller sauntering up to him with a grace that could be unmatched by a swan, simply because that bird had nothing on him!

"Well, the witch sensed something so she actually left her little hovel and came to my apartment and interrupted something rather important" Aku's voice grated, sounding as harsh as the glare he sent to Mythillia. Something rather important? What could be so very important that he would…be so…pissed and…ack!

"She walked in on you and Masanori!?" I screamed, bystanders of the accident quirking their brows at my loud declaration about Aku's sex life. I was promptly smacked across the head for such thoughts and loud screeching, by the glaring demon above me.

"Shut the fuck up, Kaisuke! Now, the witch says that there is a rather evil force coming from your quaint little church and it's screwing up the people in this city" the demon, whom I've come to know as a friend, claimed, sheathing his sword from the view of the pedestrians that watched us from the side with disdain.

It was always like that in the world wasn't it? People lived a life pretending that they were open-minded and understanding, but when it came right down to it, their judgment easily arose and showed the truth beneath the smiling mask of prejudice.

Since I was old enough to read and speak I had read passages in the bible, learning of sinners and the crucifixion of Christ, but I wondered, how many people even lived up to such morals that were placed in the old text of this book? I assumed while reading the passages over time and becoming a priest that the Lord gave free thought and opinions to his children. Maybe with all that time he spent on everything else, he could have spent a little time adding some understanding and compassion for others.

Not that that will ever happen, right? But one can dream….

"Right, let's get going. I can only imagine what that bitch is doing to everyone as we speak!" said I, quickly gaining some rather confused glances. Oh crap, that's right! They didn't know all the mayhem that this Isadora was causing and I certainly couldn't get Aku all fired up just yet, because…well, I had no solid proof, but anyone that could tear Valamir's attention away from anything at all like that deserved to have a boot up her ass!

But, why am I acting like this? Does he mean this much to me that I would feel so compelled to injure another creature, evil or not? When did I become a man that felt worried over the emotions of another person whom wasn't part of my church? Even when some of them were great in the eyes of the higher power I couldn't be bothered with them.

Yet, here was this man, years beyond my senior, that spoke such loving endearments and took care of me even though I didn't ask for it, and he was the only one out of all the women before him that I could say I cared about.

You might even say that I love Valamir from such thoughts, but I don't! He may be great, sweet, charming and strikingly majestic and suave, but a guy shouldn't have some person like me, not when he's so…. so…incredible.

What am I saying? I'm in complete denial, because if I think about it, I…. I've loved him the moment I first saw him at my family's graves. He saved me, the same way I saved him.

There was now no way that I would allow him to become nothing more than a twisted puppet! He's mine and I will show Isadora what I am made of because I know she's the reason behind such things!

"Kaisuke? Pull your head out of your ass and let's get going! I have a rather large thirst for some human blood," Aku hissed through clenched teeth in sheer impatience. He desired to fight, not that I blame him of course, but even I had some self-restraint. However, in this case it was not up for debate since before Aku could bitch any further I was way ahead of him, pushing through random people on the streets to get to my destination, to my home.

The place where I knew Valamir was…waiting…for someone.

Blond hair, dark skin, emerald eyes as empty as a hollowed out tree; it was she that sent out such powerful sensations to those that her own master wished to become aware. Beauty was her mask, an angelic visage smiling and bright to the eyes of a normal person to cover up the hideous creature underneath it all. Nothing could ever chip away the concrete unsightliness of the twisted being's bottomless soul.

"I sense them…so very close now, a scent so rich that it could only come from a body powerful, bright and pure…it's so glorious" Isadora sighed, breathing in the stale, decayed air of the cathedral. A place that once flourished with the smiles and light of God and his children, but was now crushed, ground into the dust by a creature's malevolent decisions.

"Are you ready for them, my love? They come in many, and others will join them quickly from outside this forsaken building. However, you must first deal with the boy that resembles me so, and then we can be together, without interruption"

Cold hands, slender and the colour of mocha were placed upon a face, a visage blank of any other emotion except bitter agony that could be seen deep within the swirl of mist-clouded sapphire eyes of a broken man.

Valamir bowed his head at Isadora's words, having nothing more to do than to comply with her every whim like the mindless puppet he had become. His thoughts were in mayhem, a soul lost in old memories of a life over six hundred years, memories that included him with his beloved Isadora whom he had loved like no other.

Despite all that, the perverse creature's influence on his mind could not stop a deep feeling of longing for another, longing for a person that had saved his demented soul from the clutches of an evil lord, and freed him from his cocoon of sin to give him wings of light.

To him, the light of day was an endless reach, one that he could not hope to attempt from where he was, shrouded in a thick blanket of darkness, a mist that choked him into oblivion. Still he held on to one emotion, without so much as an indication of letting that go.

"My love, they are here now…beyond the door ahead of you" Isadora hissed, waiting, her patience slipping with each passing second that the slayer Kaisuke and his group did not enter the sanctuary. It was then that a malicious smirk crossed her lips and her thoughts wrapped around the evil's bane thrown unto her heart.

Meanwhile, panting and sweating profusely from the long trek to the church, Kaisuke and his current followers had stopped to rest before entering the once sacred building, which now seemed large and looming, black and foreboding like the gates of Abigor.

"Kaisuke…this church, your home, is surrounded by a cloud of darkness, and this aura is Sarus' I believe, but different somehow, stronger" Mythillia exclaimed from where she stood, the backdrop of a cemetery seen but only a foot away from her.

"No…that doesn't feel like Sarus…it's a little…a little different" Gemini spoke up, earning odd glances from all the others that stood around their small circle. Before anyone could open their mouths to speak, to mention Gemini's sudden proclamation of Sarus' aura, cries of shock erupted from their lips as Alatheus' startled yelp resounded through the air.

"Master! Help!" he cried, trying to escape the decayed and crumbling hands that reached from out of the ground, twisting around his slim ankles, and forcing him down into the ground to join their race of undead miscreants. It was Kaisuke that leapt forward, pushing the young boy out of harm's way, keeping him safe from the demons that moaned and writhed upright, thirsty for purity from anyone with a soul worthy to them.

So it was not a surprise, when they began to prey on the young priest.

"Give it to us…! Quench our thirst…. give us your blood" the decrepit cretins chanted eloquently, hissing through their gaping mouths, their teeth rotted from out of their skulls long ago.

Aku unsheathed the silver blade from his back, the glittering metal shining brightly in the moonlight that poured down from the sky that night, it being the only source of luminosity in the blackened world. He leapt towards the creatures clinging to the legs of the young prophet.

"Hold still kid!" Aku cried, leaping at the group of what could only be called zombies, and was about to slash when a wave of flames came at him, earning a rather shrill yelp of surprise from the demon as the burning inferno split down the middle, avoiding him completely, and hit the groaning entities directly.

"Master! Aku-san! Thank you and…uh, you're smoldering" Alatheus stated, pointing to the singed material still clinging to the tattered, burned arms of Aku's jacket, causing red eyes to widen exceptionally at how close he'd come to being burned.

