Week-end Reincarnation

It's Monday today.
And I'm a peg-legged,
Eye-patched pirate.
Who's suave and dandy,
( Avast ye matey! )
Crass and brave.

It's Tuesday today.
I am a bull fighter.
The matador.
Bowing to dusky skinned
Lovely senoritas,
Who throw roses at my feet
When the fight with the bull
is over.

Its Wednesday today.
I've got my laser gun.
I'm another futuristic
Sci-fi, maverick on the run.
I have my supe'd-up
Space ship with hyper drive,
2X ethelion engine, 9mm cylinder ,
4345 bi-solar inter-planetary device
The force is with me.
Nothing can go wrong.

It's Thursday today.
I'm a superhero.
With my lucky underwear
over my tight pants,
and a fail-safe disguise of
glasses with no grade.
I absolutely feel no physical pain.
Now to look for my Lois Lane.

Thank god it's Friday.
I get to be a cowboy.
Ruggedly handsome,
Sweeping blushin' school marms
off their dainty, blushin' feet.
Yer darn' tootin' that
Ah'm the fastest draw in the west.
Yeeeee haaaaw!

It's Saturday.
I am a knight of the Round Table.
Dedicated to Arthur
and The Quest for the Holy Grail.
I am noble, gallant and able.
With my trusty steed and
Shiny, magic sword.
I am feared by my enemies
And by my people, adored.

It's a Sunday.
I'm an archaeological adventurer.
By the name of Jones
and my specialty
Is to raid tombs.
I know 30 different languages,
Including Northern Swahili
and ancient Egyptian.

It's Monday today.

And I am a strictly disciplined samurai
Living in feudal Japan.