Chapter 36: over

The tall, familiar figure strode towards me. His eyes were running over me, as though he could not believe his own ingenuity.

"How do you feel?" he asked. I didn't know what to answer. "How have they treated you?"

"I think," I said, my voice shaking with anger, "that you have caused my friends and father enough suffering to surpass anything you went through during your lifetime."

"Oh, doubtful. Nothing could ever repay what was done to me."

"You mean, what you did to yourself. Your father left you to make money, so he could support you!"

"And how did he end up? Stranded, delusional, on a beach to die."

"He died because he saw this happening, and he couldn't understand the evil that could possess his son. He died mourning the loss of you."

"Enough of this," Dantos said softly, coming closer. "You're mine now. And the first thing you will do is get rid of anything that can come between the two of us. We will do extraordinary things together. We need to get rid of any distractions. You understand, I'm sure."

His eyes grew big and in a rush he lunged at me, and scenes passed before my mind's mind in a fast motion and I saw my self holding someone by the throat. The urge to crush this person was overwhelming. This life had to be extinguished, in order for Dantos's will to prevail. Crush it… strangle… Strength coursed through my veins, with an adrenaline I never knew I had, and I couldn't see, nothing was clear. Roaring in my ears and I cant see everythings blackWho was it? Where… "You can love" "Love" "LOVE" no you must die

that's right kill him

have to kill you



"You know." everything paused. "you look just like her." he whispers into my brain.

her…. Kailai, my name, my ancient grandmother. She was good. She loved "LOVE" "YOU CAN LOVE" the dream and kailai and dantos and plans "YOU CAN LOVE" a child .. innocent death thousands of innocent deaths wives mothers shes growing and I know that she's good and shes in me and I'm good and I am not dantos ;kailai showed me that dream for this reason to remember remember remember remember "YOU CAN LOVE" not a machine broken machine its BROKEN you can LOVE water sand kiss warmth storm joon eggs this wreck "SHE IS GOOD AND YOU ARE TOO"

you can LOVE


RAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSTRANGLE HIM! Pusssshing pushing my thumbs into his throat, his green my strength flowing green eyes bulging. Dantos will die.


….. ….

…. . … gasp. . … …. I collapse..

.. …. …. …. Gasp. .. … …

boots loud voices and boots everywhere guns everywhere

blink …. One. .. … 2.. .. thre3…. sand under me again…. hi there Green eyes, kind, smooth green eyes ….

That love me. We clasp and water drains from our eyes

and its over