"Gemini! You did that on purpose!" he cried, storming over to him, about ready to strangle the poor prophet until the ground began to rip open again. It spilled forth more reanimated corpses; which twitched and coughed hoarsely, each moving towards the small group for a taste of sweet flesh.

"Gak! This is just like that old 80's music video! Except, they're not dancing!" Kaisuke exclaimed, bravely hiding behind Mythillia. An infuriated sigh escaped Aku's lips, which were pulled back into a snarl at being held back by the cretins which seemed to multiply by the second.

The majority of the group watched as both Aku and Gemini dealt with the cretins, viewing the spectacle of rotten limbs being slashed into small clumps of flesh, while ancient bones were shattered, crumbling from decades subjected to being gnawed upon by worms and minerals, and tossed along the church yard. Still, endless tides of the possessed bodies tore their way up from the cold ground to grab and scratch all they could, bony fingers curling about the ankles and arms of whoever was unfortunate enough to get in their way.

"Well this is just odd…" commented Kaisuke, still hiding behind Mythillia as he watched the demon and prophet, running themselves ragged in a vain attempt to cease the constant resurrection of the dead. He could do nothing, he knew that now, seeing as his bullets would not damage, nor mar the flesh and organs that had long ago turned to dust. It was futile for him to try to shoot the carbon-dated cavities of hollowed out bodies, it just was.

However, a sound, light and airy like that of a whisper interrupted Kaisuke's thoughts, a soft echo that blocked out everything else but that one soft chime that he was sure was a voice. Although it had no words, it was clear, a warning for him to stay away; to turn around and run from certain death.

Could he leave though? Could he shrug off his duties as a priest? A friend? A…lover? No, he couldn't do that, and he wouldn't! Kaisuke was not a man to back down from anything at all; he was even bold enough to stand up to the creatures that had slaughtered his family and lived to take over the church in Father Sagremor stead.

He was not a craven man that would lie down and accept what fate dealt him, no, he was strong and would stop at nothing no matter the pain it could cause. The pain right then was knowing that inside a church, sitting in wait at the altar, was an unemotional shell of a man that once has smiled, laughed and cried like any other person in the world. But now, he was empty, his mind tampered with unto the brink of an insanity far too sweet for even Valamir to grasp.

"Valamir…are you in there?" Kaisuke whispered, the entire world around him becoming a blur of black and white, the sounds of the battle near him having been drowned out by worry for his lover and for the race of human lives at stake, if the possibility of hostility became too great.

A beacon, soft and faint, was felt as Kaisuke left the people he knew and considered his dear friends, his feet willing him to ascend the stairs to his church, his home, and to whatever waited him.

Had he turned away or even run away perhaps; he would not have seen what he had. He could have avoided the stark, empty gaze of a once strong man, whose eyes shined like the glittering tropic oceans, but now were lumps of coal, icy and without a flicker of life. If he had just turned and run…

"Do you…like it?" A cool voice asked, the chilling conditions of the church being considered warm and pleasant in place of the haunting tone used, the same one he knew very well from the first time he heard it. He just didn't quite know what she meant, until he looked at the altar.

There, sitting upon the steps that led to the pillar where his bible rested, was a person, a figure prone and slumped forward in an awkward position to the point where his forehead touched his knees and golden hair spilled forward like a veil, obstructing his face from all prying eyes.

However, Kaisuke knew and how could he not? No other looked as regal and poised as his lover, as his Valamir.

Kaisuke's POV

I didn't want to look, but I couldn't help myself. I was far too captivated by the lifeless shell that was seated on the cold steps of the altar, the very remains of the man that so boldly came to me that day and was strangely enough chained to that altar because of his ways. We had laughed about it quite a few times actually, after we had spent all night or day just alone in each other's arms and simply listened to the sounds of the other's heart beating.

Would Valamir have a heartbeat now? Would he speak to me in that lovely, deep tenor, so thick with an English accent that it could make a young woman, or even me, blush from the strong sweetness?

"What is wrong, Kaisuke? You seem saddened by something? Could it be that your heart feels as though it has been ripped out of your chest, strewn about for some ravenous crows to feast on?" that woman, Isadora sneered from behind Valamir. That bitch! I knew that it was her all along, but why didn't I do anything about it!? I could have saved him from this, but maybe I was just…afraid and part of me thought that this was what Valamir would want.

However, seeing what Valamir was now, a lifeless creature at her feet, it had changed my perspective. Only one thing was certain, as I could feel it now; magnified by my God to me.

Isadora would need to be exorcized.

Was she a lost spirit? Or something more, something much like the twisted entities I had encountered before?

"You do not speak much do you? Hmm, that is rather odd, because I have heard you very well all the time. You run at the mouth far too much, it is a wonder that my love's ears have not deteriorated from your grating voice!" she hissed, her eyes so much like mine, glared pure malice, like I was the reason she was such a bitch! Women, really!

She could sense my thoughts; I knew she could, because as soon as I had dared to think negatively of her I was thrown from where I stood. I was pushed back harshly by the searing waves of malevolence, the scalding incantations crushing me with such hate as though someone were reaching into my chest with the intent of squeezing the life out of my heart.

It hurt! Dear God in heaven it hurt so much! But why would she want to harm me in such a way? I did nothing to her! It was pointless though; I was weak enough that I quickly met the cold marble floor and gasped for the breath that just would not enter my lungs.

…Is this how I die? To have my life end from something the coroner will just refer to as a heart attack?! No! I was Kaisuke Taiyou, demon slayer chosen to avenge my family and the families of those that lost their loved ones to demons and evil! I was God's child, blessed to uphold his power in my body to smite those that dared to harm his other children!

Although, this pain in my chest, the one that made me fall to the ground and shake in agony was too much for me to withstand, too harsh for any man to feel but…I knew this feeling, in fact I have felt it more than once.

When I was thirteen the exact feeling overcame me when I had opened the doors to my church and saw the remains of my only family. There had been pieces of my father and guardians thrown across the massive hall of the church, the sight of the bible Sagremor so loved slathered in his own blood, and the grueling spectacle of the once smiling faces of the nuns that raised me, mutilated with their jaws torn from their features.

I knew this feeling, so withstanding it would not be a problem, yet it was…and it was so strong. What was this feeling?!

"You…you cause too many problems" Isadora said faintly and although I could barely hear the sound of her voice, I could sense the malice laced through it, like a stab to the chest and straight into the soul.

"W-what problems…do I cause?" I managed to speak, the coppery taste of blood coming to my lips as that phantom claw seemed to dig deeper, fueled by her hollow, furious glare that boiled the very blood coursing through me.

"You are the reason why he does not suffer as he should! He should be angry, saddened! Not smiling and held by another! I can no longer do those things, so why should he be allowed!?"

Jealousy? That was he reason for trying to kill me and corrupt the mind of Valamir!? What sort of person would do that? And to a person they don't even know?! This was all too wrong, and the worse part of all was that she was using Valamir for such deeds. Odd that the lover would do this to the one it claimed to love.

