What's the problem?
What's better than being nice -
To someone who was nice to you first?
I started the game of tag
But your not playing right
I tag you, but you do nothing
I tag you again
And you stare uninterestedly
You must be happy from the number of times
But still you do nothing?
Do you not know how to play?
Do you not know how to tag me?
Do you not see me?
Do you not understand me?
Do you just not care?
I'm a writer, just like you
I want to be noticed, just like you
I need help, just like you
I need criticism, just like you
But most of all I love reviews, just like you

What's with these people who don't reciprocate reviews? Do they get them and say, oh wow, another review, I must be the best and no one else matters... I mean YES sometimes I haven't reciprocated a few people, but I've reviewed a few people(not mentioning any names) repeatedly *underline underline* and they haven't reviewed me once or looked at my website, or emailed me... Shesh people, oh, and BTW if you review me I will reciprocate!