Lolly men and liquorice girls marched out to war today,
With icing boots and gumdrop hats they looked about to play,
Along the ground they stomped their boots out in the morning cold,
They lined up straight as if they were ready to be sold,
Chocolate rifles glistened black like leather from a shoe,
On count of three they fired off to the call of "choo".

Gloomy lights filtered through the closed blinds into a room choked with books and crumpled paper. A figure hunched in the centre, inhabiting a small cleared area. It looked up...

Red, only red, the colour seen by me,
Pain, only pain, the longing to be free,
Heat, only heat, plays across my skin,
War, only war, rages on within.

The door creaked open spreading comforting light into the room and revealing a silhuette. It sighs and places a steaming bowl on the floor silently. Another sigh and it withdraws along with the light.

Shadows dancing, cross the face, as if from flickering flame,
Regardless of, the light I give, it remains, still, the same,
Dewdrops pool, round the eyes, with sadness unforbade,
For all my work, evermore I feel, still as night, unmade.

"Cough, cough." the form unrolled and crawled towards the lifegiving soup. A spoon glinted briefly as it raised.

A golden drop of sunlight plummets to the dark,
With hope to spare, it follows through its mark,
The spreading ripple flowed with love, A promise for new peace,
It's joyous warmth grows strong as glee, A truely golden fleece,
The pool is clear once more, Its purpose now is true,
From it's depths a springly vine, Flowered as it grew.