"You're just…just a jealous bitch! Aren't you!?" I laughed snidely, hoping in a sense that it would cause her to fly off the handle and shove her foot into my face so that I could pull her down and beat the living hell out of her. But no, all she did was smirk that face so much like mine, melted into a hideous sneer that a woman as lovely as her should not have had.

Her hand rose up, the delicate and slender fingers then curling around an invisible object until I gasped deeply, feeling the overwhelming pressure in my chest again, the pain that made me lurch forward and cough crimson onto the cold stone all around me.

Pale lips like mine opened to speak, but the loud shuffling of finely polished boots approached us, and I could see the same amount of shock in Isadora's eyes as there was in mine. There stood Valamir, just three inches away from my outstretched hand that clawed for something to help myself up with, but there he was! He had come to protect me, why else was Isadora shocked?

"Move aside Isadora…Allow me to dispose of him"

A dagger, a cold, jagged knife felt as though it had finished the job on my heart, tearing the pulsating organ out of my chest to leave a gaping orifice where it once was, and to slowly feel the colour drain from my face. This…this wasn't Valamir! No way in hell was this the same man that had become more than an ally! Damn it, he was my lover for fuck's sake!

"Valamir…" I said softly, broken-hearted in the instant to think that he would betray me, but surely it was just all a joke. My hand, shaking and clenching, reached out to him some more, hoping that his hand would touch mine, pull me up into his arms and then together we would confront Isadora.

But the only thing I felt was pain, a blinding white flash of agony that became voice through my blood curdling scream as the cartilage and bones within snapped, shattered and splinter through my hand. I cried, with my eyes as wide as they could go when I saw what crushed my hand so, it being the heel of Valamir's boot dug deep and piercing.

And all I could do was watch as my fingers twitched for life, because looking up into those stark blue eyes would have been more painful then the battered appendage that now bled over the church floor.

"You have to be disposed of, it is what my love requests," he said hauntingly, his voice no longer holding that sweet charm, no, it was as empty as the night, a swirling darkness that drilled into my conscience and slowly suffocated me.

Had I claimed now that I hated him, it would still be a lie, because no matter how much my brain told me to take the gun out of my holster and shoot him between the eyes, I could not deny all other feelings that knew he was not responsible and that he would stop this.

"Why are you doing this, Valamir?" I hissed painfully as his boot left my hand, allowing me to see the bloodied welt in the center of it. Isadora's influential claw relinquished its hold on me, but I could feel the crushing of another weight that nearly brought me to my knees as I rose to my feet, shaking and my head swimming with agony.

"It is what my love desires, therefore I must rid you of her presence completely," he said, a tone of mechanism to his voice, like the sound of a man whom has become lost in the shadows of evil intent.

Wincing, I backed away from the two standing there, their barren gazes locked to mine and I could feel tears threatening to spill. But I could not allow it! No matter the pain in my body and heart, I could not allow such things to trivialize what was happening; besides…it simply showed my weakness.

"You're screwed up in the head, man! Why are you listening to that bitch!? She's clearly mind-fucking you!" I screamed, trying to regain a little bit of my previous self, but was dealt with a wave of concentrated darkness that threw me back against the wall, smashing my head into the stone.

I did not falter, but instead stood tall and would never allow them to see me struggling or tremble on my feet, but that didn't mean that inside I wasn't terrified about what could happen to me. I didn't have a family, so they wouldn't care, but I would most likely get to meet them if I died. Then again, I had friends here, like Masanori and that idiot Aku. I couldn't just leave this physical plain, not yet until I knew about Valamir.

"Forget trying to reach him, boy, he's beyond hearing your voice. He listens to me only, and right now, I want him to kill you!" she screeched, pointing her finger at me, and instantly Valamir came at me, moving his long arms to swipe at my head with jagged claws, which I luckily evaded, for now.

Rolling to a stop, I bolted to the front of the church where the altar was, hoping to grab the large, metal crucifix that hung there, but what was I thinking? As soon as I came within an inch of grabbing it, I felt a firm hand around my wrist, and a force pulled me back. I was met with the taste of blood as a fist collided with my mouth, snapping my head back, before I was thrown down onto the solid ground by Valamir, and felt his weight settle on top of me.

I was fucked; clearly, by the brutality of how Valamir was now acting, but what surprised me the most was that no one was here yet! Where the hell was Aku? Or Gemini!? Shit, I couldn't think right anyway, not when my lover was promptly on top of me with my arm behind my back and pushed upwards, threatening to make my shoulder crack. Tears began to leak from my eyes and onto the floor as I was held down harshly, my face being pushed into the dirt, until I finally cried out, my voice shrill in agony.

It wasn't until the loud, crunching pop resounded from my shoulder, followed by the cracking of my elbow, and coupled by the scream that came from me. I couldn't take it any longer, and my mind was swimming with pain when the blood started to seep from my mouth, my tongue having been nearly bitten in two in my agony.

Why was this happening…?


Meanwhile, outside the blackened church the others stood unharmed, all of them blinking in confusion as the corpses receded, leaving them alone to gather their wits. Aku was the one that began to speak, but a scream, loud and shrill like the shattering of glass ceased his words.

The group looked around wildly, searching desperately for the source of the cry, but saw nothing until Mythillia gasped, her eyes wide in terror as she soon realized that they were missing another in their company, a certain blond with a brash attitude.

"Kaisuke! That was Kaisuke!" she cried, rushing to the large doors, but nothing happened when she used all her strength to open it, and suddenly she was pushed back, a dark force, threaded with jealously and anger, stopped her attempts.

She knew not what was happening inside, but the cries of suffering resounded through the whole courtyard, as torture happened inside. And torture it was, the once strong, confident priest was beaten down, his face pressed hard against the stone below as his lover held his broken arm limply in his hand.

"Valamir…stop…this isn't you, it's her! Please, come to your senses!" the priest cried, his body wracked with horrible sobs and shakes, while a mind once strong and bold has been brought down into a trembling mass of pain.

Those words, they registered in a blank mind at that moment, but quickly extinguished, as though water as black as obsidian enveloped the flames of memory without hesitation. Isadora had the greatest hold on a man: his broken heart over a loved one. However, she had delved deeply into that heart, peeled back layers and layers in attempts to find where the loss was so heavy, but found only a flicker of it, as a new layer had encrusted itself all around, holding in such amazing emotions for one, that although resembled her, was completely untainted by malice and vengeance.

Knowing now that his voice could not hope to reach Valamir, the priest shifted enough to squirm from his lover's grasp and sent his foot back into his gut, hoping to knock his offender off. With a squeak of glee, sullied only by his deep regret for harming the blond vampire, he leapt up from the step, staggering towards where a large crucifix hung, Kaisuke deciding that the best way to protect himself from his crazed lover was to strike him down. However, his fingers didn't even brush against the smooth metal before he was smacked down, sent barreling down the steps on the other side and landed with a cry as his broken arm collided with the cement.

