I walked up the stairs of my new home carrying a box. Kesley was already inside and she held open the door for me. "Thanks," I said and walked in. I set the box down and looked around the house. "Not bad," I said. Kelsey nodded, "The relator said it was a good find for us." "I can think of other reasons besides the house." I laughed. She nodded and looked out the window, "D'you suppose we should just walk past the house?" she asked. "How about we get unpacked at least half way first, Kesley. I don't think they're going anywhere." I teased and opened the box. Kesley hurriedly went outside and started bringing the rest of the boxes in. She was just as anxious as I to meet the guys. "Here, help me bring this up the stairs," I told her and picked up one end of a dresser. She walked over and picked up the other end. "Do you think they'll be outside? What if they're not, maybe they'll come over here. After all, this is their neighborhood, I'm sure they'd want to know who moved into this house." She chatted away as we made our way upstairs. "Calm down, Kelsey!" I cried, "We'll meet them soon enough." The doorbell rang, "I'll get it!" she exclaimed and let go of her end of the dresser. It landed with a thud and I almost lost my balance. "Chela!" she yelled up the stairs, "You'll never guess who it is!" I sat the dresser down and rushed down the stairs. My first hope would be that it was Kevin so Kesley would stop obsessing over when she was going to meet him. To my surprise, and by no means dissapointment, Robbie Karver stood at the door. "Hiya neighbor," he said grinning. I looked from Robbie to Kesley, who was also supporting a wide grin. She knew he was my favorite cast member. Kesley looked at me, "This is Chela," she said ushering to me. Robbie stuck out his hand and I took it, "Hi Chela, I'm Robbie or," he laughed, "As my friends call me - " "Rotang," I finished and he nodded raising an eyebrow. A moment passed and Kesley looked at me with arched eyebrows. She nodded up to Robbie, "Oh!" I began, "Won't you come inside?" He shook his head, "Nah, I can't. I just wanted to see the new neighbor's." he smiled, "My house is just down the road there," he said pointing somewhere. I nodded slightly dissapointed, "Alright, then we'll see you later?" I said. "Sure," he grinned and waved a goodbye. I closed the door after watching him bound down our steps.

As soon as Robbie was out of sight of the house his friends bounded on him.
"Who are they?" Pat asked.
"Where'd they come from?" Kevin asked.
"Are they pretty?" Ryan demanded.
Robbie laughed at his friends, "Their names are Kelsey and Chela. I'm not sure where they're from but they sound southern. And Ryan," he laughed again, "You'll just have to decide that on your own."
Kevin turned to Brendan, "You gotta invite them over or something." He said.
"Me? Why me?" Brendan asked.
"Because you're the one with a T.V. show, duh." Ryan said.
"How do we know they even watch it?"
"They do," Robbie said pulling up his pants a bit, "She knew I was called Rotang."
"She?" Kevin asked.
"The Chela one." Robbie answered.
"Yo, dudes, look, ones coming out now!" Ryan said and they all tried to see past the bushes.

I looked out the window, "Did you see how low his pants were?" I squealed and Kelsey nodded.
"I wonder if they're still out there somewhere. Robbie turned to his left, his house is down the other way." Kelsey said also peering out the window.
"Here, I'll see, you watch and see if any of them appear while I'm out there." I said and opened the door. I closed it behind me and tried to act as though I was only going to get another box. I walked down my steps and reached into my car and got a box.

"Whoa, which one's that?" Ryan asked Robbie.
"Chela I think, yeah, she was the one wearing sandals." Robbie said trying to get another look aswell.
Ryan looked back to him, "What?" he said.
Ryan shrugged and Kevin said, "That box looks heavy."
They all looked at each other and struggled to get out in the open first. Ryan got the furthest and let out a triumphant, "Ha!"
"Dang," Pat mumbled.
"Well, what does the other one look like?" Kevin asked Robbie.

