A/N This is a sort memoir about the best night of my life. I've written and rewritten it

many different times but this is the first time it'll be posted for everyone to see. I hope

you like it.

I'd never known what it was like outside at midnight. I didn't even want to go outside.

My cousins and I had run around all day and I was all ready just to curl up in a sleeping

bag in Sean's room and watch "Just Married." But they dragged me out. And thank god

they did. First off I got to meet Jeremy. Jeremy he was Jeremy and I was glad.

He was real cute.

We were going to play a game. I almost laughed. I didn't play games anymore. I was to

grown up and mature for games. Jeremy grinned at me and said that I have to be it with

him. I grinned back, hey I could be childish one night. They explained the rules to me. It

was a bit like extreme hide and go seek. I rolled my eyes. I hadn't played hide and go

seek since I was three years old. It seemed a little ridiculous for a bunch of teenagers to

play a little kid's game. But Jeremy said it was fun so I agreed.

Everyone went to hide while Jeremy and I sat on a boat in the middle of the field (Sean's

backyard is acres long and has lots of boats) and counted to sixty. While we were looking

for everyone we talked quietly. Jeremy was a lot more than cute. He was nice and smart

and funny. We had a lot in common. We both liked the same kind of music (punk rock,

not the poppy kind) and movies (ridiculous romantic comedies). But he really had me

when he looked up at the sky and said, "Look at how beautiful the stars are Lyz." I

looked up a gasped. The sky was inky black and the stars shone brighter than anything

I've ever seen.

Eventually everyone was found and we had to go hide. I hid in some tall grass and

listened to the sounds around me. Crickets chirped and the wind made the trees rustle but

loudest of all was my ragged breathing. I heard footsteps run towards me so I ran I the

opposite direction right into a boat! I kept running but now I was laughing. My favorite

pink (with a glittery star) sweatpants had grass stains and were soaked up to my knees

but I didn't even care. When I finally stopped my knee was throbbing where I ran into the

boat. I rolled my (ruined) sweatpants up to my knee. There was a thing gash on my knee

that was bleeding slightly. I rolled them back down and kept playing. Nothing could ruin

this night.

After two or three hours of running around we finally stopped and laid down on the grass

and watched the stars. Jeremy showed us some of the constellations. I just wanted to lie

there forever on the wet ground next to Jeremy. Of course we couldn't though. Jeremy's

mom came out screaming about the "black ghost" so he had to go inside. But before he

did he touched my hand quickly so the guys wouldn't see and whispered that it was a

shame I was leaving Upstate New York tomorrow be he was going to miss me. I smiled

and said I'd miss him too.

And I did miss him. I missed him every day. But I have more than just a memory of that

night. That thin gash turned into a scar. My favorite scar.