"Such impure hands should not touch Christ" Valamir hissed, pulling down the large metal cross, the heavy steel now shining as the vampire skulked closer to Kaisuke's prone figure sprawled against the ground. The priest, dazed and incoherent for a moment, had just enough time to rise to his feet and turn to face Valamir, but the cold taste of the metal cross met him, smashing against his body to send him staggering across the room, bleeding from the eye and mouth.

Coughing in utter turmoil as blood flowed from his mouth down his throat, he sputtered, the crimson liquid staining one of the pews he grabbed a hold of, trying his best with one arm to hoist himself up onto the wooden surface. Things like that though, would have to wait as the bench he tried so desperately to climb on was destroyed, the heavy metal cutting through it as Valamir attacked again, missing Kaisuke's head by a mere inch as hair of sun-kissed wheat fluttered to the ground.

"Fuck…" was the only word Kaisuke could utter as the searing gaze of his icy lover glared down at him, a look of sheer insanity with the desire to kill for the enchantress Isadora. Another swing from the crucifix came as the slayer scrambled out of the way, his heavy booted feet pushing from the ground only to be caught by the cross, throwing him from the floor and into the wall where his attempts to save himself ended with the crunch of bone in his collar and blood vomited to trail down his chin.

Pain, in all its forms was heavy on Kaisuke, prickling at his skin and muscles like the winter touch of needles until the agony had him writhing gently on the ground, his head propped up only by the wall behind him. So much pain…such deep feelings of hurt for something that he couldn't understand.

But why did the laughter never stop? Why had he been able to hear the cackles of an icy voice in his head, yet feel the warmth of memories swirl around him like a blanket, as though Valamir still loved him like he had claimed? Perhaps he had lost his sanity, the last bit of rational thought chewed up by ravenous jaws and tossed to the winds, especially now as he heard a faint voice and saw a vision behind his eyes each moment he blinked.

I'm sorry it hurts so much…please forgive me. I wanted to be back with him…but not this way, never this way… Kaisuke…can you hear me?

It was a voice, soft and sweet, yet so very familiar, like the gentle chiming of a bell or the soft sound of the rain in the forest, either way it was lovely to Kaisuke, as though an angel had descended to take away his pain. However, the bright image shifted into a woman before his waking eyes, a visage twisted as though he looked into a mirror and instantly he felt…at peace.

"I can hear you and see you…you're Isadora, aren't you?" He asked within the depths of his mind, his eyes having slipped closed on the outside where the world couldn't hurt him now, and all that mattered was the soft, warming hands against his face.

"Yes, I am Isadora and the one you have seen is not me, but a shell of my body from long ago. I wish…Oh, I wish that we could have met under different circumstances Kaisuke, but a shred of my soul was taken from my resting place, and memories, emotions, such aspects that are uniquely me, have been fused within that forged body of evil. Please, as a wish from myself, allow Valamir to move on with his life with another, to find peace without restrictions"

Please Kaisuke, do away with the creature that harbors the shred of my soul that I so long for, and set me free so that I can be at peace, as Valamir should now. I love him, and I hate his suffering, but with you he is so happy, and that's all I want. Hm, besides, your body and mine, they are an undying light, so similar with each other that it was only natural that a part of me would be reincarnated in you"

"I see…and, I sort of figured that much. Thank you Isadora, I know that the Lord will keep you forever in His holy arms, so rest now. One day you will see me again, us again"

The bond had been broken then, and Kaisuke felt no longer pained with a deep guilt as he had, no, not when he was given permission to finally be able to give himself to Valamir completely. Maybe that is why he could not bring himself to say that he loved him right away? Worried perhaps that it would, in a sense, be lying to himself and finally understand his true intentions and feelings, thanks to the go ahead from a woman who's body my have faded, but her soul was as strong as it was the day she passed.

With a newfound reason to keep moving on in life, Kaisuke opened his eyes of glittering emerald, only to have them widen as the metal crucifix came soaring at him. A loud yelp of surprise came from his lips as he dived down before the heavy steel hit, piercing the wall where his head had been, and allowed Kaisuke to gaze upon it, knowing that he could have very well been severed.

"Aww, darn it! He almost had you!" the fake Isadora cackled, sitting upon the altar where Kaisuke's bible now lay tattered on the floor, ripped to shreds by her cruel hands. To the priest, that hurt more than all the wounds inflicted on him, seeing his adoptive father's precious book of God, torn as though nothing more than a piece of paper.

He wanted to stop her, so desperately, but if she had the power to control Valamir's actions, then what chance did he have against her? Not a good one that was for sure, as Valamir ignored the cross for a moment and advanced on the helpless slayer -who couldn't bring himself to truly harm his vampire lover- while long claws from the Englishman's fingers promised pain. And pain they offered when Kaisuke pulled himself up quickly and ran, only to feel the burning sensation of razor sharp nails slash down his back, earning a scream of pain from his lips until no more could be taken and he fell to the ground, a bloody mass with nothing left to defend with.

"You no longer serve a purpose, so die now" Valamir spoke in a hollow voice, grabbing the defenseless man off the ground, bringing him dangerously close so that his neck was easily exposed to the vampire's mouth. Fangs that desired blood elongated to taste the sweet flesh of the huffing priest, now battered and exhausted from the loss of blood from his arm and hand.

Just as the very tips of Valamir's fangs entered Kaisuke's throat, the cracking of wood met the church inhabitant's ears, forcing the hungry vampire to stop his actions and furrow his brow at the noise. After several large bangs to the door, it opened in a mass of splinters and metal, as the rest of the group, now corpse-free, piled in to see the disturbing image before them.

Mythillia, Gemini, Alatheus, even the bitter Aku, were aghast at the conditions of the youthful, dark-skinned beauty that now huffed and panted in the grasp of his supposed lover. It was Aku whose face flared in white hot rage at the way Kaisuke was being so brutally manhandled by the one person they chose to trust for his sake, but now that pact had been broken like the bones in the priest's arm.

"Valamir! Drop him or taste my blade instead!" Aku hissed, moving stealthily towards the vampire that still held the tired, puppet-like Kaisuke by the collar of his shirt, while that same blank expression was plastered to his pale visage.

"He must be destroyed, it is what my love requests…" came the drone-like voice of such a sweet accent, while a curt laugh from Isadora's shadow resounded through the church. The others stopped, looking over to the twisted creature sitting on the altar still, smirking at them with a crazed look.

"Good luck trying to get him to respond to your words. He is now under my influence and will never be the man he was, as long as I keep the hold on him that I have. A taint flows from his lips to the very tips of his toes, and trust me on this, it's very potent!"

The others, the forlorn group, looked upon the woman that so resembled their tattered friend and the way the kind priest gasped for air, the soft trickle of blood now seeping from his parted lips the more he was held.

"Fucking stop it, you bitch!" Aku swore, unsheathing the long silver blade, now freshly sharp and starving for a taste of living flesh other than the corpses it had snacked on. He bolted from the spot and flew at Isadora with a single leap, knocking her down from the pedestal she sat upon, the abrupt action getting the attention of Valamir who dropped Kaisuke quickly to aid his mistress.

