Disclaimer: To all that read this: This is my first work so please be critical of it. Enjoy WARNING: This is probably going to be very drawn out in the beginning, so if you have a poor attention span you may have problems reading this.


Light is overrated, darkness is an opening into nothingness, and there is little in-between. From here we will take you into that sliver known as between. Inside of between we will meet those that live there, those who call it Neo-Prophecy. Welcome to the area between time and space where all things begin. It is where you and I first existed and first tried to comprehend the meaning of that existence.

We are those that have always been, those few beings that have existed since the beginning. There is much for us to show to you before a new power will replace us, we will be here to guard over you kind as long as our power permits, but take this knowledge as a sign of change, not a sign for mourning. All of our knowledge is being given to you and your people as a present, a gift, for letting us observe your growth over the eons. We will now give to the why, the question of reasoning, as to the meaning behind why we sent you to this area, the zone between light and dark, we now give you the gift of twilight.

There are those among you that curse us for sending you to this bleak void, this small patch of emptiness, but know that this is where we first came to be, the area where we can nurture you the most. From here there is only what you choose, what you desire as a whole, creation is now in your hands and we give you our final message: Do not stray from the paths of peace and prosperity, for it will be your downfall. We now leave your kind to its own devices while we seal this area off from those who would do you harm.