Segment 2

Enter our past, for trough me, you will learn of our first trials and tribulations, handed down to us through our guardians. I am willing to take you only so far through chaos before another cycle will begin. Now I have prepared you for our beginnings, free your mind of their tainted views and we shall begin.

The Calling

There had been little for us to grasp in our infancy, and that which we could, we did, and that which we took we never released. It was through this process of ceaselessly taking that we attracted the attention of our guardians. We were not given the chance to develop alongside of other species, other cultures, but were instead driven deep into hiding before our kind had the chance to adapt.

Throughout the centuries of our habitual hiding, we began to develop a mutual mental link with others of our kind. This marked the fading of the existence mental barriers that had created the inconsistencies of those that came to be known as individuals, those who held self interests above the needs of the whole, these are the reason behind the ideals of the cycles of chaos. From the breaking of mental barriers, we became a whole, a singularity, capable of warping the realities that surrounded us; we became masters of perception.

From our ability to alter the shape of matter we began to create, for ourselves, our own rule among those who had driven us into hiding. We treated them as filth, a disgrace to our kind; they plotted our demise for, even though they had treated us in this manner before, they did not have the mastery over reality that we had acquired. They wanted their revenge and would go to any length to get their way.

We were tyrants among the week and took everything from our captive populace, breeding in them, a complete disgust towards any object that we had tainted with our influence. Through our oppression, those species that we had held against their will, found a way to mold the realities that we had created to enslave them. Through this advance in our downfall, they were able to slip free of the iron grip that we once had held over them.

In the following decades we were forced to trust the value of the individual, for only one among us had found a way to escape from our ensuing nightmare, the possibility that our former servants would force us who remained as a we, back behind the mental barriers that we had worked for centuries to eradicate. We were acting out of desperation, there were only two choices left for us to follow, we could either give into the whims of those we had made to suffer, or we could run. We chose to run, to escape the certain annihilation that we would face if they were ever to catch up to us.

From him we came to know the value of the individual, those that we had originally cast out to protect the minds of our week. We soon came to find that those who chose to remain outside of the mental web were there to act as pinnacles of balance, to correct the mistakes of the many with the experiences of the one. There were times when we regretted following him into the broiling nebula of darkness that was to hold our salvation but had it not been for him, we would no longer be. From him came the doctrines of our religion, our beloved Wanderings, they were the key to our past and the door that eventually led us to Twilight.

Into the darkness of space we went, not knowing, and not caring where we were going, so long as we survived the first purge. We followed blindly as he attempted to show us who had given him the knowledge of the way, filling in the gaps our people had created, forcing upon us the reason as to why the individual had been chosen to lead over the whole. In our time drifting, we were allowed to observe the subtle shifts in space and time. Those slight changes in our wanderings were what landed us at the feet of our future guardians.

They had been watching us form afar for nearly a millennia now, trying to decide if there was any quality within our kind that could benefit their own. After observing our willingness to trust ourselves to those that we had banished from our society, they decided to act. We had proven our worth to them, they now were willing to guide us to a place sealed away from those that would do us harm.