"Kaisuke!" The others cried, rushing to the man's side and received a horrible vision of his wounds, but he managed to smile at them, and felt relief when Gemini's soothing touch upon his bloody skin and wounds, a cooling sensation then washing over him, taking some of the ache with it, but his arm and hand remained broken beyond mend for now.

"I'm fine…" the clergyman said softly, looking past the three people to see Aku being held down by Valamir and beaten, his face bleeding from where the vampire had struck him with great force "A-Aku…We have to help him or he'll be killed! Or…or he'll kill Valamir!"

Gemini was about to speak, telling the younger man to stay down and rest, but he proved not as strong in muscle as the damaged slayer, and was shoved aside as Kaisuke ran as quickly as his wounds would allow, his destination Valamir as he pushed him off Aku using the rest of his strength, sending both him and his lover staggering back to the stained glass window.

It was then, after the violent shove into the right direction, that Kaisuke allowed his startled eyes to open and look up into the empty blue of Valamir's, and to feel those familiar, strong arms around his body, holding him in place. The silence was deafening, crushing both with an unthinkable weight, while all the others in the room, even the aghast Isadora, watched to see what would happen.

"Valamir…" Kaisuke started, the movement of an angry hand rising up to strike him, but he was embraced before he had a chance to know what was going on, and looked down at the platinum blond hair now caked with blood "Don't Valamir…don't be like this. You're a good person, I know it, so just stop, please don't let her use you anymore".

The begging from a once brash voice was almost like a cut in the soul to any that listened, but that hand lingered in the air, unmoving as Kaisuke clung tighter to Valamir's possessed body, refusing to let go or even thinking of it.

"You must die, my love requests it and-"

"I know what she wants! A-And if it will make you happy than do it! Kill me! I don't care, because it won't change my feelings towards you, Valamir! You told me long ago that you loved me and I didn't know how to respond, but…but these last few months I've realized that I've been so stupid, and didn't know what to say. But now I know, I know that I can easily say that well…I love you, Valamir and if you have to do this, then go ahead, I won't care"

So many emotions came to him that moment as those soft words were uttered just for his ears, words meant for his heart only and no other, words that made the darkness that seemed to swell in his body now melt like ice in a desert, and that hand, raised high in the promise of pain lowered to touch the silvery-blond head below.

"…Kaisuke?" He asked a little dazed from being knocked so swiftly out of a potent taint. However, the strong spell upon his heart and soul easily crumbled as a deep penetrating curse as the one placed on him was distinguished by the pure love from his sweet, kind Kaisuke.

With a sigh of relief from seeing and feeling that his lover was back to his old self, Kaisuke allowed himself to relax in Valamir's arms and went limp, exhaustion having filled him to the brim, the action causing the converted vampire's eyes to widen in horror at the condition of his love's body, while across the way, being cornered by Aku, Isadora sneered with rage at the reciprocation of her captive.

"Kaisuke! Kaisuke!? Wake up! What happened to you!?" Valamir asked, moving to lie the beaten body of his lover down on the pew as far away from Isadora as possible, allowing him to see that he was damaged in so many places, his hand crushed and arm shattered, leaving him appalled "Dear God…Please tell me…that I didn't do this! Kaisuke, forgive me…this is my doing, I know it is…Oh God, I'm sorry"

A smile, a sweet, kind and loving quirk of pale, blood-caked lips met the deep azure of Valamir's gaze, a look so very full of love that it was stifling, making the once green eyes of Isadora wide in a burning black, like an emerald vacant of its glow, now leaving two coals in their place from such hatred for the small-bodied priest breaking her spell with such emotions of love. Love! It made her sick to think of it, knowing that she now failed her Lord Sarus, and the Kyrios, the whole idea that she could be so weak making her seethe with bloodlust.

"I'm fine Valamir, it wasn't you that did it…It was her!" he exclaimed, sitting up to point at the traitorous witch that now stood between a rock and a hard place, the rock being none other than Aku who glared at the phantom woman.

It was then, as though he had never seen her before, that his eyes fell on Isadora's form now cowered back into the corner, and realized instantly that that woman was not his love from so long ago, but instead a twisted creature taking on the form of an angel, as a once beautiful face was twisted beyond recognition, now made ugly by such abhorrence, leaving Valamir speechless.

"Y-You…! You weren't supposed to be like this! He said you were weak! WEAK! Why won't you just die!" she screeched, a wave of pure, unbridled odium filling the church, forcing Aku back into the others, while windows of beautiful stained glass shattered in an awesome shower of shards upon those below.

The horrible screeching turned into a mind-bruising wail so shrill that the crystal lights above now exploded, leaving all glass in the entire sanctuary ruined, allowing them to open their eyes. What they saw was like it was cut from a horror movie as Isadora's soft mocha flesh began to thin and turn a sickening gray as it was being stretched against bones, the muscles long ago dead from years of decay. Hands that were once flawless with smooth flesh began to crumble, the nails on slender digits fell from their master until nothing but bone stuck out, and the full bust and voluptuous figure collapsed into itself, leaving only a shell barren of all internal organs.

Although the sight was horrible and ghastly to look upon, the most bone chilling view was when a youthful face began to dry and shrivel, a mouth gaped open in a wail as chunks of flesh fell from her visage, and green eyes rolled back into gaping, obsidian holes in her skull. Isadora was nothing more than a decomposing corpse that now twitched and writhed on the spot, her body lurching forward as it came towards Valamir and Kaisuke with the intent to kill, as those scalded lips were pulled back to show yellow teeth, hungry for living flesh.

"What is she!?" Mythillia gasped, clinging to Gemini in fear as Alatheus did the same, terrified by this creature that now lacked all the features that could identify it as human. Gemini shook his head, not knowing what to say as the monster lurched forward and cackled in a dry croak, her empty holes in her skull glaring at them all, while a smirk came to a lipless mouth.

"Foolish humans, did you really think that I was what I appeared to be? Ha…so stupid, so very stupid. Sarus may control me, but I control the dead! So feast my dears, feast!" she hissed, her commanded causing the floor to rip open as the undead rose from all over the world under their mistress' demand, their bony hands grabbing at all, especially Kaisuke, but the priest had not the will to fight back as they began to pull him down.

"Fuck! These assholes are all over us!" Aku yelled, looking around to see that they were indeed submerged in stank smelling, rotted flesh from the bodies on them, making them all gag and cringe as sharp teeth started to graze at them, all but Valamir, as the anti-Isadora advanced on him "Kill her damn it! Do it, do it now!"

Kill her? Could he? For surely she was the one that he had prayed for after so many years of being alone, and didn't he want this? To be dead and with her once more within that haven he had seen in his dreams so often…was this not what was right? However, the soft sound of a pained moan and cry alerted him, seeing that Kaisuke was being bitten by the creatures, their pointed teeth tearing his flesh.

