By: Kitty/Shino Tenshi

"Godamn Son of a bitch! I'll kill you!" he screamed at me, as he ran with his dagger at hand. I thought quickly how to avoid him without injuring myself.

'Dammit!" I thought insanely. 'He will kill me if I stay here! Ah, I know!' I thought.

"Come here, my dear girl!" he screamed at me with rage in his voice. When he arrived up to me, he knocked my over, sticking his dagger deeply into my side at the same time.

I screamed in pain and agony as I felt the pain of my new injury course throughout my body. However, I had something I had forgotten.

The bastard of Seiya had stacked the dagger right on my side and they pained me like the flames of hell. While I screamed in horror

and pain, he dug the dagger even more into me, while he was on top of me when he had taken me down before.

I frantically looked in my pocket and pulled out my

.22 Magnum I had.

Rapidly, I took it out and pointed it to his head.

He looked at me in the eyes still making pressure unto my side.

"If you murder me, you will go to hell." He told me.

"I? Either way I was destined to go to that horrible place since the day of my birth." I said... And I pressed the trigger 3 consecutive times.


Now, as I shot him dead I closed my eyes and I felt as the blood flew in different directions all around me.

Most of it fell on me.

When I opened my eyes, I only could see red, because of the blood in my eyes.

I pushed his headless body off me, and I laid back moaning in pain as I took out the dagger from my side.

I gave a slight moan in response as I took it out and threw it

as far as I could.

I looked over at Seiya and then I looked at myself.

*Ame, the black rain. Taken down by some low class soldier.

That was practically impossible, but I took it and kept my way.

( *ame= it means rain in Japanese)

As soon as I had arrived at my hideout -or ours- I was quickly helped by my only friends.

Aoshi or Chang -like he preferred to be addressed as- helped me to a small bed in a corner and went to look for the 'First Aid Kit'.

"Another wound I see."

"Be quiet Kenny." I said in an annoyed voice.

"Take you shirt off Ame-Chan." Chang ordered me. I had lost a lot of blood, and had gotten dry and it was a bit hard,

cause it got kinda sticky and stuff.

"Pervert." Kenny said to Chang laughing.

Chang showed him the middle finger and ignored him.

Afterwards he ordered me to lay back so

Soukchai could sew my wound back together easier.

Kenny kept annoying me, but I tried my best to ignoring him,

without hurting him,

but I remember since we were kids he always picked on me.

But, whenever we needed his help he was always there,

to lay a helping hand.

I looked over at Chang -who smiled at me- he slowly cleaned the

sticky blood off my face and my wound.

Chang always helped me and he was the one

who rescued me when I was very young.

I have the same age as him (19).

Soukchai & Kenny are 17 since they are twins.

Kenny being the oldest, even though Soukchai rarely ever

listens to him; although she is more mature than he is.

I don't hate Soukchai,

but I hurt to be a bit jealous of her,

because she and Chang are engaged...…

I wish I would have met him before she did.

Unfortunately, it did not happen that way.

"Here. Good as new. Well almost." Kenny told me passing me a clean shirt. "Here."

"Thanks Elijah." I said calling him by his second name.

"Call me Kenny. You know I don't like that name." the grunted at me.

I smiled and put on the clean shirt.

"Then what do you want me to call you? Faggot; maybe?" I said maliciously. I knew he was gonna get angry with me.

"Besides you desperately are in need of haircut." I said passing my

hand through his braided hair.

"Don't touch me. Ya got cooties. Anyway, I like my hair like this.

You never complain about Chang's pigtail." He said obviously pissed off.

"Hey! Leave me out of this!" Chang resorted.

"You always have to drag us into your argument, don't you?" Soukchai said, pulling on Kenny's braid.

"Hey! Stop it or I'll throw Homey at ya again!"

"Don't you dare! That damn rat scares me." She said pushing Kenny and hiding behind Chang's brooded figure. (6'2" her 5'5")

"Hey! Come on! I made something decent for you damn brats!" Wufei said, he is Chang's father. Chang's mom -Kitty Himura- and the Gemini twins' mom -Hippy Maxwell- are always out so usually Wufei and Duo -the twins father- stay with us.

"Dad, don't be so mean." Chang said at him.

"You want to eat something brat? Then move it!"

Wufei commanded at us and we went.

Both of them are capable of leaving us without any food for days,

even months!

So it's better we eat something now.

It's better than nothing.