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Durma flashed the teenagers a small smile. He had a pale complexion and long silvery blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. He had a scar above his left eye, which were blue. (His eyes not the scar!) And he towered above them.

"Guide to what?" asked Helen, finding her voice who was now more confused than possible.

"For over a century we have been waiting for the chosen three youths to come here. To become my warriors and help defeat Tarterus and his demons. The scriptures tell us of three youths with strong minds and pure hearts." He said with an air of mystique.

"Nah mate, I just came to get my football!" explained Josh, completely un- phased by the story.

Taylor smiled at the comments of her friend, "And we haven't exactly got pure hearts," she said thinking of herself, "Or strong minds." She glanced at Helen.

"You say this but the scriptures never lie!" Durma said sternly. "Now you know my name. I wish to know yours."

Taylor was about to open her mouth to protest but Josh butted in, "Can we get my football back first?"

Durma smirked and said a short command in a strange language. The creature, still not taking its eyes off the teenagers waddled forward and placed the football and Josh's feet.

"Thanks." he said slowly, bending down to pick it up.

"Your names?" Durma asked once more. He never seemed to change the tone of his voice.



"Josh." They all answered shortly.

Durma nodded, "Very me." He turned and led his horse like creature out of the forest.

Helen simply began to follow him and Josh was too busy kicking the football gently to the weird creature that still wouldn't take its eyes off him. Taylor grabbed Helen's arm and pulled her back, " are we going?" she said in a teenage tone of voice.

"Yeah, good question!" said Helen, folding her arms.

"Out of the forest. The Googlehimes will be out soon and you don't want to get on the wrong side of one of them when they're hunting." He said somewhat impatiently.

Taylor rolled her eyes, adults! She yanked Josh's hoodie to let him know they were going and her and Helen trudged along behind Durma, purposely keeping their distance.

"Google-whats?" whispered Helen.

"He's lost the plot if you ask me." Said Taylor grimly.

Josh had caught up with them and was also asking them what a googlehime was and where they were going. Unbeknown to him his new "best friend" the weird creature followed silently behind.

As they walked they saw several more strange creatures. Over-sized bird like creatures, pink fish and and killer orange frogs of course all under different weird names. They soon learnt that a googlehime was more or less the equivalent to a wolf apart from the fact they were the size of a Great Dane and had teeth like sabre tooth tigers. They also saw a herd of the horse like creatures frolicking in a meadow (with hints of purple grass) and noticed that they all had broad, magnificent wings. Looking at Durma's they noticed his too had wings, folded into his side.

"That's a pretty er." Helen drifted off pointing at the creature, trying to talk to Durma.

"He's a Pegasus, named Trojan." He smiled, obviously proud of Trojan. Helen smiled back, stroking Trojan cautiously.

"Oh yeah and I'm Hercules!" Josh scoffed.

"Far from it my friend." Replied Durma, leaving Josh with no comeback.

Just as the sun set and a blanket of darkness swept over the land Durma arrived at a small hut and led his guests inside.