"Kaisuke!" the vampire cried, rushing over to his fallen love, his feet kicking up high as he moved and plowed through the stagnant swamp of death that fell over on Kaisuke, who now bled all over from numerous cuts to his body. All that mattered in that instant was if he was safe, but Aku's voice came so loud over the dry air, yelling at him to end it all and slay Isadora…to slay Isadora, it was a phrase he never had to think of, but for his benefit and all those he cared for, especially Kaisuke, he would have to do just that.

The large, heavy cross that he could remember the sweet priest using against him for protection so many months before, was picked up off the floor, the remains of the dead still fresh over the metal, now made sharp from being thrown across the floor. It was the perfect weapon against such a twisted monster, especially considering how vile the tiny shred of Isadora's soul had become, driven to evil without the real woman's will.

As she commanded her unholy army, her gaping mouth cackling in a dry throat as she ordered the corpses around to bring harm and curses upon the living, she forgot for an instant about Valamir, as that bit of her consciousness never thought he would be a problem. How wrong she was as the sharp end of the cross held so tightly in his grasp was sent straight through her, tearing apart all withered tendons and organs, the wide hollows of her skull seeming to open in shock if possible as that cold steel tore her into two, forcing her to collapse forward onto the cross.

"H-How…? Valamir…" she croaked, her hands sliding along the crucifix to reach out to him, the twisted wench wondering how a man that was so deeply in love with the woman Isadora could kill her off more or less. All around them the sound of haunting screams filled the church as the dead began to turn to nothing more than ash, their bones ground into dust to seep within the cracks in the stone and to be blown away like nothing.

"You are not…her, not Isadora" Valamir whispered, a tear of guilt sliding down his cheek to splash on the cross as the corpse gasped for air, trying to fill its empty lungs. He would deny it all at that moment and not listen to the scratchy voice that somewhat reminded him of his former lover's, a sound that ceased with each second until the clawing of the cross ended, the cold body becoming still once more.

All was silent within the stone walls, as the screams of the dead faded into the night, leaving only the living there to think of what just happened, and how much agony Valamir had gone through, having ended the life of someone he thought had returned to him. However, a soft light began to well like the tears in his eyes, a shining beacon that illuminated the entire room as ethereal light spilt into the sanctuary to shine down upon the tear-streaked face of Valamir, as hands that had held Kaisuke's face, hold his now.

"Don't cry for me any longer, my love. I am free now of this world, I can go on…thanks to you, my only love" it was Isadora whose hands fell onto his cheek, cradling his face lovingly as she looked as radiant as the day she died. He tried to speak, but her finger was placed upon his lips, quieting him "Say no more, for I know what your heart says, and I will be forever there to protect you, as does another swear the same. Love him, Valamir, as you loved me and keep him safe from the darkness. I love you so much, and I want nothing more than your happiness. I must go, the angels…they call for me. I am free…and at such peace…"

He wanted to yell out to her, to reach above to the glowing purity that covered the church, but his arm stayed at his side as the heavenly being he met so long ago, returned to the heavens she had emerged from to watch over her beloved and the rest, having finally found peace after so long. In a blinding flash, the skies lit up that night, the stars having ignited as though the Lord above had lit a million tiny candles at once as one star shone brighter above, smiling upon the world for all to find comfort in.

Apart of all that watched the display of untainted light and stardust, one lay far off to the side, his body bent and twisted in the remains of wooden benches and broken flesh as the softness and warmth of the light touched him, lulling him into a perfect sleep, but her voice could be heard in his dreams of darkness, and seen was a woman standing in the distance with light of the purest white surrounding her.

"Take good care of him Kaisuke, I'm counting on you from now on. Hmm, Goodbye, I hope I see you again someday…"

Thank you…

Kaisuke's POV

There it was again…that odd dream I kept having, it has been playing in my mind for so long like a movie without sound. But wait…was it all a dream? Am I not fallen and broken, dead to the world? My head hurts and my body is numb, perhaps I didn't make it.


That voice, it's so thick with worry, like a warm dagger into my soul that feels so much better than this chill I am feeling. Open eyes, I want to see so badly.

I was granted with the request of my body and slowly cracked my eyes open, but it hurt so damn much that I wanted to just forget it, but I couldn't, not after seeing a flash of blond hair and caring blue eyes.

"Kaisuke…!" Valamir cried loudly, seeing that I was awake, which only helped to jolt me from my mindless state and to feel the pain through my entire body, only heightened by the tight embrace Valamir had on me…ouch "Thank the Lord you're alive! You're awake, finally!"

"Valamir…? W-what…what happened?" I asked, completely out of my mind with wonder of why I was the following: Naked, in pain, and disoriented…did he take advantage of me or something while I was sleeping? I hadn't the time to even think as his lips were pressed to mine, so warm and familiar that I felt my pain melt away in that instant, but as soon as his lips left mine I had to speak "I remember what happened…I'm sorry Valamir"

"Kaisuke, it wasn't your fault and she's free now from her torment…I do not regret what I did…but it pains me to think that the bit of her soul was used to turn her into something so grotesque" he whispered, sounding so crestfallen about that bit of her that had been kept for sick purposes…so I guess that meant he knew all about what had happened and about my love for him. The thought of Valamir, the man that I had claimed I could try to love, left my heart soaring and my cheeks flared with crimson knowing that he knew it all and my affection for him.

He was probably so upset now, harboring those feelings of loss and hurt inside his heart, not that I blamed him. After all, however many weeks or days ago I had seen him with that fake Isadora was like a kick in the nuts with a frozen mukluk, but he chose me, I know he did! I saw just briefly before I passed out that he was the one that finished off that cretin to protect me, and promised that I be kept forever in his arms.

As though an answer to my thoughts, those strong limbs of Valamir's wrapped around me tighter, as though trying to absorb all my negative thoughts into his embrace, and it did wonders, made all the more easy by the way his lips fell against my skin, warming it instantly with gentle kisses as he whispered softly into my ear.

"Shhh, don't speak, just relax and know that everything will be explained after you rest" said Valamir softly, lovingly as though I was the most important person there and that incident with Isadora had never happened, both of us being just with each other like it had been before, here in the safety of Masanori's mansion; both of us cushioned by the mattress beneath our bodies.

I didn't know what to say or do, but lie there, feeling the soft lips of my lover over my flushed cheeks, kisses flowing down my neck and the wounds there that still covered my entire body. He didn't say anything, and neither did I, but words weren't needed at that moment since it was just the two of us alone together without distractions.

Another soft kiss was given to me, an innocent peck on the lips that I leaned into, pressing myself closer to turn it to a passionate embrace of our mouths. I wanted this; I needed this just to know that everything that happened ensured that I would no longer be haunted by the spirit of Isadora, and free to finally love Valamir without abandon. Until Isadora found peace, none of us could, and I think that's what she was trying to tell us, to let us know that she too was hurt because of the things Sarus did, things that cut me just as deep.

"Kaisuke…you're crying" Valamir said softly and sure enough the warm tears had fallen from my eyes, stinging the cuts on my cheeks, but I didn't wipe them aside and simply smiled at him.

