"Great fucking landing, Pik." The stood on the edge of the disk, looking out at the scene far below them. There was a lurch, a sound of concrete ripping apart, and the ground tilted another ten degrees.

"This REALLY doesn't look very dimplomatic," Pik said. my mother is SO gonna kill me."

"If they dont first you mean?" He gestured down at the crowds below. Some of them had pulled out metal rods and were clicking them, sending litlle bits of metal into the underside of the craft. They pinged off, harmless.

"Maybe we should think about moving this thing? Before they bring out the big guns."

The three guys nodded. They made their way up the slopping side to a hatchway in the centre of the disk and climbed in.

A few seconds past. Then the disk rose effortlessly into the air. It hung there for a moment and then vanished, in the blink of an eye.

"You think they liked that thing? A big lump of stone?"

The last few wisps of cloud vanioshed from the screen. Soon there was nothing but the star-sprayed blackness of space. The huge orb of the planet earth filled the bottom half of the monitor. It looked quite beautiful, the deep navy blue of the sea, whisps of cloud scudding over its surface. The west coast of America was just heading into night as they watched the black cresent race across the world towards it. Behind it, the country lit up like a christamss tree.

"Whats that?"

A tiny yellow dot had appeared. It grew larger and closer towards them.

"Er. The big guns?"

It was so close now they could see it clearly, a thin cylinder. The end pointing towards them was a rather nasty looking spike and there was fire coming out of the other end. Basic propulsion system.

They could've even read the lettering off the side, if they could have read. 'U.S. ARMY' it would've said.

It hit the side of the craft with a dull thud. Inside, the deck rocked gently and the monitor was blacked out so that the watchers would not be blinded. There was a single, solitary bleep from a console.

"Is that it?"

"Seems so."

"How the hell did they get off their planet with that technology?"

When the screen cleared, a minute later, there was a little smoke and a few lined of energy that crackled across the surface of the sheilds whenever a larger bit of the debris came into contact with it. Ten more yellow dots were now heading up from the planets surface.

"Nice welcome."

"This could get boring. Anybody want a game of chess?"