The rain fell to the hard wet ground. It started coming down hard now; the never ending rain. It was falling upon Jamie and she was getting soaked. Her bright pink shirt was now wet from top to bottom. And she didn't like the attention she was getting from guys one bit. They were all staring at her chest since the wet shirt made her stick out. She was getting sick of guys thinking about sex nonstop all day. That was all she thought they thought about. So she didn't like them anymore not one bit. She still thought some were attractive but she didn't want to go out with people that only thought about sex.

That's when the most peculiar thing happened to her in the halls after third period. She bumped into a girl from the same grade as her. She said sorry and introduced herself. "I'm sorry, here," she said picking up some of the girl's papers. "My name's Jamie." She said handing the papers over to the girl.

"Hello, I'm Sara the girl said," said the girl.

Jamie looked into Sara's beautiful turquoise eyes and her soft pink lips and her wavy golden hair. She thought that Sara was very attractive. At least a lot prettier than she ever thought she was. She was a brunette with shiny hair to her shoulders. Then something surprising happened. She started feeling great attraction towards Sara. This never happened to Jamie, especially with a girl. Then Sara started walking to her next class.

Jamie's next class was the same as Sara's. And Jamie was glad because she could appreciate the beauty of her.

Then in seventh she sat next to her. She started talked to her a lot and they became friends fast.