"I'm fine, just thanking someone is all" I said, receiving a small nod of understanding, after all, I'm sure Valamir knew of our joint souls, as I was part of Isadora, just as she was part of me. I felt a growing sense of pride knowing that he loved me so much to do what he did, and I would have told him my gratitude, but that would just make things a little more complicated I think.

So, I told my brain to shut off for a while and listened to my body, my heart; the vessel that responded to Valamir each time he was around, especially at that moment, as he touched me gently, his hands being unable to keep away. I wasn't going to question him, I wasn't! Not when each time his fingers brushed against me, it made all the pain seem like nothing at all, a touch like the teasing tips of a feather against my battered body that yearned for more, arching under his skilled appendages.

He chuckled at my reactions, his love of sensual torture being heightened every time we were together, but he was even gentler than before to not upset my wounds. When he leaned over me, about ready to kiss the wet trail of old tears away, the cross that hung around his neck fell out from his shirt, the shining silver brushing against the exposed skin of my chest.

It touched my flesh, now burning with desire, the cold metal teasing my body like icy needles that only helped me to whimper from the onslaught of pleasant reactions. Even in the mist of what had happened either hours ago or days ago, I couldn't help my mind from pushing all negative thoughts aside to allow this subtle torture that was making my brain a haze of delight.

"Valamir, I…"

"Shhh, don't speak, just let me touch you, it feels like forever"

I said nothing, my parted lips, now chapped from my heavy breathing, closed, only to reopen as his kisses left my neck that he was lavishing like a Popsicle to suck upon the hardened buds of flesh on my chest until they stood at attention from his endless lapping. A slight groan of pain bubbled in my core as his tongue moved lower, tracing a cut that still bled gently, and although it was uncomfortable, the feel of that skilled muscle moving along my naked body was too delightful to ignore.

I wanted to speak, to say so many things, but it was pointless as my tongue was bitten on to keep from screaming as the warming feel of saliva on my already heated skin was driving me crazy, making all the pain ebb away like it was nothing, as though I was on some wonderful drug named Valamir.

The feel of his teeth thoroughly chewing on my nipple was making me mad, as though the pain of my injuries was not enough, he was adding more by denying me from feeling extra, to feel his rigid shaft buried deeply inside my body like so many times before. The image of that happening gave me pleasant chills; my body wanting his so much that I could not keep the solitary mewls from bubbling up, passing out through my lips with each little moan.

He smirked when I did this, knowing that his very presence and attention to my more sensitive areas was making me feel like I was high as a kite, as though on ecstasy, but then again, this feeling was far better than that. There was something there that was more important now, a deep welling of emotions underneath the skin that came out each time from the way he touched me with such gentility, emotions that he probably could feel each time his tongue traced down lower, my chest left for a while as his calloused hands brushed over me like tickling fire.

I arched, suddenly, when the warmth of a blanket over my body was removed, and I saw why I was hit with such cold, because Valamir, the sneaky bastard, had confiscated my clothes while I was sleeping in bed…well, I think that's what he did. However, thoughts were aside as his blue eyes, now burning with lust at my exposed body, roved over each inch of my flesh, making it tingle as he caressed it with his hungry, piercing gaze.

Even without his hands on me I moaned from the look in his eyes, as his gaze roamed my trembling figure, and I knew right away by the change of his breathing that my aroused state was working on him just as well. His thin pants did nothing to hide his excitement, and it made me shudder just to look upon it. So many times before had I seen him without clothing, so many times had I felt completely full with his large member stretching me to my limits and felt the smooth gliding inside me, but this time I felt…shy, even a little scared now that I knew my true feelings for him and of course his obvious love for me.

"You're so beautiful…" he breathed against my flesh, his tantalizing lips pressing to every crevice as they lowered, his tongue, so skilled, slipped out to tease at the dip in my stomach. Sometimes I swore he was cross-bred with a snake to have such a skilled tongue, the way it wrapped around me, darted across my skin like prey, and always made it burn even in the sweltering heat.

I couldn't keep in the sensual sounds of moans and groans that erupted from my throat, and how could anyone blame me with that heavenly body against mine, giving me pleasure that I thought impossible to feel? Anyone who would be gifted to feel these touches could never feel as deeply as I did for Valamir, after all, what normal person would willingly let a vampire nibble their neck so freely?

At that moment, I wouldn't have cared if he sank his fangs into me, tore past my flesh to the very blood flowing in my veins, because I loved him, plain and simple, and if he needed the sustenance, then I would gladly be his buffet. As though on cue, I felt a tiny bite given to my navel, making me squeak with surprise. I looked down and saw his smirking face below that lapped at the small cut on my body.

"You have a question in your eyes…but it must wait, don't think, not at all, just feel" he purred, spreading my legs to expose me completely to him, all shyness tossed aside, and a sense of embarrassment set in, even if I had done this with Valamir so many times before. A tremble found its way down my body to the very tips of my toes as the cold washed over me, caressing me with ghostly fingers that brushed at every sensitive pore.

I wanted to say something to his question, but I could only muster a silent scream in response as he lowered his mouth down onto my hard length that throbbed for his attention, that moist cavity of his orifice being like a vacuum that sucked me up, causing my body to lurch forward in sheer rapture. My fingers were threaded through the long locks of sun-kissed wheat, urging him on to take me in deeper, neither of us really caring at that moment if Valamir choked, especially considering the way my hips bucked upwards into his throat.

He didn't complain though, in fact, he started to moan around me, causing those shivers of delight to snake their way through each tiny nerve in my body until I was a quivering mass of desire, yearning for any caress he could bestow upon it. He worked me as soft and gently as he could, wanting the very core of that quivering mass to turn hard and to shatter the way he so enjoyed.

I wanted, so badly, to touch him in return, to feel the hard muscle tremble under my fingers, but unfortunately my hand had been crushed, damaged by the heaviness of a large boot, but I didn't blame Valamir, I couldn't and would not, knowing that it was Sarus' influence. Regardless of the pain it caused I shifted enough so that my broken arm lay gently at my side, still leveled by a pillow, while my aching hand slid lower, instantly coming in contact with the warm, honeyed flesh I wished to caress.

Valamir's head shot up when my fingers danced over the firm body of the one I loved. Instantly did I notice how wide his eyes had become, now infused with not only lust, but also worry and guilt. How could I not smile at him, to reassure him that I was fine and feeling wonderful as long as he kept touching me? Yet, I'm sure he knew when my hand slid up his face to caress his cheek.

"Valamir, don't worry about it, okay? I'm fine," I said softly, my aching hand touching softly to his face, his gentle, handsome visage so glorious to look at, especially when framed with his golden hair, and that beauty mark adorning his face that seemed to accent his features. It was…adorable actually, really cute on his features when I was assured that those types of marks were meant to be sexy, but it was sweet, a natural pull to my senses as I leant up to his face.

