Live For the First Time

I was a good girl
Never needed my boat rocked
Never wanted to be disturbed
Never thought to jump outside

I was a trapped girl
Never allowed to cause commotion
Never saw guests to disrupt my peace
Never knew there was an escape

I was a brand new girl
Never flew so high in my life
Never had someone to steal me away
Never experienced unhindered freedom

You were never a good boy
Always living as though the world owed you
Always spending your childhood as an adult
Always being who you wanted to be for your own reasons

You were what made me bad
Always testing how far you could push me
Always supporting me in my small steps
Always there in case I needed a pause from the new me

You were always bad for me
I wasn't supposed to accept that
You should have been ignored on sight
I couldn't reject what would make me live for the first time