Kesley tapped on the window and pointed out to the driveway. I saw Ryan jump out into the open and let out a "Ha!" I wondered what it was all about. I pretended as though I hadn't seen him and continued to lift a rather heavy box out of the car.
I heard Ryan walking up behind me, "Looks like y'need some help." He said and I turned around, trying to look surprised.
He offered to take the box and I let him. I tried not to laugh as he almost dropped the box.
"What DO you have in here? Rocks," He said struggling to regain his hold of it.
"Yeah, I've been collecting them for a while." He stared at me and I laughed, "Not really, just some books."
"So you're Ryan I take it," I began. "Who else do you have hiding in those bushes down there?"
He grinned as we mounted the porch stairs, "And I'm guessing you're Chela," he said not answering me last question.
I nodded and Kesley opened the door, "And this is Kelsey," I said and Kesley smilied at him.
"Where do you want these?" He asked montioning to the box.
"Oh, yes, right over here will be fine." I said and he put the books down with a thud.
"Ya'll just moved here then?" he asked.
Kesley answered, "Yeah. We're from down south if you can't tell already." She grinned.
He nodded and looked back outside, "Listen, some of my friends are down there am I'm sure they're dying to meet you, so if you don't mind?" he asked.
Kesley nodded, "Oh yes, bring them right up!" she cried.

"Haha, looks like he's having trouble with that box." Robbie said watching Ryan.
"I wonder what they're talking about," Brendan said.
"Look, he's inside now," Kevin said pointing.
"I wonder if he'll say anything about us," Pat mumbled.
They sat in silence for a minute and then saw Ryan come back out.
"He's leaving already?" Kevin cried.
"No wait, he's running back here now."
Ryan reached them, "C'mon, they said it's alright if we come in."
They hesistated a moment, "They're nice, come on!" he commanded and went behind them and pushed them forward.
"Hey Ryan," Robbie said over his shoulder, "What was that in the box? You seemed to be having.. some, problems." He smirked.
Ryan glared, "Books,"
"Wow!" Kevin exclaimed, "They read too?"
"I wonder if they're seeing anyone," Brendan mused aloud.
"I get dibbs on Chela if she's not," Ryan said.
"No no," Pat began, "You know the rules, twenty-four hours before you can claim one as yours."
"I wonder what the rest of the guys with think of them." Kevin said.
"You've got to invite them over Brendan!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Man, they're like pratically inching their way here," Kelsey said watching the guys slow pace.
"Now, aren't you glad you're single?" I said nudging Kesley.
"Hey, I'm not the only one obsessed. Remember your room back home? I seem to remember Robbie pictures everywhere, so you've got no room to tease." She said laughing at me.
"I wonder what they're talking about," I said getting impatient.
Kesley stepped outside and I followed her. We had time to sit on the banister and get comfy before they finally reached the porch.
Ryan came up beside them, "Alright Pat, Kevin, Brendan, this is Kesley." He said pointing over to her. At the mention of Kevin's name Kesley jumped off the banister and stood up.
"Hi," the three said at one time and shook Kesley's hand.
"And this is Chela," He said and I waved from where I was.
"I would invite you all inside, but there's really no where to sit, so - " Kesley began.
"Nah, this is alright," Kevin said sitting down on a stair.
"Nice shorts," Brendan said raising an eyebrow at us.
Kelsey and I looked down at our shorts, "Well, it was hot when we left," Kesley said fidgeting with her shorts.
"Nice shoes," I said to Brendan, returning the arched eyebrow.
He grinned and Kevin looked at him to us and back to the guys, "I think we're too clean."
I saw the guys exchange glances and I knew what they were going to suggest. I looked over to Kesley and figured she did too because she was looking helplessly at her white shorts.
Brendan looked over our half-grass half-dirt lawn, "Do you have a hose?"
I pointed around back and he ran around to get it, Ryan followed.

Brendan searched for the hose, "Ah ha!" he said and picked it up over his shoulder.
"Do you think they'll really go along with this?" Ryan asked, "They are, after all, girls."
Brendan stopped at looked at him, "I'm not going through another mud 'facial' if that's what you're implying. And plus, I think they'll enjoy it."
Ryan shook his head, "Ah, nevermind, here, I'll turn it on." He said and turned on the water.
By the time Brendan and Ryan appeared with the hose, the rest of the guys had slipped off their shoes and socks.
Chela and Kelsey were standing in the midst of the guys, obviously expecting what was coming.
"You should see the mud back home," Chela said to them. "It's everywhere after it rains."
Brendan turned on the hose and started drenching the front lawn in it.
"Shouldn't take much," Kevin said, "It's been raining a lot lately."
And sure enough, they could see mud after only a few moments of the water going.