When I was there, I gave him the sultriest look I could muster in my state, but it worked well enough when that sweet blush painted his cheeks, the delicious flesh that I soon ran my tongue up and didn't stop until I reached the dark brown of that intriguing little mark. He shuddered when my tongue massaged it, probably lapping it away if it hadn't been part of his face, but my god, it was something else, and now a fun little trigger that made Valamir even more aroused than when we started.

An odd little noise, a moan laced with a gasp came from his lips, until the urge to take the sensual groping and heavy, sensual mewling to a new step. Valamir took that step as he seized my shoulders and pushed me back onto the bed and straddled my body, his sudden movement making the heated mound in his pants rub deliciously against my unclothed regions, the two of us moaning in unison at the gentle tickle of lust.

Everything seemed to be perfect as I lay beneath him, the soft, supple pale flesh pressed against my own as each shudder from Valamir could be absorbed through my form as well, until I was gasping in the need to feel all of him not only on me, but embedded deeply inside, touching far more than just my body, but my heart as well.

There was a smile on his face as though he could read my every thought, a thought that I wanted to have that hard body, now slightly slick with sweat, thrusting into me until I'm sure I wouldn't be able to breathe! Thankfully, however, he blessed my trembling lips with a sweet kiss, before leaving me momentarily to shed off the offending pants that were keeping his large manhood confined.

If men swooned, I was doing it to an extreme extent as my gaze traveled to the perfectly proportioned organ that twitched each moment Valamir's sweet, lusty blue eyes raked across my naked body, now flushed from the workout it would receive.

There was, however, a soft sigh of nervousness from Valamir, but I didn't need to question, I knew, especially the way he would turn his view to my arm and hand, seeing the damaged limb and believing I was not in the right mood for this. But I was, oh lord I was ready, wet and willing for him to just jump on me and pound my body until my breath could not be caught for hours! But this was Valamir and he was too kind to harm me.

"…Kaisuke, forgive me if I hurt you in any way. Simply cry out to stop," he said softly, a warm smile on his lips before he moved back towards the bed and instantly did he take my left leg up and gently kissed my inner thigh with a teasing lick as well that caused my member to quiver and a soft moan so unlike me to escape my lips.

Despite the pleasure of the gentle nips at my skin, I felt a burning sensation below when Valamir's finger probed the intensely tight ring of muscle that kept his digits from slipping in further, and to think, before I used to be able to fit more than that inside me. Groaning in discomfort from the feel of it all, as well as the lack of penetration, I pulled him closer with my aching limbs, not caring as my muscles screamed in frustration of such movements, but I couldn't help it, I wanted him.

There was a small gasp of surprise from his lips as I pulled him down, his weight crushing me and the many slashes across my body, yet the pain only doubled as an erotic twist. I guess Aku was right when he said I was a masochist… then again, look who said it, right? Suddenly, through my jumbled thoughts, I could feel the slickness of something enter me quickly, stretching every muscle, every nerve in my body until I swore I was on fire.

I screamed in elation from the deep penetration into my unprepared passage, feeling the thick, pulsating length sliding to and fro inside me, touching the very core that made me wail like a cat in heat. Such deep passion was thrust inside, until Valamir allowed himself to let loose and have his own fun, instead of just holding back to that slow, languid pace. Sure, I liked the lazy pace once in a while, but I enjoyed knowing that we both got that same sizzling desire like we had the first time I ever let Valamir touch me.

Together in the room our soft moans and gentle cries were a chorus, the two of us signing to each other's ardor until the bed was shaking just lightly, though to us it was lightly, but I'm sure anyone downstairs was questioning why the ceiling lights were shaking and the walls dropping down jip rock, yeah, we're that bad and it's not the first time. Still, the two of us could care less at that moment, so mesmerized by each other's body, the way each bead of sweat would slowly trail down our temples, hugging to our damp skin like a blanket. It was perfect.

Panting, moaning, and crying softly in ecstasy, I could feel each perfectly defined inch of Valamir moving within me, striking each cord as though I was a harp framed for his pleasure, and I was, just as he was my own to tune. I could feel his hands all over me, groping gently against my sore body and soul in apologetic strokes that had me arching even more, only to make me push forward into him more, earning a rather interesting groan of satisfaction.

That deep-throated moan was like candy to a cavity for me, my hand being driven to move down the pale body plowing into me to guide him further, harder until my breath was being caught each time in my throat, losing it with each gasp I tried to suck in. It was hot now, like I was being jabbed with burning pokers, my skin tingling with needles of fire, made all possible by the skilled attentions from hands spun from the devil!

Valamir shuddered softly when I touched him, the obvious devotion I had to caress his back and ass with my damaged hand was quite a way to make him completely mine and to encourage him on, and encourage I did! With each soft moan, every whimper from either pain or pleasure, he belonged to me and I liked it that way.

His form crushed me with a comfortable weight, causing my rigid member to be pressed down on, and each moment he would thrust into my willing body was just more added friction, sensual and scalding, until my head was thrown back in such sinful desire. It was like heaven, pure and unbridled with each time he slid inside my body, caressed so very intimately until I was screaming again in sheer delight, while Valamir did the same, he having to brace himself on the headboard, which was now banging against the wall so hard it was dented.

Our breath mingled much like the sounds of our moans. We could feel the pull of our senses, feel the tightening of the metaphorical rubber band snapping each moment we expressed our love for one another. It was such passion between the two of us, each inch of sinewy muscle on Valamir's body blanketing me, forcing me to arch against him, until the sudden, hard drive into my battered orifice made me dip off the edge of the cliff. Suddenly, in a blast of blinding light and choking pleasure, I could feel the warmth of my own semen coating my stomach and the burn of Valamir's hand now slathered with the sticky fluid as well.

In the heat of our activity, my dear vampire had torn the sheets and pillows apart, the feathers of expensive pillows now raining down on us as he released a feral growl into my ear. His fangs, elongated in our odd mating ritual of pain and fervor, could not find my neck as they used to before he finally snapped, allowing me to feel the sudden wash of warmth in my body, veneering the twitching path of my body.

I was in pain, a sting of obviousness from my injuries and the few dozen love bites and thrusts into my very willing body. Valamir had long ago slumped against me, covering me like a blanket and melting against my sweat drenched skin. We reeked of sex, so thick that it could be cut with a knife, and I'm sure that whosever bed we were on would not appreciate it.

Still, the silence filled the room; the only sound left was the panting from Valamir's soft lips that gently caressed my ear now. My arm lay perfect on its side, untouched by the weight on top of me as Valamir had seemed to collapse in the heat of it all, finding solace in just lying, still inside my body. Despite the pain in my body, I hadn't the heart to move him and closed my eyes, soon to be lulled by the feel and the sound of him, as though everything was just a nightmare and this the real dream.

A little pain was well worth it, and in the morning we would worry about the world around us. Until then, the only thing we focused on was the silence; sweet silence.

The worst is over now and we can breathe againI wanna hold you high, you steal my pain awayThere's so much left to learn, and no one left to fightI wanna hold you high and steal your pain'Cause I'm broken when I'm open And I don't feel like I am strong enough'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesomeAnd I don't feel right when you're gone away

End Chapter 20

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