Disclaimer: Alright people this is the deal. (WTF?!) I have been gone too long. This story idea was thought up in brief by RedLady and I and meant to be our co-written story. But some people have no commitment! Only joking Red. So I wrote Chapters 1 and 3 but Red has seen them too and Red has written chapter 2 and everything onwards is mine but obviously I wouldn't have the idea without RedLady.

A/N: Proelium's Demons is about 3 teenagers (Taylor, Helen and Josh) who go on a school trip and fall down a hole into another world. (how many times has that been done eh?) They meet Durma who is their guide and leads them on their quest to defeat Tarterus and his demons. This is a fantasy adventure/comedy because teenagers are funny! I should know as I am one. So read and review!

"OK, everyone on the bus, single file. No pushing! Malcolm, Eddie, Malcolm stop pulling her hair! Sandra, you'll find spitting isn't ladylike. Let's calm down kids we're not even on the bus THAT DOWN ANDREW! Thank you. Helen put that lipgloss away please, Taylor that nose ring doesn't suit you and Josh do you call that a permission slip?! It's got pictures of zombies on it! Ok everyone, single file."

Taylor, Helen and Josh walked down the aisle through the chaos that was their classmates on the school trip. It was only to a national park so they didn't know what was so exciting. Probably that they weren't in school for a whole day. But who knows why everyone is always excited on a school trip even when it's the most boring day of their lives?

"So Ladies," Josh (who liked to think he had a way with the ladies) began, "who am I sitting next to today then?"

They reached their seats, "Yourself." Taylor and Helen said together as they sat down. Taylor slumped in her seat by the window and settled her personal CD player in place. Helen perched on the end of her seat touching up her make up, which she had touched up just five minutes previously.

Josh swung into the seats behind them, "How come I always sit on my own?" he whined.

"Because we sit together." Taylor said with her typical dose of sarcasm.

"Ha ha, I'm just saying its not exactly fair is it?" he dangled over the back of their seats. He looked like a hedgehog his hair was full of so many spikes, but look around. All boys are cloned!

"Josh this is for your own good. If you sat next to Helen you'd look like a Barbie Doll by the time you got off!" Taylor took a little dig at Helen.

"And if you sat next to Taylor everything would be pierced!" Helen answered back not taking her eyes off the mirror.

"Ooh Catty!" Josh grinned.

"Of course," Taylor swerved around to face him, "Any look is an improvement on the current one!"

"Ok, I'm sitting on my own!" Josh sat back into his seat as the bus pulled off.

The bus journey was a couple of hours during which Josh was like an annoying fly always buzzing around them.

"Helen, what ya doing?" he asked peering at a magazine.

"Looking at clothes." She answered.

"Taylor, what ya doing?" he asked peering at another magazine.

"Looking at clothes."

Josh looked at these separate idea of clothes, Helen's was made up of fitted, colourful, happy (if clothes can be happy) items whereas Taylor's were baggy, dark and moody (?). He looked at himself, Jeans and a shirt, simple. "Why are girls so complicated?" he thought to himself.

Soon the bus pulled into the car park and everyone bundled off the bus, yawning and stretching and blinking at the brightness.

Josh stretched, "I'm free.I need to pee!" he rushed off. Taylor wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Josh." she mumbled.

"I know, if that's the best the rhyme he can think of!" Helen said, her blonde hair blowing in the wind.


"Yes Taylor my friend?" she was in a hyper mood.

"Never mind." Taylor put her earphones back on.

Josh soon returned to them and borrowed Helen's mirror to check his hair. "Helens are taking over the world!" thought Taylor.

Their teacher, (who could suffer a heart attack at any time with what he has to deal with) Mr Holmes walked over.

"Yo Sir!" Josh beamed.

Mr Holmes pause and gave a strange look to Josh, "Yo." He said slowly with no expression. "I trust you three are in a group?"

"Yep, me and my buds!" Helen squeezed Josh and Taylor.

"Perfume!" choked Josh.

"My liver!" squealed Taylor.

Helen let them go and took the clipboard with paper and worksheets from their teacher.

"Who's going to write?" Helen asked looking around. Taylor and Josh both plunged their hands into their pockets. "Me then."

Helen took out a pink pen and began writing their names and the introduction dotting all the I's with hearts. Taylor became quite pale, well, paler than usual.

"You alright Taylor?" Josh chuckled.

"My name is on a piece of paper with PINK HEARTS! What are you trying to do to me Helen?!" she yelled.

"It's pretty." Replied Helen innocently.

They rejoined their class and received the usual boring safety and behaviour lecture from their teacher before they all went in a crowd after him to look at animal droppings, how fun!

Helen and Taylor examined the droppings,





Josh was too busy playing with his best friend, his football. Suddenly the wind caught it and sent it hurtling down a hill.

"Catch that football!" he sprinted after the ball.

"Catch that boy!" Helen and Taylor yelled running after Josh.

All three continued to run after the ball deeper into the darkness of the woods.